Driveaways are Like Getting a Free Rental Car

Driveaways – Like Driving Someone Else’s Car for Free

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Don’t look now but the open road is calling. Faced with onerous security regulations, endless add-on fees, and uncomfortable planes that squeeze customers in like sardines, more and more travelers are opting for the highways rather than the skyways. Americans are rediscovering the joy of driving cross-country with the wind in their hair, the music cranked, and the freedom to check out quirky attractions that would forever have been overlooked from 30,000 feet in the air.

Hitting the road in someone else's car - for free

Traveling cross-country in someone eles’s car – for free

This resurgent love affair is also revitalizing driveaway companies, services that match drivers with customers who want their cars delivered to distant destinations. Vehicles need to be moved for a variety of reasons, including corporate relocations, military transfers, and quite often in the case of snowbirds who want to have use of their own car at their winter home but don’t want to do the driving. Car owners pay driveaway companies to move their cars and the company contracts with drivers to make the one-way trips. Driver are responsible for all but the first tank of gas, meals and accommodations along the way, and must put down a deposit (generally $300-400), which is refundable upon delivery of the car to the owner.

There are some limitations to this type of travel. Your schedule must be flexible and you must be willing to drive between the destinations required by the customer. The route and schedule are agreed upon prior to departure and offer enough flexibility for drivers to do some sightseeing along the way, however customers will often load trunks and back seats with their personal belongings, so there is room for only one additional passenger and limited luggage. Drivers must also have a clean driving record, three forms of identification, and be willing to undergo a criminal background check. If none of this is problematic, driveaways are like getting a free rental car, especially for those who have no car or own a vehicle that is not dependable.

Although driveaway companies can be found all over the country, some locations need more drivers than others; routes between eastern Canadian cities and Florida or Arizona, for example, are in high demand due to annual snowbird migration in the spring and fall. For more information, contact one of the following driveaway firms, or check your local Yellow Pages under “Auto Transporters”:

Auto Driveway (43 offices across the U.S. and Canada)
Toronto Driveaway (Toronto based)
Cars To Florida (Toronto based)

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849 Comments on “Driveaways – Like Driving Someone Else’s Car for Free

  1. Will be heading from VA to Pacific Northwest during the summer 2015 via northern route. If you have a vehicle to be relocated, let me know.

  2. Hi there,

    My husband and I are travelling south from Seattle during November 2015. We are expecting to visit LA, Vegas, Dallas, New Orleans, Savannah & Miami. If you need a car moved in November to/from any of those places (or places close by) please get in touch! We’re pretty flexible with dates and locations at this time.


  3. Hi I have an Acura MDX that I need transported from Miami, FL to Nashville, TN. I’m pretty flexible with the dates, but I need it transported by the first week of May/end of April 2015. Email me if you’re interested! Thanks!

  4. I will transport your vehicle from Seattle or Portland area to anchorage during the month of July 2015

  5. Hello I am looking to drive your car/smaller SUV from Syracuse NY to Arizona or somewhere in between in later May. Thx :)

  6. I need someone to drive my car from San Antonio to Indianapolis on Jan 31st. I will pay for Flight Ticket and boarding in addition.

  7. My husband and I (professionals, both 50+) are hoping to drive a vehicle from San Francisco to the Twin Cities/Western Wisconsin March 7-14, 2015. Please email me if you need this service.

  8. Looking to transport a vehicle from Phoenix, AZ area to either Southern Montana, Idaho Falls, or Northern Wyoming in May sometime. Trip can be from North to South also (vice versa).

  9. Hi,

    I’m a Swedish student based in Los Angeles. I got both Swedish and California driver license and a clean record.
    I have experience from driving for about 10 years, and I can drive both manual and automatic cars. I guarantee your car is in safe hands. I have been driving in snow, rain etc when I lived in Sweden, so all types of weather conditions are okay.

    If you need to have your car either to LA or from the LA area fast, don’t hesitate to contact me. I want to help you. You just pay for gas and a small fee to get the job done, and if it’s not possible to find another car to get back, I need a plane ticket. However, I’m just driving the car from point A to B, as fast as possible. I’m not going for a sightseeing. I am very flexible, if you need anything to be picked up down the road etc. I sure help you with that too.

    My contact information is:
    [email protected]
    310-623 29 52


    Mikael Johansson

  10. I meed someone to drive my ford f150 pick up truck from Los Angeles to Detroit in a week or two
    Al 818-788-7039

    • I was interested in driving you vehicle but need to no if you will pay every thing I need a plain ticket to la ok. let me no asap

  11. I am looking to have a vehicle transported from Portland, Oregon to Des Moines, Iowa. sometime between now and Jan 29th 2015. I am somewhat flexible on schedule so long as it arrives after the 6th of February and before the end of Feb.

  12. Does anyone need their car or van relocated to Oregon from Mississippi? We are in need of an extra vehicle to transport our belongings. We will be leaving around February 13th 2015 from Jackson MS to Portland OR.

  13. Hi!
    I am planning a trip from the Boston, MA area to Santa Monica, CA in early February 2015. Could also pick up a car in the Philadelphia area. I am a very good driver and have a perfect record. I need a car with AWD. Automatic transmission. Rental cars are just too expensive! Can anyone help me?

  14. My Girlfriend and I are looking to travel route 89 (we can be reasonably flexible on pick up and drop off locations), between July 20th 2015 to August 20th 2015 and are looking to transport someones vehicle. We both have clean licenses, are non smokers and are reliable and safe drivers. Significant prior notice would be preferable as we have to book flights from the UK.

    Please contact me on [email protected]


  15. Does anybody needs their car transported from Houston to California in the next few weeks?
    I’m 25 yr old male with clean driving record and 6 years of driving practice, both comfortable with manual and automatic transmission vehicles. Feel free to contact me on my e-mail address for details!

  16. Hi there! I am willing and able to drive from Boston, MA to Central Florida this January. I have a flexible window from 01/10/2014 to 01/16/2014. I am a 30 year old woman, non-smoker, excellent driver, and will be very careful to take good care of your baby! Please email me if we can work together.

  17. I’m trying to help my brother-in-law find an affordable way to get from Syracuse, NY (or anywhere remotely close) to San Antonio, TX, where he has a new job waiting. The ideal situation will be to drive someone else’s empty vehicle down, so he can transport some of his belongings. He has a clean driver’s record and can pay for gas and tolls.

    If you need a vehicle drive from New York to San Antonio, or someone close, please reply ASAP.

  18. Need to get my car from Boston to Seattle – 2001 Honda Civic. Car is ready for pickup after 1st week of Jan; if anyone is willing to bring it to Seattle, let me know. Thanks


    • Hello there if you need a driver I need plain tickets to you place and when I deliver the vehicle I need a plain ticket home ok..

  19. My girlfriend and I are relocating to the Bay Area in California in the beginning of January, and have to drive since I have a dog that is just a bit too big to fly (20lb Chihuahua Terrier mix). We are looking for someone with a car in the Baltimore / D.C. area who would like their car relocated to Northern California. Both of us have clean driving records. Please contact me if interested. Thanks!

  20. I need to drive oneway from Phoenix to Chicago this Christmas 2014. I have a dog that does not do well on airplane flights. My dog will be living with my parents in Chicago.
    If you have a car that you need to move from Phoenix to Chicago, I would be willing to drive it for you for free.
    I know that this is a short notice, but you never know if my request is responding to someone’s need.
    I’m a responsible 30 year old with an excellent driving record.
    Please contact me at 312-860-0638

  21. Hello, I have a perfect driving record, mother of 2 boys – Ordained minister and Life coach. I am planning on going to Denver Colorado from Dallas Texas Area, if anyone needs their car driven in that location. I am available- planning on Driving Jan 1-2 and will return Jan 5-6, 2015. I can drive a car to you and if someone needs a car brought back to Texas, I would be delighted to provide the service. I was a limo driver for many years and can drive very well and carefully. I do not smoke and will not hurt your vehicle. This is for pay or at least you need to pay for gas, etc.

    Contact me ASAP

  22. Looking for a driver that will transport my car from NJ to Denver, CO. Please contact me at 818 451-3535


  23. looking for a vehicle to transport to alaska, preferably via the alcan hwy. to southcentral (anchorage, wasilla) or interior alaska (fairbanks). am flexible on timing, but march or april, 2015 is best.
    drove commercially and have a clean driving record.
    am in western colorado south of grand junction.

  24. Hi there,
    So here is the scoop: I am moving to Berkeley, CA the end of this month and am looking for a responsible driver to drive my trusty Subaru Impreza to Northern California (preferably Santa Rosa but could be anywhere in the bay area). The right candidate for this job is someone honest and dependable with an impeccable driving record and vast driving experience. You will be responsible for filling the tank and delivering the car to me no later than Jan 5th and in return you get a reliable and free ride! Pick-up dates/location is flexible. Non-smokers only please.

  25. I am willing to drive any kind of truck From Nashville TN to Las Vegas NV and split cost of gas “depending on truck” provided you allow me to tow my custom 1950 Ford F1 rat rod. I Hold a Class A CDL drivers license have a clean record no tickets no accidents and can provide driving record I drive for a living. Looking to leave by 12/8/14. Thank you Text only to 702 469 31ninefour

  26. Hello, My Name Is Ambur And I Have A Ca Drivers License With A Clean Driving Record.
    I Am Very Interested In This I Have Never Really Been Anywhere Except Southern California When I Was Younger..
    So I Am Very Interested In Helping People Looking For A Very Reliable, Honest, Clean, Friendly, Dependable Individual Who Is Willing To Get Your Vehicle To Where You Desire On The Scheduled Time… I Am A Individual Who’s Schedule Is Completely Open And Flexible At This Time In Her Life…
    I Am Located In Northern California Butte County, Ca To Be More Exact…So Please Feel Free To Contact Me If You Like..
    I Will Answer Any Questions You May Have And Can Supply You With A Copy Of My Clean Driving Record And California Drivers License From DMV & A Clean Drug Test As Well As A Clearance Of My Fingerprints If Absolutely Needed..

    Contact Email Is : Ambur Reference To About Delivering My Vehicle .
    @ [email protected]

    Thank You To All Whom Take Time To Read My Post It Is Very Much Appreciated..

    Sincerely, Ambur B

  27. Hey, my boyfriend and I (25 and 26 yrs old, both on full licenses) are from Australia currently road-tripping around the US. We’re looking to drive from New Orleans to New York on or around the 11th Jan 2015.
    If anyone needs a car driven that route please get in contact.

  28. Hi,

    I need my car driven from San Jose California to meet me either at the Buffalo Airport in New York for when my flight arrives. My flight is for March 3, 2015 and need it there by 1030pm. The other option is to Oshawa, Ontario Canada. Pick up would be around February 22/23, 2015

  29. Hi! I am a consultant, mid-50s – would love to drive your car from Chicago to either NYC or near Stamford, CT right after Christmas! I am moving there for a new job.

    I have a few belongings to take along, but not many – a television set, and about 8 boxes, which I will pick up along the way in a small town in Michigan.

    Hope to hear from you!

    [email protected]
    My name is Reed

  30. Hi,

    My fiance and I are traveling from San Diego to Northern NJ and would like to leave by December 15th. We are both non-smoking, responsible drivers in our early 30s. I’ve been employed as a courier for the last 4 years at a very well known medical laboratory and therefore must keep an impeccable driving record. Let me know if this sounds like something that would work for you! We can’t wait to get back home to Jersey! :-)

    Thank You!

  31. Hi we are looking to drive from Miami Florida to NYC between December 5 & 11 if anyone wants there car driven let me know.


  32. You would think that with as many people that are trying to list driveway services you would have some system up here to search the exact dates & destinations.
    There are tons more people here trying to do it than the actually driveway site has that you recommend.

    Anyways I have 2 responsible girls looking to transport any vehicle from SF to LA dec 17th.
    This is one of them

    Hit me up if you know of one.
    Caryn 818-266-7127

  33. Hi
    My name is Ronny
    I have a very reliable Ford E350 short bus. Like a small school bus. I can haul cargo or a vehicle on trailer from Midwest to anywhere. Located in Upper Peninsula Mi, visit family and friends in Kalamazoo and Catskill Mtns of NY, so can originate from these areas (or anywhere in-between) as well.
    Can match or beat any price.
    I am 45
    Perfect driving record
    Father of 4
    Very safe and dependable.

    Thank you

  34. I need to transport an unregistered, non-running 2000 Dodge Mini-van from Tampa, FL area to Louisville, KY leaving 11-20. I need to be in Louisville by noon on 11-22. I am hoping someone has a truck and trailer for this move. I realize this is a long shot.

  35. We will be traveling from Michigan to Florida on December 5, 2014. Husband is a truck driver with CDL-A with years of experience. No pets or smoking. We are traveling with my sister and her family in another car, so we will have transportation once we get there.

  36. Will drive your vehicle from Wisconsin to Florida, Fort Meyers, Naples or Tampa area in November, December & January. Great driving record. Minimum 3 days to transport. Gas expenses and fee of $250 Call 262 327-0152

  37. I am going to Kansas for a funeral and I live in Tampa Florida. First week in November. I was seeing if any SUVs or Pickups needed delievered. After the funeral I have a car that needs to be brought back to Florida and I dont know what shape its in so I was going to trailer it back. I will pick up the expenses and gas

  38. My Son and I are intending to travel route 66 next May and are planning things just now. We will be traveling from Chicago to LA. We are both safe reliable drivers, I realise its a long way off but we really need to book our flights from Scotland soon.

      • No registration is needed, Dee. Just scroll down to the very bottom if yo wish to leave a comment.

    • My son and I are doing the same thing! We live in the Pasadena area. Is he graduating from college?

  39. Hey moving to start a new life in GA. Great driving record/Insurance. Going from Washington, DC to Atlanta, GA or close by. Anyone have a cargo van/small moving truck? I will have one friend with me. Not driving/just riding for support. Leaving October 9 or ASAP or later and arriving by end of next week. What you think? Would need space in the cargo van/moving truck.

  40. Hello! We are Latvians from Riga planning to visit my host family in Phoenix and then after November 1, 2014 to drive from Arizona, Phoenix to Miami, Florida. My husband is a very experiences driver, will gladly transport larger vehicles! Where could we post our plan and offer?

    With kind regards,
    Tel. + 371 29496740

  41. Hello, I am looking to drive from NJ ( live in Atlantic City) to Orlando, Florida the week of Oct. 13, 2014. I hold a CDL license, and drive a 13 passenger bus for a living. My driving record is clean. If interested, call me at 609-742-5896

  42. Does anyone need their vehicle driven from the Denver airport area to Sarasota Florida or the neighboring area ? I will be arriving in Denver on the 3rd of October 1:30pm and returning to the Sarasota Area on the 4th with a rental if no one needs their vehicle delivered to Florida .

  43. Hi,

    My wife and myself would like to drive from Chicago to Calgary. We’re both experienced drivers (at least 20y) with clean records.
    We would like to start the 29th of September.
    Please let us know if you want us to drive your car.

  44. Hello,

    We want to go the 29 th September from Chicago to Calgary. We are a couple from the Netherlands, 26 and 28 years old.

  45. Hi,

    My wife and myself would like to drive from Las Vegas to Chicago. We’re both experienced drivers (at least 20y) with clean records.
    We would like to start the 1st of October and arrive around the 9 or 10th of October.
    Please let us know if you want us to drive your car.

  46. Hi,
    I am a 52 year old Author/Artist with a spotless driving record. I am looking to bring my family to California. I plan on leaving on October 1st. I have a pull camper, so I could drive a SUV or Pick up, or my son-in-law can pull the camper with a U-haul, and I could drive a motor home and tow my 2010 Ford Focus.
    I can pick up in the Boston, MA area, or any State that is in or close by New England. We are planning to head anywhere out west that you need, or straight to Cally first.
    If you need someone to drive your vehicle, and it fits our needs also, please email me a.s.a.p!!
    [email protected].
    Thank you.

  47. I am about to have a landmark birthday (okay, it begins with a “6”) and can think of no better way to celebrate than by exploring the country. I would like to drive from either Massachusetts, Connecticut or the New York metropolitan area and arrive in Los Angeles the first week of November. I have a clean 40-year driving record and have owned both manual and automatic vehicles all my life. I will be accompanied by an equally responsible friend who will be flying from Los Angeles to Australia when our journey ends. Anyone needing to have a car/small truck/van transported after October 2, please let me know.

  48. Hi

    My husband and I are going to Phoenix from new Hampshire/Boston/Maine we can leave from any area.
    If you need a car taken or motorhome let us know we have to go back and get out motorhome so don’t want to have two vehichles there ANYONE?
    let me know asap we will be leaving as soon as poosible.

  49. Hello. Interested in driving from Colorado to California (or California to Colorado) in December, 2014. Two adult responsible drivers.
    Thank you.

    • I will drive any vehicle from Green Bay wi., area to Kansa area Topeka or surrounding area. I have cdl very clean driving record and no accidents. If you know anyone who needs vehicle moved let me know.

    • i am looking for someone to drive a car from northeast Denver to Sacramento or Bay area anytime between now and mid December.

  50. Will drive vehicle from Connecticut to Florida, or NY to Florida within the month of October. Please reply.

    • I live in Niagara Falls Ontario, flying from Buffalo NY to Tampa on Oct 27th, looking for someone to drive my 2000 Grand Am , ASAP please let me know if any possiblility

  51. Hi, I am 36 year old good driver with clean record searching for someone needs their car to be driven from Austin TX to LA or San Fran in mid November. Please contact me. flexible dates

  52. Delivery from NC to NYC!!!! If anyone is need of a car/truck delivery on the weekend of Sept 12th-14th, please let me know. I can drive both automatic or straight shift; and only ask that the delivery be finalized before the weekend is over. I have a great driving record, and can pick up anywhere in the Traid (NC) going to NYC. Please feel free to contact me ASAP if this is a service you need; call/text Sheryl (336)392-4603.

  53. I need someone to drive my old Jag from Greensboro, NC to NM asap. Anyone interested? I need my car!!! Please call or text me919-937-4107

    Thank you!!!!

    – Cindy

  54. Looking for a driveaway from T or C, NM departing Oct 6. Destination Indianapolis or Midwest.
    Responsible non-smoker, professional, clean driving record. No drugs.

  55. Looking to move to fort collins Colorado asap from ada, Oklahoma willing to drive someone’s vehicle anywhere near fort collins or Denver area

  56. Hi will be leaving Butte Montana around Sept. 11th, driving to San Francisco, CA if you are in need of your car coming to California please let me know. Thank you, Ed

  57. I may need a car driven from LA (Orange County/Tustin area) to Tampa Bay, Florida. You pay your expenses and I provide the car. It is an El Camino (car/truck) so there is unprotected room for some small gear in back… email or call 727-452-4814 Purchase is depending on transporting so please contact me asap…

  58. My fiance and I are getting married in St Thomas and flying out of Ft Lauderdale 11/04/14. We were planning to drive down making stops along the way like Va Bch, Myrtle Bch, Charleston & Savannah before making it to Florida. She is 60 and a retired school teacher and myself 59 Sales Director who has spent a lot of time on the road. We are both responsible and safe drivers. We planned to leave the RI area end of October so would roughly be 4 days of driving. Willing to answer any questions you may have and come up with an agreement that would be suitable for all, cut cost for both parties.

  59. I am looking to drive someones car from Texas to New York. I am a student and thinking of going to school closer to home. I am looking to drive in mid December.

  60. Looking to drive a car from San Francisco to Las Vegas leaving August 28.

  61. Married couple in 50s, both with excellent driving records, would be happy to drive your vehicle from greater Houston, Texas area to the Baltimore/Washington area in late September, 2014. We would like to visit family north of Baltimore, and make the return trip by air. Ultimate destination is Carroll County, Maryland, but we can get there from anywhere in the B/W metroplex via public transportation, and “a little help from our friends”, after we safely drop off your vehicle. We’d like to make the trip over 4-5 days.

    Joe and Elizabeth

  62. me and my best friend, would be happy to drive a car from the East Coast to the West Coast, from September on. but we are flexible, also Illinois, Detroit, Florida, etc. would work for us.

    • I am looking to have a car driven from RI to east coast of FL, sometime between Dec. 4th – Dec. 6th, 2014. R u interested?

  63. My partner and I are available to drive a vehicle from Austin TX to Los Angeles CA at the beginning of October 2014.
    We are a travelling couple from New Zealand and are looking to discover places in the USA we have not been.
    We both have many years driving experience, with full licences and clean records.
    Please contact us if this suits you.

  64. hello,
    My wife and myself wants to do the route66 from 29th of September until the 11th of October 2014. Our trip would either start in las vegas and end in Chicago, either start in Chicago and end in Las Vegas. pick up and/or drop off can be done 1 day later or sooner respectively.
    We don’t care about the direction, but we need to know in advance because we need to book our flights.
    I’m an experienced driver with 25 years of driving experience in a lot of countries. Car can be automatic or manual.

  65. I’m traveling from Marin County (San Francisco Bay Area) to San Diego on August 21 and would be happy to pick up and deliver a car from anywhere in the Bay Area and drive it to San Diego area. Leaving on August 21 and I can deliver the car on August 22 or 23 – depending on your needs. I have a clean driving record, fully-insured, I’m a non-smoker and an excellent driver.

    I will be visiting my son in San Diego then have a flight from San Diego to Florida (vacation). I’m happy to pay for the gas after seeing what a one-way rental costs! Please call me @ 530-913-4553 if interested. Thank you!

  66. Hi,
    I am social worker, starting a new life episode in Colorado springs. Would love to find someone that needed a van or truck driven from the east (w. Ma) to the west at the end of August.
    Happy to discuss details.
    Look forward to any inquiries.

  67. Planning ahead, I am selling my Seattle house in the spring [2015] and am moving to Michigan with my two horses. I’m looking for someone experienced with horses to travel with me. Plan on sightseeing, riding, and horse camping along the way, taking maybe 7-10 days to do the trip.

    • my name is Daniel I crossed yourapplication and I am really interested in driving for you please contact me at (602) 441-4805that is my house number I look forward to hearing from you thank you have a wonderful day

  68. Hi

    I live in Los Angeles and looking to drive towards the Midwest – preferably Michigan (specifically Detroit), but flexibly on other cites near Michigan.

    45 yr old male, currently have a few months off before I start work again, and looking to drive to meet family in Michigan. I can leave soon (in the next few days) or available again mid August.

    Clean driving record, I’d be traveling alone, just a suitcase.

    Contact info:
    [email protected]
    M: (917) 992 8682


  69. Hello. my name is Diane and my moms name is patty. we are currently living in orlando, fl area and are trying to get to ca. im not sure how this works but my uncle had mentioned it. we need to get to CA fast but cant afford a rental. this would be a one way trip for my family and i. if anyone is interested in the area in having us drive your car from FL to CA we will pay for gas. ASAP would be awesome. but could plan something out and arrange dates. for more information on where we are and where you are wanting us to take the car please call or text 407-754-7071. or email [email protected]

  70. Hello! I’m an Architect from the Netherlands planning to go on a cross-country trip with a good friend. We are able to leave New York mid-September and we would prefer to end up in California from mid- to end of October.

    We both have a drivers license. I have had mine for 6 years now and am experienced a lot in driving through other countries. Please contact me if you are searching for someone to drive your car to California (or a nearby State) and I can give you more information about myself!



  71. Hi! I am available to drive a car or SUV from the Puget Sound area to San Diego on August 7th or 8th (arriving in Sd on the 10th or 11th). I am mature, responsible, and would have my 11 year old son with me. I would pay for gas. Need someone to drive your car down south? Please give me a call.
    Sandy (619) 224-6847

  72. Moving a new university student from the Denver metro area to Chicago in mid September. Need a large SUV-type vehicle to transport a bike and other items – likely a full load. If your schedule corresponds with ours we will move your car for free (except for the first tank of gasoline). Prefer a non-smoking car that is less than five years old. Clean driving record and insurance.

  73. Hello there,
    Myself and the wife are visiting from Scotland, arriving Chicago on 17 September 2014.
    I am a retiree with 40 years driving experience and a clean (clean for past five years) licence. Do you have any vehicle needing to be delivered to Los Angeles or thereabouts around 6 October?
    If so, I’m your man! We would prefer a motor-home but willing to consider all.

  74. Hey looking to drive a car from NY to Florida area in Mid-late Aug. I have clean driving record. Let me know!
    Thanks Nathan

    • We need someone to drive our 2nd car, which will be packed to the brim, from NY to FL on 8/31. We will be driving straight through (16 -17 hrs. With quick stops every 2 1/2 hrs) in our other car. Any interest?

  75. Getting from DC to California from last day of July to lasts of August – in between I am visiting universities for some research purposes – I am open to convey a car from East to West coast (being 57 and in good shape proves my cautious drive, doesn’t it?)

  76. Willing to drive your truck From Florida to Washington and split cost of gas provided you allow me to tow my new boat I recently purchased in FLA. I Hold a Class1 drivers license have a clean record no tickets and drive for a living.

  77. My sons and I are moving out to southern CA from MA in late August. We have a car and a truck that need to go out. I am much more comfortable in the car, so am hoping to find an experienced driver who is willing to drive the truck. (My boys and dog would stay with me :-) ) I am flexible with time, and care mostly about your safety. I am prepared to pay for the gas. Can we talk about it? [email protected]

    • Hi Bonnie – I am driving my daughter – or hoping to – to San Diego California – we would love to help you out and drive your truck for you. Feel free to email me so we can discuss if this will work for both of us. Thanks so much!

  78. My boyfriend and I are moving back to Sydney in the fall and have flexible dates. We are flying out of LA, and are looking to drive from the Outer Banks of NC (or surrounding areas on east coast) to LA. Mature and Responsible with a clean driving record. If you have a vehicle that needs relocated to the West Coast please message me! Am looking to leave October-ish.

  79. I will DRIVE your car from Spartanburg, SC (area) to anywhere as long as I get a way back, get paid for driving, paid gasoline, etc. No Accidents 20+ years, great clean record, former police officer, current insurance. Just msg me.

  80. Looking for someone responsible to drive a car from WI 53095 to Orange County CA 92646 on July 29. Thanks Tim

  81. I am looking to drive a SUV or Mini-Van from South Florida to Louisiana at the end of July or begining of August 2014. Mature equipment operator. Please email me if you have a vehicle or know someone that has one that needs to relocate.

  82. Heading from Colorado to Southern California in mid August. I’ll be moving my son to Colorado Springs August 7th and heading back after a week or so. I’ve driven this route many times and am familiar with ride. I used to sell cars and can drive any size vehicle, manual or automatic. Just a shot in the dark, but worth a try. Limiting the pick up to Front Range (Denver to Pueblo) and will deliver anywhere in Southern California ( I have a person in CA that can pick me up, but I live in Newport Beach)

  83. Hello, I am available to drive your car from the Seattle area to Denver area mid August. I can also just do the drop off to Boise or Salt Lake City area too

    I will be responsible for fuel and accommodations.

    Clean driving and background check

    Thank you.

  84. Friend and I are traveling from Chicago to Los Angeles leaving August 22 and arriving September 6. We are both 50 years old with clean driving records. Would like to drive your car for free. Please email if interested.

    • Hi Tammy,
      Have you found a ride yet? Would you be interested in driving my car from Minneapolis, MN to Los Angeles, CA? I have a 2004 Mini Cooper S and could work with your dates. It is a manual transmission. Let me know –

      • I am looking to drive from Mpls to Los Angeles in the next month. If you still need a car transported, let me know!

    • Hi,

      My name is Kenya and I need someone to drive my car from Hemet, CA to Mount Pleasant, SC (Charleston). I need you to leave on July 30th . I know the trip takes about 4 or 5 days. Let me know if you are interested. Small catch…so call email me and I will explain. Thanks!

    • Hi Derrick, I am looking for a driver for a Ford Focus that I just purchased from my sister in San Diego. to be delivered to me in Vero Beach, Florida, sometime in August. Can you help me out? Thank you. Patsy

  85. I am hoping to drive from the Chicago/Milwaukee/Madison area to the New York City area. My plan is to move to live in NYC, and I have a clean driving record. Let me know if this would work for you!

  86. Looking to drive car from san francisco to los angeles june 30 or july 1. You can reach me at 951.256.6797

    Class C driver, clean, responsible, no moving violations, do not drink or smoke no drug, graduate student at top tier university

  87. Moving son for college from DFW area to Orlando, FL the end of July 2014. We need to be there Aug 1st. Need to take some boxes, his clothes and his bicycle. We have small cars and are looking for a SUV or Pick-up that needs to be driven to the Orlando area for you. We will cover all fuel for the drive. I am a responsible, insured, 46 y/o professional in healthcare. I have forms of ID, clean driving and criminal record. Let me know details of what vehicle you need transported to the Orlando area and may be we can help each other out. I will fly back. Thanks! Deb

  88. I am looking for a vehicle to drive from Denver to Los Angeles or nearby around 24 July. I have clean driving record and I want to help out. Let me know!

  89. I have a Class A license, based out of Boise, Idaho. Professional driver. I will drive your car to any state needed within the US. I also have a DoD secret clearance. Clean driving record. Just ask that you cover fuel and hotel if needed.

  90. Mature driver with excellent driving record,will responsibly, safely, and respectfully drive your vehicle to St. Louis, Mo, Kansas City, Little Rock Arkansas, Nashville, TN or to any nearby destination anywhere in nearby states. Appx. June 15, 2014.
    You must provide the gas, and a very small allowance for food and hotel. Car must be smoke free, reliable, and owner must have no issues whatsoever ever with law enforcement. I’m only interested in dealing with reputable, honorable upright, individuals. [email protected]

  91. I am a responsible 27 year old male with a clean driving record who will be moving from Seattle to St. Louis at the end of July or beginning of August in order to attend Medical School. I am looking for a vehicle to drive out there so I can bring a number of items with me. If you have an interest, please contact me at [email protected]. I am willing to pay for gas.
    Thank you so much!

  92. My father is looking to drive a truck, mini van or large SUV from NY to FL anytime between June 25 and July 1st. He is moving down here and will have a few boxes, fishing poles and a bike. He just so happens to be very clean, organized and mechanical.
    My brother (his son) is planning to drive with him to keep him company. Please email me if you need to get you vehcile down here to sunny FL.
    [email protected]

  93. Willing to drive a car from Cincinnati Ohio area to NY around July 13/15 for free. ( I will even pay for the gas). — I have a clean driving record.

  94. My wife and I are able to drive your car from southern California to New York/New England region in late July/early August. We are both Brown University alumni with teaching positions in Rhode Island and excellent driving records. We will pay for gas. No cost to you at all. Please contact asap. Thanks!

  95. I’m in Manhattan and am looking to drive to Seattle around the end of July, but am willing to drive to LA instead. I’m 25 with a good driving record. If this works, let me know.

  96. Looking to drive someone’s car from Wisconsin to Seattle, Washington. Would leave on July 6th and be in Seattle by July 9th. Clean driving record.

    • could you drive from Milwaukee area to Huntington Beach CA on/around July 29?

  97. I am looking to travel mid july to LA I will need to leave around the 14th. If that works please let me know. I am 18 and have a perfect driving record.

  98. I booked a cruise & did not think of it being around thanksgiving, flights are 2 or 3 times higher. if anyone needs a car to go from northern Kentucky, s. In. area to ft. Lauderdale fl . the last week of nov. we could help each other out. I am a 50+ male with a class a driver license & a perfect driving record.

  99. WILL DRIVE YOUR CAR FOR FREE FROM LOS ANGELES TO HOUSTON. My 31 year old daughter is moving out of Los Angles. The two of us thought it might be nice to take a road trip back to Houston and also save the expense of shipping her 6 boxes of stuff as well as the one way car rental price. We want to leave L.A. on approx. 6/29/14 and plan to be in Houston on approx. 7/2/14. We are both responsible adults with safe driving records. Please email me if you are interested.

    • Hello,

      I will be going to Los Angeles last week of July from Denver. I can pick your car up from Denver if you had someone drive it to there. Let me know.


  100. Do you need to move your car to Los Angeles from Chapel Hill/Durham/Raleigh, NC area?

    I will have to travel to Los Angeles, CA towards the end of June and was offering my services to relocate your car/vehicle to the Los Angeles area, especially if you are attending UCLA this coming Fall or are relocating there for work or opportunities.

    I am very responsible and will treat your vehicle very well. I have about 14 years of driving experience and currently attend UCLA as a medical student (I include this so that you know that I am and have to be a responsible citizen). I have my CA car insurance as well, but we could take out more should you need any.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information. Let me know if this is something that interests you.

  101. Respectful, well-mannered, male would like to respectfully drive your car from anyplace in Cleveland OH or maybe Columbus OH to California. Please contact me for my driving history which is clear. I drive with the medical transportation company Provide A Ride. I would like to reach Cali by the end of June and before the 4th of July ideally! Thank you for your time.

    Please text or call me at 614-929-1206 and please forgive my accent.

  102. I am looking for someone to drive my Subaru from the SF Bay Area (San Jose) to just outside NYC (Tarrytown) the last week of August. The car could be picked up after August 22nd, and we need the car in Tarrytown by August 31. Please text or call at 646-417-4121 if you’re interested.

    • hi. i might be able to help you. do you provide expenses? sincerely, ali zand

  103. Looking for a driver for our Toyota Prius from Northampton, MA to Davis, CA. Car would be ready for pick up around July 10, needs to be in Davis, CA by July 31. This gives you 3 weeks, but you could go more quickly if desired.

    Please call Dave with inquiries: 413-695-9541

  104. Hello! I am looking to drive a vehicle- from anywhere around NY to California if there is one available. I have a great driving record. I am ready as soon as possible!

  105. Seattle->Vancouver?
    Do you need your car or pickup driven from Seattle area (or Vancouver) to San Diego?
    We would need to pick it up this weekend, May 30-31, June 1, if possible. Let us know if interested! We would pay for gas. Peter & Nona

  106. Hey! I am driving cross country from Los Angeles area to New York area and am looking for a car to drive cross country. Both LA and NY are flexible for the areas I am very willing to drive anywhere within 6 hours to pick up or drop off the car . Even if the destination is only half way across the country I can get it there!!!! Please if you are interested that would be so awesome…my name is Michelle and I am a nurse. I am very responsible and have a clean drivers record, well I have a clean record for everything. My phone number is 310 528 2552. I am leaving June 2, 2014

  107. Looking to drive someones car or van from Maryland/Delaware area to central Florida ( orlando/clermont area ) around the 20th thru the 27th of june

  108. I am looking for someone that needs a Car, Van or truck delivered to Calif. FROM the Buffalo, New York area or close by anytime from June 20-24, 2014. I have been driving for over 30 years and have only had One parking ticket in that time, 20 years ago. I am a Safe and Careful driver. ( I will also be interested in the same for a return trip …. A Car, Van or Truck from Ca. to New York Around June 28-30, 2014 ) If interested, Please E-Mail Me or call ASAP ([email protected] … PH: 805-722-5772 )

  109. My wife and I want to drive NYC-CHI around july 6th. We are tourists from Germany, late 40s, clean record. If we cannot find drive away, round trip renatl seems an option; in that case we are looking for someone to do the other leg, ie CHI-NYC either around jul 3 or 9. Get in touch.

  110. Hi! I am looking to drive someones car from Northern Cali to the Midwest. My final destination is Madison Wi but would deliver to close states. I am a responsible 22 year male just finished 3 years at a ministry school. travel dates are flexible.

  111. I’m trying to get started driving other people cars across country but don’t know where to start can anyone please help and send information about who to contact Thank you

    • Pat
      I’m in same the boat as you. If you happen to get sent any good information on how to start, would you mind forwarding it to me? I will do the same for you.
      Many thanks!

  112. Will drive your vehicle from South Carolina to Montana sometime toward the end of June! Please reply if you’re interested :-)

  113. Looking to drive someones car from New Jersey to Florida.. CDL A driver with record in good standing..

  114. Looking for someone to drive my 2013 Toyota Camry from Pompano Beach fl . area to Detroit, Michigan area. June 1 or so


  116. Hi, My brother is looking to drive some ones vehicle from Florida Daytona area To New Hamphire. He drives all over the country for work and want to come to see me in Florida. Let me know Please!!

  117. I am not interest in such opportunity because I have my own car. I love my car and also its drive.

  118. Hey,
    I am looking for a car to drive from Chicago to some place on the West Coast at the end of June… Anyone interested?

    • My wife is interested in visiting our daughter in California in June. We live in St Paul Mn please call Tom at 651 270 8352 or Susan. 651 788 5624

  119. Looking to drive from Tennessee to Los Angeles, CA. I have a clean driving record and will not be coming back. Please contact me asap. I’m leaving Friday February 28th. Thank you.

  120. Looking to travel to Anchorage Alaska in April/May. I’m in Salt Lake City but can get to most places in northwest for a pick up. Clean driving record, no tickets or accidents. Responsible male, 58 years old and 26 years old. Can be flexible on drop off location.

  121. Looking to drive someone’s car from Phoenix to Arizona ,,,have clean driving record ,,,need no return …moving
    So let me know ..thank you

    • have you moved yet …terrified drove from indiana to phoenix….I refuse to drive back through those moutains ever in lfe. I am here need to get home asap

  122. I am looking for a vehical to drive from the N. Calif (Tahoe) area to the Atlanta Ga area in April. I have a small buffet to bring in a small U Haul. Any body have a trip going that way?

  123. Looking to drive someone’s car from San Diego to anywhere in the northeast coast area, preferably Philadelphia or New York/New Jersey area. Moving home but don’t have a ton of money to ship all of my belongings. Perfect driving record. Please email me if interested. Thank you!

  124. would like to drive a car to san diego calif or l a calif any time in april or august i drive a standard as well as a small truck or suv,, great driving record it would also be great to have a vehicle from calif back to boston also 2 to 3 week difference..

  125. Looking to drive someones car from Alameda, CA area to Atlanta, GA and return driving another persons car if needed from Atlanta, GA to Alameda CA ( The Bay area). Two retired females with excellent driving records and a flexible schedule. Can drive between March/April and August/Sept. 2014. Again time is flexible so this gives someone a wide range of possibilities to get your vehicle to where you need it to go. Any persons needing this, please email me.

  126. Would like to drive from Alameda, Ca. ( the bay area) to Atlanta and return a car to the same area. My friend and I are retired healthy and vibrant females with excellent driving records. Please reply via email. Can do so between March and August. Time is flexible. Thanks

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  128. Looking to drive a car to Florida from Chicago land area even Milwaukee WI. No accident record, no ticket record. I love to drive. Would be available between Jan 14th 2014 to Jan 20th t and would like to arrive before Jan 29th. I will have my wife with me.

  129. We are a gaggle of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your web site provided us with helpful info to work on. You’ve done an impressive task and our whole group shall be grateful to you.

  130. I’m Moving to Los Angeles from Atlanta and I heard lots of people need their cars moved, so I will drive / Move your car for you. Contact me to make me an offer. Thanks

  131. My husband and I would like to drive a car from the Michigan/Ohio/Indiana area to Seattle. We are very flexible on timing. We are both excellent drivers with good driving records, non-smokers. We have driven motor homes in the past. The reason we want to do a drive away is because we are moving to the Seattle area and need to purchase a used vehicle, and we do not want to buy a car until we arrive in Seattle.

  132. I am a 57 year old male with a good driving record and I would like to drive your car from Brandon FL area to Louisville KY. area I have friends in the area and make the drive from time to time. I could be very flexible on a delivery date.

  133. looking for someone to drive my car from Detroit to West Palm Beach Fl. Dec 26

    • I need 2 make some money 2 help my mother I drove a semi truck 4 20yrs and I got heart on the job and now I am on ssi if you need a driver I can give you my driver license and you can check me out

    • Spotless driving record, non smoke, non drink. Have extensive driving experience from cars to 18 wheel big rigs. Have CDL class A license and TWIC Card. TWIC Card is proof of federal background check including fingerprinting.

      Schedule is flexible

  134. Would like to drive your car to Tampa Florida from Los Angeles Ca Leaving Los Angeles on Dec. 17th, 2013

  135. Looking for a car to be driven from Delaware /NJ area to Seatle, LA mid December..

  136. I live in las vegas need to drive to ohio or somewhere within a couple states. Ill just rent a car from wherever that is. Im about to graduate truck driving school on dec 3rd. Im going to work in ohio or n. Carolina i have a choice. So let me know

  137. Hello there,

    We are a middle aged couple from the Netherlands and will travel beginning december from south California to the south of Florida. We like to take it easy and spent around 3 weeks going accross and fuel will be for us.
    Experience in truckdriving all over europe and ample driving experience in the US in cars and motorhomes
    18 years proven no claim on my car insurance and have international drivers license.
    If anyone thinks we might suit than please do contact us. [email protected]
    Thank you and warm greetings from Holland
    Mans Dekens and Gree Tillema

  138. My brother and I have planned a road-trip across the US (from LA to Washington D.C.) and would love to experience it driving someone’s car. We are two young, responsible Australian guys with a clean driving record and flexible dates. We are both university graduates looking at enjoying our summer (your winter!) driving through and exploring the countryside.

    We can drive a car between the 18th of November ’till the the 14th of December.

    Please let me know if you’re interested :)

    • Hi,

      I have my 2006 Honda Accord EX-L, 33 miles per gallon, sunroof, leather interior, power windows, auto transmission.. Looking to get it from Las Vegas Nevada to North Carolina (either Raleigh NC or Thomasville, NC). I could give you the car Nov 20th. Let me know if you are interested.

      • Hi my name is kerry mancino. I am about to graduate from trucking school on dec 3 i can leave on like the 13th. I am heading to chester north carolina for my intern for my job. Ill be traveling with my son of 13. Message me back if you still need your car to go to north carolina. ill pay for all the fuel and oil it needs to get there

  139. My boyfriend (28) and I (25) are looking for a car to drive from Ann Arbor, MI (or nearby) to the San Francisco Bay Area leaving anytime after Jan 24 2014. We both have clean driving records. I’m trying to move my things back to CA so an empty car is preferable.

  140. I am looking for someone to drive a Honda CRV from San Jose CA to Alexandria VA (just outside Washington DC) anytime in November. Some non valuable household belongings will be stacked in the far back but all seats will be empty. Thanks.

    • I am planning to go to DC during December can drive your car during that time. Let me know if this works for you. I do own a car and good driving record.

    • Hi Jean,

      My brother Lawrence and will be flying into LA (from Australia) on the 18th of November and we have planned to drive from LA to Washington D.C. to meet with my family there.

      If you still require two responsible, flexible and well mannered young men please let me know :)


  141. My husband I would like to drive your car from Lansing, Mi or the Michigan area to Florida. We want to leave about Oct 30, 2013. We both have good driving records and could furnish good references. We have bought a Car in Fl. and do ot want to end up with 2 cars down there. We have a place in Bradenton. If interested call 517-256-1672


  142. My mom and I would like to drive someones car from Maine (anywhere in new england) to Florida in the beginning of November. We both have great driving records and are reliable on the road. Just want to do a little mother/daughter road trip. Reply if you need your car delivered.

  143. Fiance and I (29 & 30) can provide car transport from Austin, TX to the east coast of NC (or Charlotte and the area) and are willing to go anywhere Northeast and even Southeast of that. Really flexible and clean driving records as well as insured. We are looking to leave anywhere from October 10 to the 20th. Please reply if interested!

  144. I hate tight schedules when I travel. When one have only 20 minutes to spend at ones favorite attraction, but waste hours to see uninteresting things. So I think, it’s much better to be flexible at your travel.

  145. looking to drive someone’s vehicle from east coast to west coast retired us government holds class B CDL
    excellent driving record with copy of record to present.

    • I have a Suburu Outback that I would love to have driven from Connecticut to Seattle sometime before Mid-December. The back would be filled with household items, however, passenger seat open and would consider putting a storage rack on top if necessary.

      • I am planning a trip to seattle from Delaware.. Me and my wife and 2 kids will travel in a week… I have many experience in driving over 2000miles in a week and have clean driving history, no ticket, accidents…

        my cell – 302-528-0031

    • Looking for someone to drive my car from Cleveland, OH to Chandler, AZ sometime around the end of November. Contact me if interested.

  146. I may want my suburban driven from Chicago to Salt Lake City any time between end of November and December 20. Still trying to decide if this makes sense. Please let me know if you are interested i driving it. No pets preferred, and responsible drivers. Thanks, Bill F

  147. Able to drive car to San Francisco from Los Angeles either Oct 3 or 4.

    Clean record, able to provide high reliability information.


  149. Will drive your car or truck from Southern California to Lampasas Texas. you pay the gas. Wish to leave around the first of Oct 2013. Send me an email.

  150. My wife and I are planning a trip from the New York area to the West Coast. We would like to perhaps get in touch with someone who is looking to transport a car. The Tri-state area is open for pick up and Arizona is our destination, but we will go anywhere in the area within a few hundred miles. Background check is just fine and we are both NYS licensed drivers. Please contact us at the above email address. We are looking to leave in January of 2014.

  151. hello,

    we (my boyfriend 34years) and me (32years) are looking to drive
    someones vehicle from New York down to Miami.
    We are good drivers and serious. I´m an architect and my boyfriend a manager.
    We are leaving New York on 22th of December.

    please contact us if we can help you by driving your car down the coast.

  152. I am an independent contractor whose work takes her all around the US. I am in Austin right now and would like to find a car delivery that would take me to Columbus Ohio or thereabouts in the next few weeks. I have an excellent driving record and can provide personal and professional references. I will be in Vegas mid-November and would like to drive to the Long Beach, CA area while out west.

  153. Looking to drive someones vehicle from miami/ft. lauderdale area to baltimore or anything close to it. DC, new york, philadelphia area would be fine too. Person must show documents that they own the car. Im 31 yrs of age, good driving record and insured by USAA. Must be paid for trip.

  154. Hi there. Im in Austin and needing to move myself and a small load of suitcases, and boxes to Las Vegas. Leaving most of my stuff in storage and only taking the bare essentials with me as I am looking to take a break from Austin. If you need your car driven from anywhere near Austin to Las Vegas or San Francisco area (have friends there that could take me the rest of the way to Vegas) then please contact me. Looking to leave asap. Clean record and USAA insured

  155. Need someone to help me drive a rental truck from Madison, Wisconsin, to San Diego, California, in early November 2013. Really need to get there.

  156. I am going to be driving my parents’ car back home after Christmas, so I’m wondering if anyone needs to have their car taken out just before Christmas…. I live in Southwestern MI (near South Bend, IN) and my parents live in Southern CA (about an hour west of LA). So, just to be clear, I’d be interested if you want me to drive your car from MI/IN/Chicago to Southern CA, leaving Dec. 20 or 21. You don’t have to pay me – you just pay gas and I’ll pay lodging.

    I’m mid-40s and am a responsible, mature person. I have been driving for 30 years with no accidents and not even a speeding ticket! If something looks like it’s going to work out, I’ll certainly give you references (and will appreciate you giving me references). We both want to know that we can rely on the other. My wife and 2 children (tweens) may join me, or they may fly. If that makes a difference to you, let me know.

    • I am trying to decide if I want my suburban transported from Chicago to Salt Lake City around the time you want to go. Not sure yet if I will do this, but please let me know if that works for you. No smoking and preferably no pets, unless perhaps the dog is small and doesn’t shed. No cats thanks.

      Best, Bill F

  157. Will drive your vehicle from Southern Cal to Mpls. (949) 307-1134

  158. Looking for someone to drive my car from NYC to New Orleans this fall. Dates are somewhat flexible but the car should be in New Orleans by October 10. The car is a 1999 Toyota Celica convertible automatic with low mileage and in excellent condition.

  159. Wow. I think I’m going to start a site that hooks up drivers with people who want to move their car!

    When I moved to LA from New York, I spent $1000 to ship my car across the US. I should have had someone drive it. I would have done it myself but I was on a tight schedule because I was starting a job immediately. Also, my car was +10 years old at the time. I didn’t know if it would make it across the US and I would have felt really bad if someone only made it half way and ended up stuck in a cornfield in Kansas with a rusty Mazda.

    • Have u started that website yet?? I need to get from Biloxi, MS to St.Pete/Tampa on Saturday, November 23, 2013. I’m a seasoned long distance driver with excellent driving record. Let me know if u have anything. And if u want some help with that web site – I think it’s a great idea

  160. We’re looking for someone to drive a car from New Haven, CT to Austin, TX at the end of August or during September.


  161. I will drive any car, truck from Washington DC to Houston TX any time in August OR September of 2013. I have SUPER DRIVING Record & history. I am an professional engineer as well. Will take care of your vehicle and be extremely professional and timely in my delivery of your car.

  162. Hello,

    I am looking to drive a vehicle from the Houston TX area to the San Diego CA area in November 2013. I’m attending a wedding and also need to bring back some belongings of my late mother. Very clean driving record, and a professional driver for 30+ years with own business. Can drive anything but semi trucks. Manual or stick is fine.


  163. 50 + responsible driver with excellent, safe, driving record wanting to drive your car from Austin or San Antonio area of Texas to South Florida at the end of August.

  164. Hello, My Son is Starting college in California. I would like to drive him there. I am in South Florida and would like to Drive your Car or truck to L.A..We have to be there by Aug. 28th. My Diving record is Very Good and I am a Reliable Person. if you have any questions feel free to call. 954-829-7223

  165. Dear Barbara,
    It been a plrasure to read about your exciting travel expreriences.
    I too love to travel, but have a great fear of flying.
    I have had deams several times about the great road-way connecting the oceans and seas, making it easy to drive around the world instead of flying.
    Your passion for travel, photography, and writing are also mine too.
    The feelings you have had while working at a job is perfectly discribed as you put it ” a hole in the donut, full on the outside and empty on the inside”.
    If fact that is how I felt about this world until my beloved parents gave me the answers and solution to the disturbing questions I had about this deteriorating world!
    I would like to share my findings with you. You would be amazed!!!
    I would also like to hear your opinion on the matter.
    Until next time, hears to your happy traveling!

  166. I am a resident and US Citizen living in Manhattan Beach CA and need to go to Northern San Francisco and back , beginning August.

  167. Responsible 50 plus Clean Driving Record. Safe and reliable person. Will drive your vehicle from Florida to Colorado leaving between August 5th to August 10th, 2013(no later). e-mail me asap

  168. I will be traveling from Phoenix, AZ to Wichita, KS. Willing to transport any car if needed. I plan on traveling the first part of August. I have been a commercial driver with CDL full endorsements, no accidents no tickets, FBI fingerprint card and background checked. Not looking for any compensation, just offering a trade. I get a ride and you get a driver

  169. I need a ’06 BMW X3 driven from the Bay area in California, to Boulder, CO. Anyone interested?

  170. I need to have a 2007 Chevy Colorado P/U truck moved from the New Orleans area to Colorado Springs, CO. I cannot afford to pay a professional driver to move the car but if you need a vehicle to haul stuff to this area, please contact me and let’s work out arrangements that will be mutually helpful. There are four major military bases here – USAF Academy, Ft. Carson, Peterson AFB, and Shriever AFB.

  171. Hello,
    I’ll be relocating from San Francisco, CA to Austin, Texas at the end of September or beginning of October this year (2013). I’ll need a 2006 Scion xA, manual transmission transported. If you’re interested, please reply with a personal email address, and I will contact you.


  172. Hello Everyone. Last year, my friends and I drove across the country from New Jersey to Los Angles. It was a wonderful experience. This year, I’d love to do the same thing with my girlfriend. Our plan is to drive there in a six day stint from July 28th to August 2. We will then meet with friends in Los Angeles and rent a van to drive back to NJ to accommodate all of us. We are looking for the most economically friendly way to drive there. I’m 25 and my girlfriend is 24. We both have clean driving records plus I have experience doing this trip already. If anyone has any information on anyone who would like to have their car driven across the country for them, please email me with information. Thank you. Anthony. [email protected]

  173. Hi,

    I am a graduate student. I love to travel cross country. If I can help you move your car cross country I would love to :-) Any money I earn will go toward my college expenses! Thanks :-)

  174. Hi,

    Looking to drive a family car from New York to Los Angeles in late July to mid-August with family (4). Excellent driving records, insurance, reliable, and responsible.



  175. hi there
    looking to drive back a car ,mini van ,Rv from LA to Calgary .
    clean record and prof drive

  176. Hello, I currently reside in Fort Myers, FL. I am moving to the west coast, Portland-Seattle area, the first week of October, give or take a few days. I am interested in driving someone’s vehicle rather than fly, bus or train. I have a clean driving record, am retired and have lots of experience driving coast to coast, having been to 49 states and Canada. I can come to your location within Florida to pick up your vehicle. I can drive a car or truck, be it manual or automatic transmission. Thank you for your consideration, J

  177. Hello! Responsible 37yr old Canadian with clean drivers license looking to take a car from Ft. laudedale area (Miami, West Palm, Jupiter, etc) to Toronto/Ottawa/Montreal or surrounding areas. I am very flexible in terms of dates (I work as a freelance consultant, so I don’t need much notice) but I would like to go in the month of July. I am able to drive both manual and automatic, 2-4 door, suv, mini van are all fine. Please get in touch! [email protected]

  178. I am looking to drive from the Los Angeles area to Indiana in mid-July. I am a mature individual with a clean driving record. I have driven multiple automobiles for over 40 years. If you need a trustworthy person to deliver you car or truck to the mid-west in July please contact me at your convenience. Personal references provided upon request.

    Thank you,

  179. Hi, I’m looking for someone who is going to move to Madison, Wisconsin, in mid to late August and who has a car but does not want to drive it there. My boyfriend is moving out there for grad school and my original plan was to drive there and back, but seeing as that is about a 2 day drive each way, I’m looking for a change in plan as I really do not want to drive back by myself (his mom has offered to fly to Wisconsin to drive back with me, but seeing as how she works, I don’t want her to take that time off from work). I’m wanting to drive out there but fly back and I’m hoping someone who is looking to move out there is willing to let us drive their car there. Please let me know. You can contact me at [email protected]. Thank you.

  180. Hello… Looking for a vehicle to drive from Georgia or Florida to Seattle (or anywhere in between). I have a clean driving record and am in Georgia for a 6 month business trip.

  181. I live in Ecuador South America, I am an artist, designer and teacher.
    I want to travel from Santa Fe to San Francisco the 4 sept to the 13 sept. with a friend. For fun.
    No accident record, no ticket record. I love to drive. I will have other reliable drivers with me so it will not be alone. Will have an international license.
    I did this twice when I was a student at Pratt Institute NYC from NY to el Paso. Thank you very much for your help,

  182. I have just one question ? Do these people pay you to drive their car’s to where they want them ? And if they do, How much is the going rate for the driver ? I’m a 52 yr old single male that maybe interested in doing something like this !!! I drove truck since 1978 without an accident involvement of any kind !!! I’am unable to drive truck anymore cause of a lower back injury and currently on disability because of it! So if I,m someone that you would be interested in for this type of work please feel free to contact me thru my e-mail address. Thank You for your time. Sincerely, K.Bloom

  183. Retired couple interested in exploring “Route 66″ is willing to transport your car(sedan preferred) from the Midwest to California. Willing to under-go background necessary background check.

  184. Southern California to Florida. If you need a vehicle transorted to Florida call me at 760-217-5887 or email. Excellent
    driving record, credit, etc. Recent widower and would like to relocate.

  185. Am looking to drive an automatic from DALLAS, TX to MICHIGAN at the end of June 2013. Have made this trip mulitple times, & would stop overnight for rest-wouldn’t drive straight through because I am going to be only driver. Have a spotless record, no license issues, & am willing to submit background check if preffered for verification.
    Just myself, & my 3yr old daughter will be traveling. Had bad traveling experience with airplanes in the past, daughter is now terrified of flying. Brother is coming home from Iraq, has 10day leave time available-would like to be able to see him. Email me if anyone needs a driver. Dates are somewhat flexible. Thank you!! Email address: [email protected]

  186. Looking to drive your car to Cincinnati, Dayton or columbus on June 17th. Freshman Orientation for Miami U for my son.

  187. Looking to drive a car from St.louis Mo to Merced Ca. I have a clean back round and clean driving record. I am 29 and responsible. Please reply asap 573-366-6002

  188. Looking to drive your car from NY (or general east coast) area to either southern US (FL, TX) or west (CA, WA, OR) in August 2013. Dates can be flexible…driving 1 one and will be flying back home. Experienced driver with no license issues willing to submit to any background check or testing necessary. Let me know if I can help please! =)

  189. Hi, My partner and I are looking for a way to get from the Bay Area to the NYC area (Philly works as well, heck, even DC works) in early August, could leave on the 3rd and arrive in NY anytime around the 6-8th.

    Looking for a shared ride, or we could drive your car/moving truck/whatever across the country for you.

    Two females, aged 23 and 26, both with licenses without any record whatsoever. More comfortable with manual but can drive stick as well.

  190. Very responsible dad offering to drive your car from Chicago to Ithaca NY, June 5-June 30, 2013. Spotless driving record, familiar with all types of vehicles. White glove treatment, your car will be delivered in the exact condition it was picked up in. Paul :)

  191. Hi, I am looking to drive someone’s safe and reliable car from CHICAGO to ITHACA, NY or the nearby Finger Lakes region of central NY (Syracuse). I am available to deliver the automobile from June 3rd through June 30th 2013. Responsible and proud 55 year old dad with a spotless driving record. I will deliver your car in the exact shape that it is when I pick it up. I’m a great driver!

  192. Looking to drive from Sacramento or Bay area to East coast- Washington DC , NY or Mass, leaving about July 20 – delivery in east by end of July. Can drive automatic or stick. Experienced and reliable.
    College Professor- more info about driver(s) after communication.

    • Martin,
      I’m looking to have my 2007 automatics mid sized truck transported from CA to Washington DC. I have a wide selection of dates but would like it delivered NLT Sept 20th. If interested please let me know.

  193. I am looking for someone to either drive with me or simply drive my car for me from Calgary, Alberta, Canada to Portland in Maine USA. Needs to be in Maine by 12th June 2013. Can leave 4th June.

  194. I’d like to visit my son in Big Lake, Alaska and was thinking it might be more fun to drive than to fly. I live near Seattle, WA, am a grandmother, and have an excellent driving record. My husband would travel with me. If you need a vehicle delivered to Alaska I may be able to help.

  195. Looking for a van to drive to California. We have items that we need to deliver to our children in Salt Lake City and Lemoore,Ca. Our daughter is an F-18 Super Hornet pilot stationed at N A S Lemoore. Our son is a lab tech. at A R U P laboratories in Salt Lake.
    I am retired. I have made the trip numerous times. I reside in upstate NY. I am open to picking up a vehicle anywhere in New England. Excellent driving record. Used to driving Vans and medium size trucks.
    I am looking to leave the east coast around the 10th of June, 2013. No later than the 14th. Would be in California by the 21st of June.

  196. I need someone to drive the car from Little Rock, AR area to Lehigh Valley, PA or NYC. Thank you!

    • i am looking to drive to nyc or even just a bit upstate (near woodstock) somewhere toward the end of may….i am what would be called an ‘older adult”, used to drive a school bus for disabled kids (which i truly loved)….what can i say.. i am an excellent driver and would love to do it. my daughter teaches at New York University and has a house near Woodstock as well, so either location would be okay. please contact me if the dates fit with your plans. end of may would be best for me, but early june is okay as well. thank you… regards, ute levi

      • Hi,

        I have a car that I need driven to that side of the US. Where are you based?

  197. Looking for a van or SUV/Truck to drive from Amarillo Texas to Minneapolis Mn. Need to be able to haul some of daughters college furnishings. Bed / table.

  198. Hi there,

    Looking to drive a car across the country(east coast to west/ NYC, Washington DC or Baltimore until LA or Bay Area, California). No accident record, no ticket record. I love to drive. Would be available between 29 July and 2 August and would like to arrive before August 12th. I will have other reliable drivers with me so it will not be solo. American English teacher in France with California license .
    Already did this when I was a grad student from Chicago to San Francisco. would love to show my European guests this possibility of seeing America. Excited to hear from you. Deb

  199. I need to drive a car from the Los Angeles area to Boston starting June 19, 2013 delivery will be two weeks later. My wife and I have very clean driving record. we both are professionals and responsible. We will be traveling along with our two children to Boston visitng 3-4 national parks and monuments on the way and we will return by airplane back to LA. Looking forward to good responses. Thank you

  200. Hi There,
    I am going to Toronto in July, I can drive both stick shift or an automatic with complete ease.
    I have full comprehensive insurance and a clean driving record. Can even drive to Boston as well.
    Sid Lodi

  201. I am looking for someone/s to drive my Honda Odessey minivan (2007) from Atlanta to San Francisco. Depart on or around May 25 and deliver to San Francisco within 10 days. If delivery can be made by June 3rd, then I will also pay for two hotel nights. It’s a Honda – runs perfect. Has brand new tires, will have fresh oil change and a full tank of gas. You pay for your gas and expenses (less the hotel nights for swift delivery) and have a nice cross-country trip. I can remove all back seats so it would be possible to sleep in the back, and I can put my “rocket box” on the top to carry your stuff. Contact me if interested. Responsible, current drivers license, etc. only. thanks Kevin

  202. I am looking to drive a car from the Los Angeles, CA area Boston or New York. My wife and I have clean driving record and we will b traveling with our two children. We are planning on leaving on June 19, 2103 and would need 2 weeks delivery time.

  203. My son looking to drive a car from Chicago to Atlanta beginning of week May 13th, 2013. Great driving record

  204. Would like to drive a car/truck to Alaska from Minnesota or the mid-west US.

  205. I am looking to drive a mid-size vehicle from the Texas area to the NY area sometime in May or early June. Email me @[email protected] if you need a driver.

  206. Hi there,
    I am a business student studying in Victoria Canada. My girlfriend and I are flying to LA at the end of May/beginning of June to see Mumford & Sons play. I have a 12 day break from June 1st till the 12th, we are hoping to drive north along the west coast highway starting out in LA. If you have a car that needs to be driven from LA going north from there please let me know, ideally we would like to drive all the way to Seattle but other location such as San Fransisco and Portland will also be fine. We are both very honest and mature adults and would love some help with this to save on the expensive cost of renting a car and dropping it of in a different location.
    Thank you,

    Maciej Kudrycki

  207. That would be from Minneapolis/St. Paul to LA or San Diego area.

  208. Looking to drive a car to southern California in late July. Taking our son to college and would like to drive out and fly back but one-way rentals are too expensive. Family of three, non-smokers, excellent driving records.




  212. My Wife and I will be in Southern California, the first week in May. I would love to take her back across country to the New York area by Land. I am 59 years old with a Class A License with all Endorsements. I have no points or tickets, and I have been driving Big trucks since 1976. We are very clean and are not traveling with any pets, and neither or us smoke.

  213. I am looking for a car to drive one-way across the country from Los Angeles to New England sometime in May 2013-June 2013. I have an excellent driving record and my dates and times are flexible.

  214. If you need someone to drive your vehicle ANYTIME IN MAY from anywhere in the NORTHWEST TO ANYWHERE IN THE MIDWEST then I am your gal!
    I have an excellent driving record, don’t require any payment and can even sign a contract or give you a down payment.
    I would love to be able to cart a couple of small boxes along with me. Currently I am in Olympia, Washington and am looking to eventually end up in Illinois or Missouri, where my family is. The drop off point doesn’t matter though! I can get picked up from anywhere!

    please email me if you think we could help each other out! I’m 29, a college graduate, super tidy and respectful and I would really just love to get out of the Northwest and home to my family.

    [email protected]

  215. I am looking to drive a vehicle from Las Vegas to Iowa/Minnesota mid April (18th or so). I am responsible, CDL licensed Driver with vast experience driving lng distances.

  216. Hi,

    We’re 4 scout traveling from Vancouver to Ottawa this summer and are looking for a way to do it:)

    The three of us are used to driving, one have experience from the military. We’ve had our license around 5-6 years and are the age of 25-26.
    We’re used to both manual and automatic. We have clean driver records and wont be driving alone and will take care of the care as if it was my dad volvo:)

    We’re planning on leaving Vancouver around the 17th of july and are going to be part of the Scout Moot in Ottawa from the 7th of august.

  217. Hello. I would like to drive your vehicle from California to New York at the end of August. I can drive a standard as easily as an automatic and am a non-smoker. I am mature and very responsible with a clean driving record. I would like to bring my impeccably well behaved staffordshire terrier for safety. I am a school social worker with many professional and personal references.
    Thank you,

  218. Hello. I would like to drive from New York to Los Angeles the beginning of July. Will consider trips that take me close to L.A. as well, such as LasVegas, Arizona or other parts of California. I am a school social worker with a clean driving record and many professional and personal references. I am bringing my travel companion for safety. He is a beautiful staffordshire terrior with impeccable behavior and no shedding. I am mature and very responsible.
    Thank you,

  219. The last drive from the comment above will start on april 10

    Thank you

  220. Also need someone to drive with me/take turn at the wheel on a rental small moving truck(regular drivers license) from LAS VEGAS to GREENSBORO, NC. That someone could jump off on the later part of the route.(Nashville/Knoxville/Charlotte).
    Just driving 50%, nothing else – 100 bucks for your driving for your expenses.

    I am 43 male and will be starting a new job in North Carolina. 34 hour drive, will be fun , but hard to drive alone.
    My wife and daughter will treat for lunch/dinner before leaving.

    Thanks !

    • would love to help you my schedule is open in belleville il. its right outside st. louis mo. 6183104024

  221. I need someone to drive our mid SUV from LAS VEGAS to GREENSBORO, NC,
    First week of May.
    Thank You !

  222. My fiancee and I are looking to drive across the country (west coast to east coast). Let us know if you need your vehicle transported across the US. We would like to start the drive by June 1 and need to arrive in DC by the end of June. Great driving history, no accidents.


  223. LA to FLORIDA – need someone to drive a car from Los Angeles, CA to Ft Lauderdale Florida ASAP

  224. Responsible sisters (non-smoking) willing to drive your vehicle from Iowa to AZ anytime before July 2013. We have accident free records.

  225. looking to drive a car from Arizona to the midwest sometime in Aprl. retired, non smoker, clean driving record, prefer llinos

  226. Husband & wife team would like to drive your vehicle (car or motor home) from Arizona to Minnesota in April 2013. Great driving record.

  227. hello im looking to drive someones car from arizona to virgina ..i need to leave on apr 8 … i will pay for gas please email …in despreate need

  228. Hi, i am a PIlot looking for a car to drive to florida on the 28, 29, 30 of march
    if any one need this service for free i am willing to do it
    other wise i will rent a car to drive from NY to florida
    pls email me

  229. Need a mid size suv or larger to drive from Burbank/ LA area to Nashville Tn area between April 7th-April 12Th ,2013. Will pay for gas.

  230. Need your car or truck to be driven to New York area westchester , Rockland co. area, with in the next week or two
    E-mail . Leave your phone number ,I will get back to you . Will need help with gas and one way airline ticket back to Fort Myers

  231. Have good driving record. Wisconsin drivers liscense W/CDL. Need a vehical to travel from north west US Seattle/ washington state to Chicago/Milwaukee area. August 2013

  232. Looking to tow an airstream from NY to CA with a pick-up truck. Preferably diesel. If anyone is looking to get their truck driven and doesn’t mind me towing a trailer, please reply. No time frame, just need a window of time to plan ahead. Cheers.

  233. I am a responsible 31 year old social worker with a graduate degree living in New York City.

    I am looking to help someone move their car and drive cross country to San Francisco the last week of July or first week of August. I’m rather flexible. I have a CA drivers license, clean driving record, and come with many professional and personal references.

    • I need someone to take my car from Boston to Santa Barbara (four hours south of SF) leaving the east coast on Aug. 9. Are you interested?

  234. I am looking for someone to drive a car from Plano, TX to New Orleans by the end of March

    • I will help anyone to move a car from anywhere near Chicago, IL to anywhere near Los Angeles, CA during the month of July or August. I go with a friend, so there will be two drivers and will change every two hours so we dont get tired. I am very flexible with dates and places, just need time enough for a bit of sightseeing. Of course will pay for gas. Clean driving record, 23 year old architect. My mail is

  235. I am looking to drive a vehicle from Fairbanks AK to the Chicago or Detroit area. Will pay for gas. Email me if you can help

  236. My Dad and I are driving from Green Bay, WI to Reno, NV from May 19-25, 2013. We are renting a car but if someone needs a car driven to Reno or Sacramento or even the Bay Area we could do it. Email me at

  237. I couldn’t drive this one but am looking for a vehicle for mid May from Boston to Seattle ( east coast to west coast ).

  238. Looking for a vehicle to drive from Rochester New York to Orlando Florida between March11th, 12th or the 13th, Very clean drving record, Non smoker will pay for gas.. Please email me at

  239. Looking for a vehicle to drive from Boston to Seattle in early to mid May. Father and daughter, some baggage, clean record, will pay for gas.. Please email me at

  240. Me and my friend are willing to pay, to drive a car from the east coast (New York area/Toronto) and to the west coast. I’m aged 20 and a canadian citizen living in Denmark. We can drive it in the months November/December, and will of course deliver any infomations you would need out of us, screenings etc.

  241. If anyone needs someone to drive a car from Los Angeles area to Mississippi or Tennessee in June please let me know!
    email me at I am a reliable driving and have a clean driving record.

  242. Hello Everyone if anyone needs their car relocated from Oregon to Los Angeles anytime in March 2013 I would be willing to drive, no fee required just gas assistance, email me at

  243. Looking for a driveaway/ car relocation from Florida to New York/New England ( specifically Miami FLa to Waterford CT) July 1oth…. need to be in CT July 20th… can meet all screening requirements

  244. I am retired (a young retiree) and would like to drive your car cross country from LA to Boston area … no fee required, just gas assistance ; my wife (also retried) and I would like to see more of the country and have the time to take on this project ; we have spotless driving records and are fully insured.. we are looking to take this on in the mid July time frame. Please send me an email if interested.Thanks

  245. A friend and I are driving from southwestern Ohio to the LA area in May and are looking someone who needs his or her car driven there. We are leaving around May 13 and would be in the LA area by May 22. Thank you!

  246. Hello,

    Would anyone be willing to drive a full size, Ford F250 XL, Extended cab, 5-speed manual, transmission from Wilmington, NC (Fleet Lease Marketing Dealership, 910-815-1055) to Palmdale, CA? Pick-up date should be around Feb 15th. References, copy of photo ID, and proof of insurance required.


  247. I am moving from Pennsylvania to South Dakota the end of Feb,2013 looking for someone to help me drive. Hope this is the right site to ask. Thanks Carolyn

  248. We (myself and my wife) will be available in April, 2013 to take any car/van from Florida to Toronto (Canada) – I am an excellent long distance Driver with a clean record.

  249. HI, A friend and I are going to be driving from either San Francisco or San Diego – to BOSTON. This is toward the end of April 2013.

    If anyone needs their car moved from California to Massachusetts around April/May, let me know. We are both excellent drivers, no accidents, tickets etc.

  250. My daughter and I are planing a Route 66 trip from Chicago to flagstaff (can go all the way to LA) and looking for a car to drive one way. Date are flexible around late July/early August 2013.

  251. Hello, my son just moved from Virginia to New Orleans, I will driving a Uhaul to New Orleans and I am looking for someone who may need their vehicle driven from New Orleans to Virginia during the first week of Feb 2012. I’m trying to save on the cost of car rental or plane fare back to VA.

  252. I live in Manhattan ks.If anyone needs a car driven anywhere in the Midwest I would love to do it.I have a great driving record.Love to drive!!!!! Been driving for 42 years.i am married .My 17 year old son possibly would keep me company. If anyone is interested e mail me at

  253. Hello ;

    California to Toronto:

    Responsible married couple who will be returning from California to Waterloo, ON on or around March 1 / 2013 (date are flexible) Able to drive your vehicle from California to Toronto or Surrounding area free of charge.

    We have 42 years experience driving between the two of us. No accidents, speeding tickets or even a parking ticket. We are both healthy professionals.

    Able to provide reference.

    Please e-mail us and we can make arrangements.

  254. will drive your vehicle from New York to California (Northern)I have a clean driving record and am mature and reliable. I am moving out to Monterey at the end of February. thank you, Lisa

  255. Hello all, I am a mature Englishman looking for a trip across, up or down the US. If anyone can help with a website, trip broker/arranger, I would be grateful. Can supply references of good behaviour and security, I am ex-airline employee and a Magistrate in the UK. Any help would be gratefully received. Andy M

  256. Driver looking for vehicle to drive from Southern CA to Virginia Area. Will be taking a few boxes and two dogs (well behaved). Class A license with many trips cross country.

  257. Mature , non smoker or drinker w/clean record wishes to drive to NY from Fla (pref. east coast) end of Feb or beginning March 2013.


  259. I have a son and daughter in law who just graduated (dil-Doctorate) at U of A. Need to get to Boston for a job starting on Jan. 10th. They need to leave around te first of January 2013……..They need a reliable vehicle to drive back east with their belongings from Phoenix/Tucson(preferably) to Boston area. Please email me at NK8691 @

  260. I can drive a car from NY to st louis on Dec 21 or Dec 22 and back from stl to ny on dec 31 or Jan 1st. 45 fully loaded insurance. Trying to get my son back and forth to West Point.

  261. I am a non-smoker, experenced driver, with a long excellent driving record.
    I will pick your car up anywhere in the USA and deliver it promptly.
    I am scheduling now for 2013. Contact me for a quote

  262. hi
    looking to drive a car from southern indiana to northen colorado anytime between dec 1st thur 9th , iam moving back to indy and i have several cars in colorado that i need to get back to indy, clean driving record , non smoker . feel free to call me with ideas or dates iam flexiable, my name jeff 47 yrs old . # 1 812 454 3835. thank you

  263. Proffessional 57 year old – very clean non smoker will drive your vehicle from Arizona – Phoenix To utah – salt lake city during the first or second week of December 2012.

  264. Would like to drive vehicle to Los Angeles before Christmas; possible dates are Dec. 19th through Dec.22nd.
    Beginning location is SW Missouri; Springfield/Branson/Fayetteville AR/Mountain Home AR. Driver is retired schoolteacher wanting to spend Christmas with daughter in S.California. Please contact via email.
    Also able to drive any vehicle as I’m fully licensed. Have made this journey many times and know the road well.

  265. Hello, we would like to find someone willing to drive our 2011 VW Tiguan SUV (automatic transmission) from Boston, MA to San Francisco, CA.
    Departure from Boston – around December 8th, 2012
    Expected arrival in San Francisco – around December 15th, 2012
    Driver must have a valid drivers license, be over 25 years old, have totally clean driving record.
    Reply to

  266. Hello,
    My name is Scott and I am a former Marine looking to get my vehicle from San Diego to anywhere in the New England area. Open to almost anything and I’m in a real tough spot. I would like to do this as soon as possible. feel free to E-mail me if we can help each other.


  267. Available to drive vehicle to Orlando or Tampa, FL from anywhere in the Toronto-Detroit corridor. Must leave on November 20th. If interested, please contact me at Thanks!

  268. Mature male with class A lience and clean driving record.Looking to drive fullsize pickup or box truck straight shot I-5 Seattle area to Sacramento or close SF area. Nov.2012

  269. 54 yr. male will drive your pick-up from Phila.-Chaddsford PA. area to Melbourne-Orlando Fla.any-time in Nov.or Dec need some room in bed of truck for boxes of my tools

  270. Looking to deliver vehicle from Fort meyers, fl to tucson, az (or phoenix). Middle-aged male, clean driving record

  271. really need to go from chicago to tampa bay area of florida during the first week of december. i can be flexible on dates. i will drive your car ,suv ,van , etc. very clean driving record. i am 51 yrs old, in excellent health and have driven everything from motorcycles to large trucks. auto or manual. background checks o.k. please let me know asap. thanks.

  272. Hi, My husband and I are located in Ohio, we are willing to drive anywhere, for a fee. My husband is retired from the US NAVY, he is 46, I am 43, we both have clean driving records, and have no problem doing a background check. Email us…Thank you

    • Laura – your email address does not show up to the general public – you need to put it in a comment for anyone to contact you.

  273. Willing to Drive from Charlotte , NC to Fort lauderdale , Fla , mid November ,if any one needs me to transport
    their vehichle , plz email at:
    None drinker , None smoker 57 yrs old , cln rcrd , honest & sincer

  274. Hi,
    I am next to Fort Lewis Washington State, I have been back and forth across country driving 2 times this past year in all kinds of weather. I will be heading to Ohio soon so if anyone needs me to to transport their vehichle from washington state to Ohio then let me know asap. I get alot of emails for this and would appreciate someone who needs my services to be sincere. The vehichle needs to be in good enough condition to drive across the states. I will need youre details and some compensation for doing this. My email is or Take care~

  275. My husband and I (plus two wonderful pups with no muss and no fuss!) would love to drive your car from NJ/NY area (or DC area) to FL in the beginning of December!

    Very responsible couple, will make sure your car returns to you spic and span! Please contact me:

  276. I will drive your truck or van from Phoenix to Florida (west palm beach area) first or second week of November.
    fifty years old, with ins, clean license. I just need to take a few boxes with me. Thanks Mike P.S. I will help with gas.

  277. I live in the Northwest region near Seattle and Portland. I have a clean record and I’m willing to drive your vehicle within the United States. Very reasonable rates and I can work with your schedule. Thanks!

  278. I am available to drive your car from Sacramento / Central California area to the Philly / Harrisburg area. Two – three weeks later need to do the same in reverse. Squeaky clean driving record. Thank you!

  279. Snowbird looking to drive from SE massachusetts to Myrtle Beach SC at the end of Oct or first week of Nov 2012. Anyone need a car or van delivered ? Just one person I usually spend one night south of DC. And just need room for 2 bags.

  280. hi looking to drive to boston,ma coming from buffalo,ny oct—thru springtime, very clean and responsible also have my dog accompany the ride

  281. Looking to drive a car/van from Atlanta to New York around Thanksgiving Time
    Nov. 18 -23 and return with a car/van from New York to Atlanta.

    Let me know

  282. looking to drive a car from san diego to mississippi around christmas time

  283. Hi:

    Willing to Drive from the Southwest (Phoenix) even Mountain states or Los Angeles/san Diego to the East Coast–New England (Boston or greater area) or the Southern Virginia area. I would Drive FROM or to those locations ANY TIME!

    ReTired college english professor (56). Excellent driver. Exceptionally clean. Great Health. Nonsmoker. Nondrinker.

    Want to visit child in college in Boston or Child in the greater richmond area.

  284. Need honest reliable sane person willing to share there driving with a vehical from Washington state to Wisconsin….
    It would be me and my husband and son whom is 13…needing to get back home! Soninlaw Soldier made us homeless in
    Washington state and looking for the cheapiest way home and happen to find this site!!

    • If you haven’t found someone to take you to wisconsin yet, I would love to! I’m trying to get from the northwest to the midwest come May. Just thought I’d see if you’re still up here in Washington. I have a great driving record!

    • I just saw your ad on hole in a donut website. Did you get someone to drive for you yet?

    • Hey Elli
      Did you find someone to drive your car to Austin yet? Let me know…I would love to do it for you. I’m in Boston right now.
      Take care

      • Hey Zev,

        Saw your comment and I have a 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid that I need driven from Minneapolis to Los Angeles/San Diego this spring. Are you still looking?



  285. Looking for a car to drive from Ft. Lauderdale/Palm Beach Fl area to New Orleans from October 17th to October 25th. We are a family from Denmark on vacation in Florida.

  286. HELLO,

    Looking for a driver from Montana to a Chicago, in a week from now, here is my phone number 406-270-2102.

    Yvonne wysote

  287. If you are looking for a driver to drive your vehicle form Fort Lauderdale, FL to Charlotte, NC or Charlotte, NC to Fort Lauderdale, FL please contact me.


  288. Looking to drive from Phoenix or surrounding area to Ny/Nj/Pa anytime after the first week in October. I am a responsible and professional 37 year old female with a clean driving record. Can drive standard or auto transmission vehicle. Please contact me at

  289. I need to drive a car from Atlanta Georgia to Ft. Lauderdale Florida the first week in Oct/2012. One way only. I am a very good driver and am over 60 years in good health with no animals, and insured. Paulette Bayer

  290. Great website! I am looking for a reliable driver to bring our car this month from California to Detroit.. Feel free to contact me, Peter

  291. If anyone needs a vehicle transported to florida from southern california I am a CDL over the road driver, getting ready to head home to south florida, I don’t like flying as crazy as it may seem I would rather drive. I am a very safe driver never had an accident in my life, you pay for gas I will pay my own expenses, and I will deliver your vehicle safe and sound within 5 or 6 days tops. My name is john I’m 46 been driving SAFELY for 30 years 786-253-0289

  292. looking to drve a car from Pheonix to San Francisco the fourth week of November[Thanksgiving week]. I am retired and it would be my wife and I.

  293. 40yo responsible man relocating to southeast. Leaving los angeles area sometime in Sept. Can drive your car to Virginia, Tenn., NC, SC, Alabama msybe even FL.

  294. Need your vehicle transported to Florida, Daytona area? I am a responsible 52 year old female with a chocolate lab. Traveling late September returning to Ilion NY dec 6

  295. Have looked into the “Driveaway” car “opportunities”…and they simply don’t exist. I’ve even contacted rental car companies and they use commercial car haulers, not independent drivers. The ONLY possibility I could fathom is if you might personally know an owner of a car rental business…otherwise this is UNREALITY.

  296. Looking to drive a car one way from the Dallas Tx area to Asheville, NC area during late September early October, 2012. Anyone need a car moved?

  297. Moving to Tampa from Queens, NY and i need a car / SUV, non-rental

  298. I am looking to drive someone’s car or truck from Bozeman, MT to Asheville/Charlotte, NC area in mid October 2012. Anything available?

    • I am 54 years old and have a clean driving record with no accidents in the past 38 years and no speeding tickets. I am moving my 14 year old daughter to my home in NC…

  299. Live in Alexandria, VA looking to get back to Fort Lauderdale, FL. Would be willing to drive someone’s mini van or SUV from VA to FL and will even meet you half way and pay for half the gas to deliver your car. Clean driving record, really good driver. Your car will be in safe hands. If interested please e-mail me at Thank you. :-)

  300. Need my car (Saturn 2002) driven from Chicago area to San Francisco Bay Area or Los Angeles, CA. Dates flexible. Non-smokers only! Contact me at

  301. Hello! I’m an artist and college professor moving from Providence to San Francisco and am happy to drive your car to the west coast. I have a good driving record and have driven cross-country many times. Can pick up in NYC, Boston, etc. I can leave anytime Aug 22-27. Email me at

  302. Arriving in San Francisco the second week of September 2012. Looking to drive a vehicle back to the east coast. Drive cars for a living. Clean driving record. Respectful. Email with questions. Thanks

  303. Anyone need a car / truck driven from Phoenix to New England? Please email me Non smoker, clean drive record. 51 yrs old. Thanks Denis

  304. Boston to Seattle almost free! Anyone (student, work) driving from Boston area to Seattle WA soon? Need a Subaru Forester driven to Seattle by 8/15 8 pm at Seattle Tachoma airport. $200 gas money and space for your stuff! Write me at within the next few days! This is new ad 8/6/12.

  305. anyone looking to have their cart driven from Massachusetts (Boston North Shore) to Florida (Winter Park) early to mid September?
    Contact if so….

  306. Looking for someone to drive my packed up car from Denver CO area to Boston!! My name is Hannah and my number is (970)-319-7746

  307. Hello. Looking to drive in December from Montreal, Quebec to Orange County, California (Laguna Niguel) to visit our daughter and family. My wife and I have clean drive’s record and will pass all requirements. Please contact Rene @ – Thank you.

  308. I am a truck driver by trade. I have been driving professionaly for 20 years, with a clean abstract. If anyone needs a vehicle driven to BC from Ont in the month of Aug 2012, please email me Thanks

  309. My daughter, 22, and I are driving from Columbus OH to San Diego CA in a few weeks. Leaving Ohio Aug 6/7, arriving CA Aug 11/12. Happy to transport car. Please call 614-443-6626 and ask for Eric. Both non-smokers, clean driving record. Both able to drive stick shift.

  310. Planning a trip to California in October to visit my son in the military. If anyone needs a vehicle delivered out there please contact me at

  311. I am looking for a car to drive from Wisconsin(or surrounding area) to Homer, Alaska anytime between now and early September.

  312. Sorry…rooking mistake..Ned to go Friday, July 27, 2012. Hence the stroke of luck

  313. Need to get from Cleveland, OH to Indy, IN. 56 yrs.old, non-smoker, clean driving record. Hoping for a stroke of luck. call 440-221-2798

  314. I am interested in driving a car from the San Francisco Bay area to Atlanta, GA in the next few weeks. Mature Professional driver with excellent record, do not drink or smoke. Please contact me if you need a car driven cross country.

  315. moving to east coast looking for anyone who needs a car delivered in that direction my dates are flexable. I have a clean driveing record , non smoker ,53 years old . please call me @720-839-1895

  316. Hi! I’ll be in Dallas at 4/5 September. I can drive your car to the West. I’ve got clear driving license and will pay for the gas. For more questions please contact with me by email

  317. I am looking to drive an SUV-type vehicle from Los Angeles to Michigan to take my son to school. We will need to leave from Los Angeles on 8/24, and will arrive in Michigan on approximately 8/29.
    Please contact me by email or by phone at 310-804-5528 if interested.

  318. I am a semi retired college professor. And travel much and have clean license -how do i get a gig like this?

  319. I’m looking for someone that lives in California, and needs their car driven to them from the East coast. I’m located near Harrisburgh, PA but am able to pick the car up. My reason for doing this is because I’m looking to relocated to California. I have family out there, and many more opportunities to better my future. Also I am not looking to do any site seeing on the drive out, so it will be a straight shot. Thanks to contact me or reply here.

  320. need car driven to denver from new orleans asap. will pay for gas.

  321. I am a senior citizen seeking to drive another’s vehicle from Atlanta, Ga. to California (Los Angeles, Ontario or Riverside). I would be willing to assist another drive this route; needed departure July 20, 2012.

  322. Auto driveway is an auto ship business. I did not see an opportunity to drive another’s auto.

  323. Looking to bring a car from Toronto or Ottawa to Minneapolis or maybe to SF. Date would be good around mit August. Let me know if you need to move your car somewhere to the west.

  324. On the website I only see how to get your car transported How do I become a driver?

    • Kitty: I am the author of this site. I wrote this article a couple of years ago about driveway services but have no association with the companies that provide the service. Since then, readers have been using the comments section as a sort of a forum. I have no idea if anyone has connected successfully but you can try leaving a comment.

    • Single responsible retired business exec would like to drive autos for a part time income to supplement the deficiencies of attempting to live on Social Security. Able to travel just about anywhere, with a flexible schedule.

      Bruce Campbell

  325. Mother and daughter looking to drive someones vehicle in September from Alaska heading south (Montana, Utah, Oregon, California, Washington, etc…) Daughter lives and works in Alaska, Mother lives and works in California. Looking for a fun way to spend time together in September. Contact

  326. Moving WEST! Anyone looking to have an auto delivered from Florida to California sometime between June 22nd and August 1st. Masters student at University of Central Florida, 52 years old, responsible, clean dmv, non-smoker. I have a couple personal items that I need to bring to California with me. If interested, please contact Tammy at; phone 772-766-4601. Thank you!

  327. Hi! I’m heading out to Brooklyn, NY (or surrounding cities) from San Francisco, CA (or surrounding cities). I’d love to drive there in your car. Mid-30s, nonsmoker/drinker, clean DMV record, teacher (so clean background check) – am looking at the end of July or beginning of August. Email me:

  328. I am traveling from NYC to Las Vegas and I would love take the drive. I am leaving NY June 27th. Contact me if you’re in need of my services as a driver of your vehicle. 212.844.9457.

  329. Feel free to contact me. I will be making a monthly trip from KANSAS CITY TO TAMPA(OR MIAMI). I can leave the second week of the month and return the following Monday. Please contact me at

  330. I am looking for someone to drive my Honda CRV to San Francisco/Bay Area in late July. Starting points can be:
    a) New York (a flexible date prior to July 27th) OR
    b) Chicago (would have to be July 28th or 29th)

  331. I am looking for someone to drive my Honda CRV to San Francisco/Bay Area in late July. Starting points can be:
    a) New York (a flexible date prior to July 27th) OR
    b) Chicago (would have to be July 28th or 29th)

    • Please contact me at 510-622-54553. I can drive to New York. Sam

  332. I am looking for a driver from Avon Park Florida, to Milford Delaware the first week of July, if anyone is heading in that direction, must be a reliable and responsible driver, we can help each other out on
    this trip.

  333. Wife and I are heading from Denver to Boston first week of July if anyone needs their car driven to the Boston area.  Happy to help out.

  334. I am a 49yr old case manager for disabled veterans moving from california to washington dc for job relocation had some sometime to get would love to drive across country did it once a few years ago and look forward to being of service to someone . My departure date is 8/30/12 so if you need a responsible and reliable driver i am your man

  335. I am planning a trip from San Diego to New Jersey from 063012-070412. Then from NJ to Chicago 070512 to 070712. Then from 070712-071412 to Reno. 071612-071712 back to SD. If u need a car, truck or motorcycle driven pls inquire. I have no tickets. Prior military, LEO.

  336. Hi, Irish 60 year old’s visiting the US in the Fall. We are hoping to travel from Chicago to Los Angeles. It would be a pleasure to drive your car or RV for you, dates are flexible Mid Sept to end Oct. Have driven in US before, and hold clean international driving licence. Could return favour with accommodation if your visiting Ireland. Contact

  337. We are a 23 yr married non smoking couple looking to go from Portland, OR to North Carolina and in between. Tim is an experienced RV driver & we both have driven loads with trailers & boats. We want to visit friends & look for job possibilities on the east coast as thats where Tim is from. But if you need something moved from Portland to somewhere in between – we can work that in our plans. We want to start our travel in Oct or Nov 2012.

    Also is anyone relocating to our area for Intel or such??? We are looking to rent our furnished home out from 2-3 weeks to 3-4 months. Please check our website – to see who we are. We are long term Oregonians & in biz since 1988. Very reputable!! Thanks Kelly & Tim

  338. Recent College Grad, moving to Los Angeles from South Florida, would be a pleasure to drive your car to Los Angeles, contact me at I plan on making the trip June 20th of 2012

  339. Hi! we’re students and we’re looking to drive a car from NY to anywhere you want. We would like to make a trip around the USA. Our window is from 20th August to the end of August. We’ve got clean driving licences and we’re no smokers.


  340. Hi I’m a recent graduate looking to drive a car from southern New England area to northwest (Oregon, Washington) towards the end of June or start of July. Very cautious and respectful and not a smoker. I can be contacted at feel free to contact me via email.

  341. I would be interested in seeing if someone would like a vehicle driven from Texas or New Orleans at the end of next week (appx. June 8th but dates are flexible). Please contact me at

  342. Hello, I am a 61 year old teacher who would like to drive a van from Boca Raton, Florida to Los Angelos. My window is from July 15 to the 30th, and I would like a week to get there. Please contact me at

  343. How do I get started doing this?  What site(s) do I search for?  I have so many questions.  Please, anyone with information and/or advice please contact me

  344. College student, heading from Brooklyn, NY to Los Angeles, CA, mid to late June 2012. I have an clean record. I’m a great driver. Driven long distances. Happy to work with you.  Email me if interested or have questions. Thank you!

  345. Couple in mid 30’s wanting to drive vehicle from NE or CO (Omaha, Lincoln, Denver) to San Diego end of September/Early October.  Please email if you need a driver. Thank you. 

  346. I am moving from Western MASS (Shutesbury) to Sacramento, CA.  I have a 2005 Auto Jeep Liberty Diesel. I need someone to drive to car to Sacramento. I will be moving by June 22nd and I hope to be in Sacramento by July 1st.  e-mail

  347. I am interested in driving your vehicle from D.C. / Baltimore area to Seattle/Portland/Spokane/Northwest somewhere.  I am 53 years old great driving record, and just made 2 round trips from Spokane to Minneapolis and Las Vegas.  Prefer SUV / VAN (larger) vehicle.  email BRAD at if interested.

  348. Husband wife team in 50’s, clean drivers, careful & considerate of other’s property seek automatic vehiclye to drive Jul 8th or 9th from Atlanta area to Myrtle Beach.  We fly in and out of those cities to our home in suburban Chicago and will be visiting our chldren in Atlanta; would like to visit Myrtle Beach for a few days if we can find a way to find a vehycle without the exorbant cost!
    Please contact me at or 847-346-7756 Thank you!

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  350. I need my car driven from Los Angeles to Connecticut next week! Looking for someone to split gas costs – even though I plan on flying. It will cost $200.  See the US, I’ve done it, it’s great!

  351. Hi, I am a 42 year old woman looking to drive one-way cross country from New York/ New Jersey to the West Coast.  Preferably San Francisco or a nearby city.   I have a spotless driving record, valid drivers license and excellent character references.  I would like to take this trip in Mid July and arrive to my destination by July 23rd.  Of course I would like to take the scenic route and any information and/or help with trying to make this happen would be greatly appreciated.  Please email me at

    Thank you for you help.  Best, Melanie

  352. Hi, I am a 23 year old student looking to drive a car from anywhere in the New York Metro Area to anywhere near the west coast by the end of this month. Clean driving record, please email me at

  353. Great blog!  Hi,

    I would like to drive a car from Florida to Colorado…. in early June 2012.

    *Clean driving record(no tickets).  *Clean person.  *Responsible 51 yr old  *Homeowner.

    I’ve made this drive before…. don’t like flying. 

    Would also be available to drive back from Colorado to Florida at the beginning of July 2012. 

    Let me know if I can be of some help.

    • Beyond my control I have had to change my dates of travel.

      I would like to drive a car from Florida to Colorado…. in Mid July 2012.

      Would also be available to drive back from Colorado to Florida mid August 2012.

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  356. Mature male, 30 years on the road, clean driving record, can relocate vehicle from Medford, Oregon (Rogue Valley) to Los Angeles/Long Beach/Orange County on or about 5/28 and deliver next day. Have made the I-5 trip many times in 12 hours, and am exceedingly careful. No stops except for gas. Also returning to S. Oregon on 6-2 from L.A. area. No fee except a percentage of gas costs, depending on vehicle. Responsible, straight arrow.

  357. We would like to drive a car from Treasure Valley area (Idaho) to Ft. Lauderdale, FL area.  We need to be able to fly back.  Anyone interested?

  358. If you need your vehicle driven from Colorado to Minnesota or Illinois or from Minnesota or Illinois to Colorado, I would be happy to do so. I am a responsible person with references and have a clean driving record. I am available mid May to mid June.
    uacurio@telluridecolorado .net

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  360. I am wondering if you need your vehicle driven from western Washington state to the north east in late September or October. Perfect driver history, adult married couple with references. Can do round trip as well. Maybe one car one direction and a second car driven back from the east. Please let me know.

  361. Hello,
    we are two drivers with clean records, we are looking to drive a car from anywhere in the east (preferbly around baltimore MD) to anywhere in CA ASAP, contact us in –
 or in 4435630571

  362. I am moving from Salt Lake City, UT to Gainesville, FL. And I would be happy to drive your car/truck/SUV for you. Clean driving record. Moving end of June. 

  363. Hello,

    I am looking to drive a car from San Francisco, CA to Chicago, IL in June or late May. I have a clean driving record. I’m moving home with my parents in Chicago for the summer and want to take the scenic route home. Please let me know!

  364. Anyone need a car driven from Central Florida to New York City? My husband and I are relocating- both working professionals and have taken the drive before.

    • would a location from Avon Park Florida, to Milford Delaware be something that you would
      be interested in.

  365. Looking to drive a car from the Albuquerque New Mexico area to the San Francisco Bay area around May 7th. Please contact me if you need to transport your vehicle. Adult driver with clear driving record. You can contact me at

  366. Heading back to CA from FL in September and October. If you need something driven, car, truck, boat please contact me and we can discuss
    Adult driver, no games no BS just considering this option instead of flying. I’ve made the drive from CA to FL already and would not mind a second.

  367. Hi there – I am looking for someone to drive my small Chevy s10 truck from los Angeles, to New Jersey at the end of August or early September.  Most likely, I will have a small Uhal trailer attached.  Please email me at: if you are interested.  Thank you!!

    • Hello,
             Have you had any takers yet?
      Regards, Gerry.

  368. Hello all- I am looking to deliver a car from anywhere in the New York City area to the West Coast, sometime in either June or July. I am relocating to the Northwest to attend law school, and would like to transport myself (and a few of my belongings) in your car! I have conducted two driveaways in the past, and have driven cross-country multiple times. I can provide references and will pay for all expenses (including gas). I can be reached at – thank you!

    • Hello Edie, I’ve replied to the email you sent but have not heard anything back. Please confirm if you are still interested in my Ford Focus that needs driven to Simi Valley, CA.

  369. I have a 2012 Ford Focus that needs driven from Akron, Ohio to Simi Valley, CA.  If you are interested please send me an email to  Thank you for your consideration.

    • I will be going West during the 3rd week (12th through 18th), 2012 if this is still available. Reply to:, or by phone @ 801-580-3464. Please leave voicemail if I’m not immediately available. Thanks!

  370. Hello, I’m looking to help someone out in Canada by driving their vehicle from Regina SK, to Toonto ON around the 6th of May. I have a full clean licence and have driven across Canada on several occasions. Thanks! email (

  371. I will be driving (one way or another!) from Baltimore, MD to St. Louis, MO in mid-July, and stopping along the way in Columbus, OH, Chicago, IL, and Fort Dodge, IA. If you need your vehicle moved from anywhere in the Baltimore-DC metro area to anywhere in the general vicinity of any of the above destinations, I’d love to talk it over with you. I am also able to start from NYC instead if your vehicle is there. My driving record is clean.

  372. Hello I am interested in driving from Connecticut to California with my college graduate!  We would like to see the country together!  We are available late June and all of July.  We both have excellent driving records and are very accustom to long drives!  I can pick up a car in Massachusetts or the tri-state area.  Thanks!  email:

  373. I’m a professional truck driver for over 20 yrs with a spotless driving record.. I am available from Chicago area to Salt Lake City end of June 2012 …..also available Chicago to Springfield, Mo. May 3-7 2012 email to

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  375. Two adult drivers with perfect driving records are hoping to help someone bring their car from Washington DC to Southern California mid June.  Respectful, honest and caring. Please contact at ASAP!  Thank you

  376. I need a van or suv to drive from Champaign, Il. to Las Vegas, NV. If there is anyone who needs to transport their vehicle one way, I would be interested in hearing from you.

  377. Are people actually using this as a forum for exchanging cars/trips?  I would love to drive a car from the SF bay Area to Austin / San Antonio TX, anytime mid-may to mid june.  I have made this drive before, as well as many other cross-courty treks.  Please email me at if you need a car moved from CA to TX or anywhere in between. 

  378. I personally liked reading your writing! I might boost you to submit blogs a bit more frequently. 

    • Hello nerongs: Thank you for the kind compliment about my writing. I truly appreciate it. Though I’d love to write more often, I am often in developing countries where I have limited access to Internet and even electricity (currently in Nepal, where we currently have 10-hour per day power outages). Plus, since I am a perpetual traveler, I come back to my room every evening with 200+ photos that must be named and cataloged, 100+ emails that must be answered, and obligation for all my social sites like Twitter and Facebook. Then, each of my articles must be fully researched prior to writing, so I am not posting the type of “shallow” content that you will find on some sites. It all takes time, and I hope this gives you an appreciation of why I do not post more often. I much prefer fewer quality posts to more numerous, but poorer quality posts.

  379. Does anyone need a vehicle driven from Los Angeles to Arcata, CA in May?  My daughter graduates from Humboldt University and I would like to be there for the May 12 graduation.  All other days before/after I’m flexible.  Am in a divorce, ex emptied the bank and until court, I have little money to travel to see her and trying to get creative.   I have a perfect driving record and am used to driving long distances like this.  I can be reached at  Thank you.

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              I will drive car from Las Vegas Area to Chicago Illinois around June 15 th for the cost of gas can be reached at www, or phone #708-870-2420 hsve reference live in Sun City Summerlin

  381. Washington D.C. to Minneapolis
    My daughter who is in law school and I are planning to drive from Washington D.C. to Minneapolis  during the week of May 14th.  We have impeccable driving records and have driven the route several times.  Please contact to discuss further.

  382. West coast to East Coast Trip.
    We are a married couple in our upper 30’s wanting to drive across country Mid-May, the route is flexible but we are currently in San Francisco and want to end up in NYC.  Super clean driving records and cross-country driving experience.   

    • Hi! I am looking for someone to drive my recently purchased but lightly used 2007 ford focus from San Francisco to New York City. I used to live in San Francisco and moved back to New York (where I was born and raised) around Christmas. I have been trying to figure out how to get my car back over to the east coast but I don’t really have the $800 right now to ship it. Please let me know if this is something that you are still looking to do. When were you thinking of leaving to drive to NYC? This sounds like it could work out kinda nicely…Let me know :-)

      • HI RCbrowneyes,
        I live in Aptos. Ca.(Santa Cruz area) and am interested in driving to the East Coast during the last week in May or the first week in June. I could pick up the car in SF and deliver it to NYC. My one condition is that I be allowed to bring my very well behaved year old Lab puppy.  Would you consider this? My destination is RHode Island. I would drop off the puppy first before coming in to NYC. I am a 63 year old very responsible woman.  Leah

      • Hi! I’m going to SF this summer and looking a car to drive to the NY. If you want some more informations about me and my trip, let me know! :) it would be a great opportunity for both of us.
        here is my e-mail: kiboko@o@o2:disqus .pl

      • I will be taking that trip from San Diego June 30. I need to be in NJ by July3 or 4th. Prior military and LEO. 619-857-0977

      • If you still need this vehicle moved, I will be available to take it back around the end of July, 1st of August, 2012.

  383. I am going to California in early June. Looking to leave between June 1 – June 10. I have been driving consistently for 5 years, and have no moving violations.

    Would love to talk more, and am willing to provide references. Contact @

  384. Anyone need a car driven from Chicago area to Seattle or Chicago to Austin, TX in April/May/June?

  385. I have a vehicle in Baltimore Maryland that needs driven to St Louis Mo. sometime in the next week or two.  If you are a responsible driver and can clear a background check please respond,

    • greetings,
       we are two 23 years old israelies with american citizenship from our american fathers that are touring the states,  we are currently in towson MD and wanted to hear more about your car thats needs to be driven since we are west-bound generaly, are you still in need of a driver?
      many thanks,
      Itamar and Nitzan 

  386. NE to NM
    Add-on to message below. I prefer to start in NY /PA area if possible but willing to consider other starting points.

  387. NE to NM
    I was previously a professional driver, responsible, good driving record, and non-smoker. I am 61 and want to drive a vehicle from the NE to NM in the next 2 weeks. Please contact me if you have a vehicle to go that way

    • I have a vehicle in Baltimore Maryland that needs to be driven to St. Louis if you are interested.

  388. Anyone need a car driven from Florida to New England next Thursday let me know.  I am a 52 year old female and made this trip many of times. 

  389. I’m a 23 year old graduate student in New York City looking to drive home to Los Angeles after the semester is over in late May or early June 2012. If you need your car driven from anywhere near NYC to anywhere near LA, please contact me at jake11rich @ . Good driving record; non-smoker.

  390. If someone needs a car driven from Houston, Texas or vicinity to San Diego, CA. around May 4th, please contact me. My wife and I are 59, spotless driving record. We would be returning from visiting family, contact at

  391. Does anyone need a car driven from San Diego, CA. to Houston the last weekend in April . It would be my wife and I driving we are 59 years old. We would be visiting family. Thanks Contact me at

  392. Does anyone need a car driven from Minneapolis to Greenbay or Marquette Michigan,  toward the end of July.  I am visiting my family in Michigan and will be flying into minneapolis and need to get to Michigan.  I have driven cars across the country for driveaway companies. I am 50 years old and have an excellent driving record.  Email:

  393. Does anyone need a car driven from New England to New Mexico toward the end of May? I live in Santa Fe and will be in Vermont for much of May to attend my children’s college graduation. While I am flying out to the NE, I am exploring the possibility of driving back with some items that I have in storage there. I am 56, in excellent health, and have a great driving record. My email is

  394. I have a bunch of theatre costumes that need to get from DC to LA in the next month or so. Anybody driving that way that could take them? It would be super expensive to ship them, so I’m hoping to find a less expensive way.

  395. 35 year old female looking to travel from Atlanta to Houston. If you need your vehicle transported please email
    Excellent driving record
    Pilot license
    Motorcycle license
    Tractor, trailers, atv, snowmobiles, fork lift certified.
    Honest!! Responsible!! Reliable!!

  396. MOVING EAST anyone looking to have an auto delivered from inland empire area CA to pitts cleve columbus area sometime mid april – may , am flexible . 56 yrs. age , clean dmv record , non smoker. would consider to ride along & share expenses . Please contact Mike @ phone 330/962/4378 Thanx

  397. My friend and I would like to drive a car from the Bosotn area to San Francisco/northern CALI the end of May or the beginning of June.  We are 57 and 62, with excellent driving records.  I am planning a move and am shipping my Jeep.  Non smokers, careful drivers etc.  Please contact Linda  at  Thank you.

  398. I am interested in driving someone’s vechicle from Palm Springs or Los Angeles Area to Mrytle beach SC. in August or Sept. If interested please contact me at will show DMV print-out on agreement thank you

  399. I am interested in driving someone’s vehicle from Los Angeles to South Louisiana at the end of May/beginning of June….if interested please contact me at

  400. My wife & I are hoping to drive from New York to California between 17th April & 12th May and we would be pleased to drive somebody’s car. We both have years of trouble free driving and are very careful. PJ & Marie

    • I have a 2012 Ford Focus that needs driven from Akron, Ohio to Simi Valley, CA.  If you are interested please call / text me at 330-573-6821.



  401. Responsible 33 year old PhD Archeologist traveling from Milwaukee WI  between March 21-31, 2012 to the Flagstaff AZ area where I work for the U.S. Forest Service (have background check and clearances).  Clean driving record, non smoker, no passengers. Please e mail through (not mine) where all responses will be forwarded.

  402. I have a Sprinter 10 Passenger Van in Philadelphia area needs to get to Los Angeles in the next week or two. Contact me if you have an interest.

  403. hi I am an artist with aq 5 x5 storage unit in chelsea wanting to move stuff to san diego california downtown 9172575704  share gas or part of truck or van

  404. 53 year old nursing student and 54 year old Engineer looking to transport a vehicle from New York to California in the summer. Please contact Ray.

  405. Very responsible, 52-year-old would like to drive from Detroit or Lansing, Mich. to Los Angeles in the Spring of 2012. Please e-mail Thank you.

  406. Looking for a driveaway from Detroit to Florida (Port Charlotte or nearby) in March or April, 2012
    Responsible driver with clean driving record


  407. Responsible 33 year old PhD Archeologist traveling from Milwaukee WI the week of March 18, 2012 to the Flagstaff AZ area where I work for the U.S. Forest Service (have background check and clearances).  Clean driving record, non smoker, no passengers.

    Please e mail through (not mine) where all responses will be forwarded.

  408. Wife and I looking for driveaways from Seattle,Wa to San diego,ca like to depart from Seattle on April 4th…Both are very responsible and respectful to your property have clean DMV records, dont smoke……Thank you
    Please email me @ 

  409. I am looking for a driveaway on Thursday, May 31st, 2012 from the Detroit area to Lynchburg, VA. I am 49 years old with a spotless driving record. Please e mail me at

  410. My friend and I are looking for  driveaway from New York City to Ft. Myers on or about March 17,2012.
    I am fifty years old and am a theatrical producer. My friend is a retired Federal Customs Agent and he is 67 years old. Both with clean driving records.

    please email me at:

  411. My friend and I are looking to drive a car from New York to South Florida (Ft. Myers) – on or about March 17th, 2012.
    I am a theatrical producer and my friend is a retired Federal Customs Agent. Both have clean driving records. I am 50 years old and my friend is 67. 

    cell – 917 653 9371

  412. My husband and I (both early 30’s, non-smokers, clean driving records) are looking to drive a car from either Chicago or St. Louis to Southern CA.  Either this summer or fall, we are flexible.  Please email  Thanks!

  413. Looking for car to drive from AZ/NM to Cincinnatti, Ohio or near by  3/12 to 4/30/2012. Retired big rig driver (65yrs young) with good references,clean record and same personal car ins company(Allstate 37 yrs). Do not smoke/drink/use drugs. Contact  Thanks  Best Regards 

  414. My daughter and I would like to drive a car from Washington D.C. or thereabouts to anywhere in California.  Leave DC around May 21.  We both have impeccable driving records. 

      • I’m have a bunch of costumes that need to get to my Godmother in Los Angeles. If there’s any room in the car and you’d be willing to take some of them with you, I’d really appreciate it.

      • I’m available after August 12, 2012; if that still works for you, please advise back by July 19, 2012. Perfect driving record, non-smoker.

  415. I was so excited to find this web site.  But now I wonder: Is it real?  Does anyone who has posted ever answer the people who respond to their posts?  I responded very politely and sincerely to a post, both on here and by personal email (twice) to the person who placed the post, and have not had the courtesy of any answer.  It really doesn’t cost anything or take much time to click on “reply”, and just say, for example: Thank you, but I’ve found someone”.   Also, I see responses to posts on here but no answers from the “posters” who were responded to.  Can anyone explain?  (NO, not all the responses have personal email addresses shown.) 

    • BritAmeri: I am the owner of the site. I wrote this article about Drive Away services some time ago for informational purposes only – I have no relationship with these types of companies. However, over time, people have begun to use this article on my site as a sort of forum to connect over the potential to drive cars to various destinations. I do not interact al all with the posters, but it seems from some of the responses that people have indeed been able to connect and make arrangements. Perhaps the person you emailed already had it sorted out.

      •  Barbara: Yes, thank you, I  know you’re the owner of the site, and I thank you for the travel emails I’ve been getting.  I have gone through the site a few times, and very few people seem to answer questions posted to them about their ad; they are definitely in the minority.  The person I responded to still has their ad on here, but I never did receive a reply.  Even if they had resolved matters, it doesn’t take but a few seconds to click on reply, and say, “Thanks, problem resolved” – just a sign of the times that he didn’t bother, I guess.  I won’t be trying again, unless I want to actually place an ad.  I do thank you for the site, however, 

  416. looking to drive a car from Chicago to phoenix on March 14 and returning on march 27  Chicago Police officer.  thanks  

  417. Wanting to do a driveaway from Kansas city missouri to any where in GA, Have past experance doing Driveaways also have a CDL class B lincens. wanting to leave by the end of Febuary.
    Can do:
    Short bed trucks “U-hauls”
    Buses “long or short with or with out airbreaks”

    Please send request along with Info on what your needing transported, at

  418. My wife and I would like to drive a car from Fort Myers area to Chicago area leaving on or around June 1st 2012. Late fifties excellent driving record. Excellent refs. Please email

  419. MY wife and I are flying from our home in Victoria, B.C. to Toronto Feb. 27 to pick up our classic vehicle we just purchased.  We want to take it to Valencia California (near LA) ourselves, and have looked at the option of renting a Uhaul with a trailer.  However, Uhaul will only rent a moving van with a trailer, which we would have to drive empty across the country and that would be a real drag.  Does anyone have a pickup, SUV, or large car with a hitch that they want moved to southern California?  The car is a Mercedes Benz and weighs only 2900 lbs.  My wife and I are over 60, spotless driving records, non-smokers.  Your vehicle would be treated as well as we treat ours.  E-mail, or phone Hal at (250) 658-4336

  420. Responsible, non-smoking 52-year old male with excellent driving record seeks to drive a car from the midwest to the northeast at the end of March 2012.  Ideal situation would be St. Louis to Philadelphia, but am flexible in terms of pick-up and drop off cities.  I.e., pick ups in Chicago, Kansas City and Memphis are OK, as well as drop offs in Baltimore, Boston, New York, or Washington, DC.

  421. I am in the real estate business and I have a customer who needs to be driven from Kansas City to Florida on 2-28-12

  422. Two professional women with clean driving reputations  seeking drive away to Oregon leaving from Colorado or New Mexico departing approximately  May 26. Please call 505 891 4782 

  423. looking to drive a car to or from West Palm Beach, FL- area. We live in New England. Depart April 20-21 and return 27-28.

  424. were looking to leave sacramento today or tommorow to south carolina, will drive your car and pay for gas, call 530-822-7995, both licensed drivers with clean driving records no accidents.

  425. Would like to drive your car from VA to AZ, CO, NM, CA (good driving record) during Feb or Mar 2012.   I am headed to AZ for one month.

  426. Hi, I am looking to drive your car from New York to Los Angeles.
    We will fly to NY on Feb 24th and come back to LA on March 11th.
    Very responsible drivers and will not drive too much a day. We will take some time and come back to LA.

    toru.uchikado@gmail:disqus .com

  427. My husband and I live in London UK but are flying into Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on July 4th. We would like to drive a car from Halifax to Ottawa or Toronto Ontario planning to arrive there about the 14th of July. We would like to spend about 4 days in the Halifax area then drive slowly down to Ontario. Does anyone need their car driven during this time. 
    We have both held UK drivers licence for over 30 years and have excellent driving records. We have driven in Canada, USA, NZ, Australia, Africa, most of Europe. 
    We are competent and careful drivers. 

  428. Hi:

    I am a responsible professional gainfully employed writer-producer man with an impeccable driving record looking to drive your car from LA to NY, from March 1st to March 10th.  I drive so slowly that my adult kids are still calling me asking “Are we there yet?”  Why not fly?  You can’t touch the turf of Route 66 from the sky.  Bypass this and find me at 

  429. Would like to drive a toyhauler or motorhome/w/trailer to accompany my motorcycle, to Alaska this coming July.  One way. I am 67 and in good health,dont smoke,etc.
    contact Paul @  I am in Indiana.

  430. Grandma and Grampa want to visit new grandson in LA in March, April or May 2012. We are in Minneapolis area. Let us drive your car and we will fly back. We have very little luggage, don’t smoke or drink, and are age 65 and 63.  Would like to take about 5 days on our way.

  431. 60 year old retiree in excellent health will deliver your vehicle anywhere in the US from within 100 miles of South Bend, Indiana.  Contact:   put “Transport” in subject box of email.  Thanks.

    •  I don’t understand why my reply isn’t showing here today. However, I also replied to your email address, but  have not received a reply.  My name is Wyn, did U receive my email to your hotmail address? 

    •  I guess you either resolved your situation, or you’re just too rude to reply – either on this site, or from your hotmail address.  You give a very poor impression of this site. 

      • BritAmer: May I suggest that one commenter being rude gives a poor impression of himself, not of this site. I have no control over other people’s manners.

      • Hi BritAmeri.  I have a car, Ford Focus 2012 that needs driven from Akron, Ohio to Simi Valley CA.  Could you please email me if you are interested at


  432. Looking to drive a car from Boston area to Los Angeles. Can do any weekend. Would leave on friday and have your car to LA by Sunday night. 30yr old professional with references and A+ credit. Contact Will do for free.

  433. LOOKING FOR CAR to drive from NYC area to Los Angeles area around March 16, 2012. Two very responsible college students with references looking for a cheap way to get home from college. contact: 

    • I am planning a trip from Los Angeles to Pennsylvabnia in early June of this year.  (I also own a 2011 Prius).

  434. looking to drive your car to Florida panhandle area from salt lake city, week of March 11.
    Please reply to tavik526@@msn:disqus .com 
    have good driving record,Utah license

  435. Looking to drive your car to Florida from Salt lake City. Week of March 11, 2012.
    Please reply to tavik526@msn:disqus I need to be in Panhandle area by March 16.

  436. I am looking to drive your van or car from Michigan or Ohio to California.  I have excellent driving record and references.  Can leave anytime beginning in February/March. Feel free to write me for more information at

  437. I am looking to drive to the east coast like from Los Angeles. My destination is Bethany ,De. I would like to take Hwy 70. I have a CA drivers license. I am looking to leave around feb./March

  438. I am looking to drive a car from Los Angeles to Bethany, De.
    I would like to leave at the beginning of March.

  439. 52 year old male and wife driving from Seattle wa. 3-6-12 to Southern California 3- 11-12. Both have excellent driving records and can finance trip til reimbursed!

  440. Leaving St Louis 2/10/12 to Sarasota Fl
    Leaving Sarasota 3/09/12 returning to St Louis
    Would gladly drive your car

  441. Hello
    Im in Arizona ill drive your car to Oregan. im 49yrs, non smoker, dont drink, and drug free.
    I have an exelent driving record. I have an ex girlfriend that would love to see me. we want
    to try to work things out. that i like. i can take the trip at any givin time.
    please e-mail

  442. Hello,
           I’ll be on vacation in the US in March and will be looking for a car to drive from anywhere to NYC to be there by around the 16th.Any start point will do but would prefer long-distance. I have an Irish/ International CDL. 44yrs, non-smoker.
    Thanks, Gerry.

  443. Feb 2012 – NEED CAR TO DRIVE – I am looking for a car to drive from Metro West Massachusetts to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and for a car to drive afterwards back to MetroWest Massachusetts. My mother is sick and I would like to go see her. I want to travel Feb 17, 18th  and
    am looking to return Feb 25 , 26th. I am early 40 and have a great driving
    record. I am an attentive and reliable driver and go the speed limit. I
    use no drugs or alcohol, nor do I smoke. 

  444. Leaving from Oregon/Washington and driving to North Carolina. Looking for someone to help drive, and shar