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Sometimes My Friends Are SO In My Head

I love my friends, but many of them live far away and I don’t see them often. Fortunately, the Internet makes it easy to keep up with what is happening in their lives by reading their blogs. I am always amazed when I read a post on a friend’s blog that so perfectly says what I feel. That happened just the other day at the “Life and Stuff” blog of my friend, G.W.Meadows.

My Friend, G.W. is in favor of living for the moment

My Friend, G.W. is in favor of living for the moment

He posted an article that made me think he was inside my head, reading my mind. Rather than repeating what he so eloquently wrote, I decided to just link to his “My Biggest Fear” post. As you will discover when you read his post, G.W. is a a fascinating guy, having done things most of us only dream of doing. I’d love to hear your feedback on his internal struggle – should we live in the now, only concentrating on what makes us happy, or do what society deems proper, slogging away in a dull job for years in order to ensure comfort in our old age?

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