Smiles Of Zanzibar

Although technically a part of Tanzania, Zanzibar has a much different feel than the mainland. Here the pace is slower and the smiles of Zanzibar come easy – just take a look at a few of the happy people I met on my strolls around town:

Adorable young girl from Zanzibar smiles shyly
Adorable young girl smiles shyly
Happy Muslim school girls in Zanzibar
Happy Muslim school girls

Joyful smile from an elderly Muslim man in Zanzibar
What joy!
Everyone in Zanzibar seems happy
Everyone in Zanzibar seems happy
Happy kids in Stone Town Zanzibar
Happy kids salute me
Another smiling face in StoneTown Zanzibar
Lovin’ life (what’s not to love, it’s Zanzibar)
Adolescents heading home from school in Zanzibar
Adolescents happily heading home from school
These grinning boys followed me all over Stone Town and posed for me repeatedly in Zanzibar
These grinning boys followed me all over town and posed for me repeatedly
Sweet smile of a young boy in Stone Town Zanzibar
Sweet smile
Kids were all so cute in Zanzibar
Kids were all so cute!
Young girl in Zanzibar is model material
Destined to be a model?
People of Zanzibar are so happy
Happy, happy, happy
Kids at the waterfront in Stone Town Zanzibar dive off the wharf and play tag
Kids at the waterfront, diving off the wharf and playing tag

2 thoughts on “Smiles Of Zanzibar”

  1. barbara,

    I totally agree with Chris, these shots are amazing! You have done a wonderful job and had the most amazing vacation. I too forget that we are friends when looking through these postings.

    Have a safe trip home.



  2. Have not said hello in a while..your trip looks terrific. I have been following on and off, and keeping well wishes in my mind for your safe passage.


    It is obvious by your age that retirement is premature…have you contacted National Geographic? I think you should get back to this vocation…I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of your photos…and ofter remind myself while looking…I know the person who took that picture! Hope the journey is everything.

    Best Regards,



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