Tenacity Is Following Your Heart – Even When The Whole World Is Screaming To Get Back In Your Head

My most excellent Yoga teacher, Michelle Roy, dedicated my practice this week to tenacity. She read a passage from the book “Blessings, Prayers and Dedications for a Heartful Life” by Julia Cameron, that was so inspiring I just had to share it:

I am blessed by my own tenacity. I contain an inner reservoir of gritty strength, which serves me and others well. My capacity to stick to a commitment is a safe and trustworthy component of my character. My tenacity is the building block block for my successful career, relationship, family life, and friendships.

Obstacles test me but they do not deter me. I am able, always, to tap an inner resilient strength which serves me. Even when life is a desert, I find my careful way. Like a camel, I carry within myself stamina and the wisdom to use my energy wisely for the long trek. I am a creature of miraculous endurance. My will and my grounded passion form the basis for my tenacious movement through life. I bless my tenacity for its important, unsung heroism.

Aside from being compared to a camel, I think this is a most excellent passage about the importance of following your heart. 😉

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