Stylin’ In My New Rav4

Since I’m leaving real estate and no longer need a large SUV to carry clients I sold my GMC Yukon to one of the agents in my RE/MAX office two days ago, then flew down to Sarasota to pick up my new Toyota Rav4. Yesterday morning I left Sarasota and drove to Illinois to visit my family over the Christmas holiday. Twelve hundred miles later I can honestly say that I love my Rav4! It’s much smaller than the Yukon but still roomy inside; the rear cargo area is even large enough for me to stretch out and sleep in when I camp. This vehicle is so solidly built that I have to keep checking to make sure the doors are securely shut because they close so noiselessly. The controls are in different locations than they were on the Yukon and that took some getting used to, but it wasn’t long before I adapted to the changes; nothing like a long road trip the first day you own a new vehicle. Much of the trip was spent driving through pouring rain, up and over the mountains of Georgia and Tennessee, which provided a perfect opportunity to test the road-handling capabilities of the front wheel drive. There is only one word for it: AWESOME! But the best part came when I pulled up to the gas pump. At 30 miles per gallon I am saving a ton of money on gas.

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  1. Well let me just say that the Yukon is my first luxury vehicle. I’ve always thought that vehicles were a necessary evil!!! However I must admit that riding in this vehicle made me question all my functional vehicles. So, although Barbara loves her front wheel drive and the economy at the pump I get to take a trip & my BUTT DOESN’T HURT! But just so everyone knows I kept my Honda Accord for the economy at the pump. Happy Travels Barbara.


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