I Ate Cheese Food Today

I Ate Cheese Food Today

It’s something about being around my family. One minute I was typing away and the next I found myself standing in front of the open refrigerator door, staring vacantly at its contents. I KNOW this is an exercise in futility. The closest thing to nutritious food in the Midwest is lunchmeat, iceberg lettuce, and white bread. And yet I persist. I actually have no memory of getting here, where I find myself rooted to the floor, clutching the door handle, panic rising as I scan the available choices. I can’t believe I just ate two slices of processed cheese food.

3 Comments on “I Ate Cheese Food Today

  1. I love cheese!!! I find myself in that same position nightly, when i can’t sleep. Looks like we have come a long way from our days of Escargot!

  2. OK, quit your complainin’. Nobody forced you to eat those Christmas cookies, I made a salad with funky lettuce and left the bacon out of the broccoli salad just for you. So there.

  3. Now, now Aunt Barb the food here isn’t all that bad. Only 1 day until Christmas!!!!

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