The Curse of Robert The Doll

The Curse Of Robert The Doll

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I snapped a photo of Robert The Doll before reading that he puts curses on anyone who takes his photograph. Uh oh. Surely it’s just a myth, I thought. Curious, I began reading about the doll’s history. In 1903, Robert was given to four-year old Gene Otto, who lived in Key West. As Gene grew up he blamed everything bad that happened on the doll. By the time Gene was married, Robert had taken the blame for a lifetime of lies, misdeeds, and mischief.


Robert The Doll is on display at the East Martello Museum and Fort in Key West

Some say Robert’s face had begun to change by the time Gene died in 1974, that his eyes grew more expressive. People insisted that the doll moved around and could be heard giggling behind their backs. Many who came in contact with Robert experienced bad luck, as if the doll was getting even for all the years he had been made a scapegoat. The curse of Robert The Doll grew into such a well-known legend in Key West that whenever things went wrong, locals would simply shrug and say, “Blame it on Robert.” But Robert’s real fame came when the “Chucky” horror film series (Child’s Play, Child’s Play 2, Child’s Play 3, Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky, etc.) came out, as they were said to have been modeled on the real-life story of Robert the Doll.

There are many theories about why Robert behaves the way he does. Some believe it is an ancient curse. Others say it is voodoo. Still others insist that Gene Otto’s ghost has returned to the doll whom he loved so much. The museum cats seem to believe in Robert’s dark powers – they keep their distance when staring up at the glass case in East Martello Museum where Robert is enthroned. People, on the other hand, tend to doubt the legend, and have suffered the consequences. Letters scattered at Robert’s feet and tacked up on an adjacent wall are testimonials from dozens of unbelievers who were cursed by Robert The Doll, such as this one:

Since our visit to the museum, we’ve been under a dark cloud.

I began to develop a rather severe toothache. Two days later, Hurricane Charly cut our vacation short and we joined the parade of evacuees leaving the islands. We were evacuated from our vacation spot three days early with my mouth in tremendous pain. My sister-in-law was also having female health issues. We were all forced to make alternate travel arrangements on the run.

My sister-in-law lives in Clearwater. After a problem laden and horrendous trip, she finally got home, only to be evacuated from there too. She packed up her two cats and headed for her parents house in Winter Haven and ended up in the middle of the storm there. They lost power for two days.

When we arrived in Miami for our flight back to Indianapolis, the plane broke and they had to “find” a different one for us. The following day, back in Indiana, I went to the dentist to learn that my tooth had abscessed and I had to have a root canal.

Last night we had a huge thunderstorm. Our house was hit by lightning – not once, but TWICE! We were unplugging things, but not fast enough. We lost three TV’s and a large satellite dish. The first hit, which sounded like a gunshot in the house, took one large TV and the satellite dish, and the second hit got two more TV’s. Again, the sound was horribly frightening.

Please do me a favor and tell Robert that we did not mean to anger or offend him and we’re sorry if we did. His photo did turn out good, so he sat very nicely for me. Would he like it back?

Yours sincerely,

Cindy Lye


Hundreds of letters have been sent to the Museum by visitors who beg Robert’s forgiveness and ask him to remove his curse

As for me, well, Robert and I were introduced several days ago and so far I’ve suffered no ill effects. But then, I’m not taking any chances. Like the cats, I choose to believe.

186 Comments on “The Curse Of Robert The Doll

  1. not sure why these people are apologizing for just looking up pics and reading about this doll; you’re only cursed if you take a pic of him without paranoid about this kind of stuff and all the same comments are questionable so im going to apologize as well, im sorry robert for looking you up and looking at your pictures. curiosity got the best of me and i like a good spook. may peace be with you.

  2. Im sorry robert for looking at your pictures i didnt know who you were and i got curious im so sorry

  3. Robert, I am truly sorry for looking and reading about you. I sincerely mean this.

    Thanks, Luis

  4. Dear Robert,

    Out of sheer curiosity, I decided to read the story about you again. But Google being the useful search engine that it is today, decided to also show me pictures of you which I quickly closed because I was afraid to be “cursed” (because I did not ask for permission upon viewing your photo).

    I write this comment with the sincerest of my apologies because I’m not taking any chances. Best of luck to you with your journey hence and adios.

  5. Sorry Robert for looking at your picture and looking you up without your permission. Please forgive me.

    • Robert, I’m truly sorry for reading and looking for your picture. i only did it out of curiosity

  6. Sorry, Robert, for looking at your photos without permission! I was just way too curious.

  7. Sorry Robert for viewing your pictures, videos and reading up about you, I was genuinely intrigued about you, please do not cast any bad luck on me. Yours Truly, Alex

  8. Robert I’m sorry for looking you up, I was just curious, I hope you are not upset with me for my curiosity. I hope you are in peace with god. Love

    • I am also sorry Robert for looking at your photos and videos. I was curious about you and was intrigued to learn more. I respect you and wish you the best of luck. P.S your sailor suit is awesome!

    • I am very sorry for looking up your pictures Robert. My boyfriend, Frank and I were just so curious about you but we should have known to ask for your permission. Please forgive us Robert. We respect you and we meant no offense whatsoever. My boyfriends sister is also very sorry.


  9. Sorry robert for looking at your photo and having my mother mock you please remove your curse and that is one amazing sailor suit

  10. sorry Robert for making fun of you and looking at your photo without permission, please find it in your heart to forgive me, my cousin puneet feels the same way, this is Manraj by the way.
    my bad Robert

  11. hahahah.. Robert i do ont give a carb about you. i look at your photo without your permission. who need permision to look at your facy ugly crab.

  12. I’m very sorry for looking up your information, your pictures, and some of your videos. I was only just curious. I think you are very cool. I mean no offense to you whatsoever. Please forgive me, Robert.

  13. Dear Robert,

    I’m Very sorry i Looked at Your pictures without your Permission and i hope you can forgive me.

  14. I’m so sorry Robert. I didn’t read this until just now. I wasn’t aware of any of this. I am so very sorry Robert. Please forgive me for reading the history on you without your permission. I am very truly sorry Robert.

  15. I’m sorry for looking and reading your documentary without your concent Robert, please forgive me, next time I will ask you if I can see and read your photos and story ;( I’m sorry…

  16. Luid and i are very sorry robert for looking at your pictures without ur permision or reading ur history n seeing ur documentary on youtube

  17. Dear Robert,
    I’m truly sorry for looking at your picture, some videos, and your story. I only wanted to learn more of you. I didn’t mean any harm. Please forgive me Robert.

  18. Hi Robert
    Hope you are well . If I ever come to Florida will bring you some peppermints.
    Kindest regards

  19. Im sorry for looking up pictures of you without your consent so is my sister and my boyfriend

  20. Ok so from what I understood I would only be cursed if I took a photo without his permission. The fact that I see so many people apologizing for looking scares me. Robert I am sorry for looking at your picture without your consent. Please forgive me. May you enjoy afterlife.

    • I’m starting to think the people writing these apologises are serious. :/

    • Im sorry robert for researching about you with out your consent. Please forgive me

  21. I’m sorry for looking at your photons and looking you up Robert. Please forgive me! Thanks, and hope to see you soon! :)

  22. Im sorry robert for looking at your pictures i didnt know who you were and i got curious im so sorry

  23. We are sorry for looking at your picture and reading your history. Please forgive us.

  24. I am sorry robert for watching your videos and looking at your pictures without your permission. I believe that because I did not apologize last night, you made it known to me that you were here. I awoke to my blinds wide open and my bedroom door locked. I beg for your forgiveness robert. I was only trying to learn about you. I won’t look again.

    • I’m sorry i looked at your pictures Robert I was just curious to know more about you. I love your outfit

  25. Sorry robert for looking at your picture without permission.

  26. Robert,
    I am very sorry for looking at your picture without your permission. Please forgive my carelessness .I will not look at your pictures or videos again without your permission

  27. I’m sorry for looking at your picture, just wanted to see what you looked like. Please forgive me

  28. Dear Robert,
    I am so sorry for looking at your picture and not asking permission. Please forgive me.

  29. They need to burn this doll. This shit is demonic. I’m not sorry for saying that either. When crap like this lingers around, it only brings people misfortune. It would also help if people would stop playing with occultic things, voodoo being one of these things. Burn that doll.

    • this is just a lie, i dont believe any of this crap.
      if this robert the bjtch story was real then y is there no proof of him talking or walking?
      shoudnt there be security cameras in the mesuem?
      also why dont the two owners of the doll have any information on the net?
      u c this is just a fake story made so they can trick people.
      they want to create business from a fake story
      so they gain followers and gain many money.
      look in this site:
      they say order robert the doll so he can protect me?
      y is there many roberts?
      y is robert not hurting them if they have him?
      they just want money.
      and why should i ask a doll to protect me a human?
      i can protect myself better than some small doll.
      that story is just a new project for money man dont believe this crapped story
      i do believe that dolls get possesed by devils if they resembled a creature
      but this story is just not detailed good and seems really childish and fake

  30. Sorry for looking at your picture RObert, I was juz curious abt you..I wont look at you anymore

  31. I apologise for looking at your pictures, please forgive me. Rest in peace

  32. Dear Robert,
    We are very sorry for looking at your picture
    I’m sorry for mocking you as well.
    Please forgive Darius and Adara we are only 11 years old

    i am begging to not give us your curse.

  33. Why do you keep attack the people for looking your picture or/and videos? But It’s not their fault. You bring suffer to people, you are evil.

  34. Sorry for looking at your pictures and videos, Robert, I didn’t mean to offend you. Please forgive me.

  35. Sorry for looking at you picture, Robert. Please Leave me alone. I will not looking at you again.

  36. Sorry Robert. Please forgive me for looking at you’re picture.
    If i have offended u in any way please forgive i am only a 11 year old girl. I was just curious like other people to know a bit more about you.
    Yours sincerly,

  37. Sorry for looking at you picture, Robert. I just wanted to know what you looked like. I really like your sailor suit.

  38. Dear Robert,
    I’m sorry for looking at your pictures online. Please forgive me.

  39. Sorry Robert for looking at your picture. Please forgive me. Hope you are well.

  40. I am dearly sorry for looking at your picture , Robert. I did not mean to offend you in any way, form nor fashion. I was just very curious. Again, I apologize.

  41. Im sorry Robert for looking at your picture may you rest in peace.

  42. I’m sorry for viewing your photo Robert! You look really nice, may you rest in peace.

  43. Dear Robert,

    I am sorry for looking at your picture. Please forgive me. I was curious like others and just interested in learning more about you. If I have offended you please forgive me.



    • Sorry for looking at your photos and videos Robert. I was just really curious.

  44. Sorry Robert for looking at your pictures and video. I hope my prayer did not offend you.

  45. I visited Robert over spring break and made sure to do everything I could to be respectful. I asked his permission before taking pictures, thanked him afterwards, and followed all the rules of the tour guide. I even supported him by buying a small Robert souvenir stone. I returned home March 18, 2014 and for a few weeks all was well. I carried the souvenir stone around and unfortunately became a little obsessed with it… I have stopped carrying the stone around and have actually lost track of it, but recently I have come into a string of bad luck. This past week each day has been quite a nightmare…and it hasn’t been small annoyances… it’s been serious life altering problems and I’m starting to think it has something to do with him or maybe the stone.. If anyone has any experience with curses or with how to deal with this in general please reply! I’m at my wits end!

    • Has the problem been resolved yet? I can tell you why but for how I’d need more detail.

    • the fffffffff…!!!!
      this is just a fake story dont believe it man.
      u waisted ur money on them.
      they made all this crap so they gain visitors and get money

  46. Robert: I’m so sorry for looking at your pictures I didn’t meant to offend you if I did it, I was just curious please forgive me
    R.I.P ….

  47. Im really sorry for looking at your pictures without your permission Robert. I was just curious to know your background. Im sorry.

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  49. Robert may you please forgive me for looking at your picture. curiosity stumpled apon me to look but never again shall I look at your picture without your permission I am sorry forgive me please Robert R.I.P. once again i am sorry robert may you forgive me and not curse me and my family

  50. Sorry for looking at your picture, if you don’t like it that is. I hope whoever took it asked otherwise you should go punish them for rudely taking a photo without permission. Sorry that they put you in the attic.

  51. Robert may you please forgive me for looking at your picture. curiosity stumpled apon me to look but never again shall I look at your picture without your permission I am sorry forgive me please Robert.

  52. Robert, please forgive for looking at you. I am very sorry for whatever happened to you, and for your death. I hope that one day you may find peace, or even some sort of solace in all that has happened.

  53. We, my cousin Thomas K. Yang and I, are sorry and may you rest in peace Robert

  54. I’m sorry for looking at a photo of you without your permission, Robert. I was on a website looking at how your story relates to real life events and I came across this article. My curiosity set in and I decided to take a look. I sincerely apologize if I’ve done anything to upset you. I do believe this is real and I don’t want anything to happen to me or my family. Please forgive me? I’m really sorry!

  55. Me and my friends are so sorry for looking at your picture Robert please forgive us.

  56. I am soo sorry,Robot,but i didn’t meant it.If I ever offended u by anyway please find a way to forgive me.Hope you could find a way to rest in peace.

  57. Who are you?? Why attack people. Move on my friend. Be at peace and may the universe help you transition into your new body. All my love Robbi.

  58. Seriously though guys, it’s only if you take a picture without permission, not if you looked at one.

  59. Sorry, Robert.

    Don’t know if you want an apology, so… you’ll get one anyway!

  60. Please forgive me robert by looking ur picture without ur permission . R.i.P robert.

  61. There’s no curse, no magic, it’s just an ugly old doll. I’m not sorry for anything, “Robert”! Come at me, bro!

    • Fool. Robert doesn’t get internet. Stop hiding behind your computer and go say it in his face.

  62. Okay, well, I see a lot of apologies for looking at Robert’s pictures, and now I think that if I don’t apologize for looking at his photos, I will be cursed, and I don’t want that to happen, so here goes. Robert, I am sorry for looking at your pictures without permission, I didn’t really know, so, please, please, will you forgive me?! I don’t want my family to be cursed, so forgive me please, I beg of you!! Forgive me. Please. Rest in Peace Robert and have a glorious day. We all love you.

  63. Im so sorry for looking at your picture I should have known better and asked for permission, im so so sorry, please accept my apology my curiousity is my weakness im so sorry.

  64. I’m sorry for looking, I find it very spooky! I will come and visit one day but I will ask for permission

  65. Dear Robert, I am sorry for looking at your picture without your permission. Please forgive me. Rest in Pease.

  66. Y r u guys saying sorry it is only if u take a pic and it is a load of bs any way

  67. Robert, I am terribly sorry that I viewed your photograph. Please forgive me.

  68. sorry robert for looking at your picture, while viewing this article. Please forgive me.

  69. Please accept my sincerest apologies for viewing your photo, Robert. Go in peace, and have a wonderful day.

    • You have got to be the biggest jack ass to think this stupid doll will haunt you through the computer I mean say it out loud think about it real hard and come to terms with how stupid you’re being.

  70. Sorry Robert for viewing your photograph, I did not mean to offend you in anyway. Curiosity got the better of me.

  71. I see a lot of apologies on here. From what I have read, there is only a curse if you TAKE his picture without permission not, for looking at one or reading an article. I think this is all crap by the way but think that the actual story (Not the Chucky doll movies), would make a hell of a film.

  72. I am sorry Robert for viewing your picture with out permission please forgive me. Rest In Peace.

  73. We are really sorry for looking at your picture. Please forgive us. Rest in peace.

  74. According to this article and another dealing with fictional movies inspired by real events, this doll is the inspiration for Chucky, the doll in the “Child’s Play” movie franchises. Did anyone notice that, in the above letter written by Cindy Lye, that after she mentions she started developing a rather severe toothache, she writes that their vacation was cut short by Hurricane Charley? Of course, one nickname for Charley(Charles) is Chucky!

  75. Sorry Robert I didn’t mean to view a video of you without permission am sorry if I hurt you in any way

  76. Please forgive me for looking at you Robert. Hope you are resting well.

    Thank you.

  77. Sorry for looking at your picture Robert . I didn’t mean to . I didn’t know . Please forgive me . Please I am really sorry

  78. Robert saw you on a tv show ..sorry for looking at your vídeos and story.Didnt mean to ofend you..sorry please forgive me hope their will be peace ..asking politely..thank you

  79. Sorry Robert for looking at your picture. I really am interested in your story so I just had to read it. You’re way cooler than Chucky anyways. Please forgive me.

  80. I’m sorry Robert I didn’t ask permission to see your photo or video, please forgive me.

  81. sorry for looking at your picture Robert, it was include in thr article .. i would respect you and not take your picture if you didnt want. hope you are at peace.

  82. Sorry Robert for looking at your pictures and videos. I did not mean to offend you.

  83. I’m sorry Robert for looking at your videos and pictures. Please forgive me. I did not mean to offend you.

  84. Going to see Robert very soon.. don’t know if I’m going to ask permission or not.. shooting with my Nikon d4.. Let’s see if they turn out or not ;) will post pictures after the trip.

  85. I dont know what scares me more: the Robert story or the fact that a lot of you guys suck at spelling!? My god, I dont understand half of what you people are trying to type!

    • Of course it is irritating to try to decipher misspelled or misused words but, no one is perfect. You demonstrated these errors by misspelling don’t and not capitalizing God.

  86. i had a doll like that at home i think we left her or burned her she was build inside from i do not remermber i was small she was moving on our eyes ,moving hands showing shadows on windows i do not know if you know but if you notice around you you can see faces of people on windows mirrors walls she was showing us sometimes this and anyway my mum was a witch and our doll tried to help us couple times when our father was coming back drunk and beat us .

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  88. I was at the mueseum and took a picture of him in the pic his eyes were closed

  89. sorry messed up on the question . if robert really is cursed cant someone try and break it too help the soul move on ?

  90. not being mean but if robert really is cursed than arnt there people who can breake a curse ? last time i checked so why havent any of them tryed too help the soul move on ?

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  94. To lift the curse you need to right a apolage note to him

  95. If the orner on the dool hade a kid can they take it home with them

  96. im sorry to robert im getting scared because i insulted him and im afrade to leave my living room i beg his forgivness what do i do

      • Sorry for looking at your picture bro. I was just interested in the story behind Child’s Play. Have a good day!

  97. I’ll bet it’s possessed by some kind of evil entity, a Jinn or some type of Devil. 

    I respect the Doll in itself, and I don’t doubt people did indeed get cursed, but by a Doll?
    It’s a bit creepy

    • I know.I a respect the Doll and things but if the thing giggleing and moveing thats a bit scarey.Its a hormovie all over again. Poor Robert.

  98. sum highly dount that the robert doll can and would be real if he is then y hasnt he just left hiz home and find another place or z it just a soul left behind can BE A CURSE BUT UNTIL FATHER NOTICE HE IZ KINDA FAKE TO SUM

    • dont get me wrong to me he iz very real and i would luv to get a pic of hiz face changin

  99. I really do believe in him cuz at first at school i didnt but now tht im actually learninng more about him im getting a strange and scary sense hes real especailly with all of the other ppl being cursed cuz thousands of ppl cant just fake it and for a doll to survive that long gosh its so real

  100. went did this happesnd  if you need to talke to me call me at 239-601-2649! plaess call me wen you can i am 12 and i ready BUT him?

  101. i think it sounds like chucky.. but i still believe

    • The movie “Chucky” is actually based on Robert’s story :0)

      • Ellray, I didn’t know that! Thanks so much for sharing that fact.

      • Where’s your proof?

        That’s what I thought.

        Not true, at all.

        • Ha Ha very funny – especially from someone who uses the pseudonym John Smith

  102. And what do you mean the cats belived? or whatever?

  103. i am a 13 year old girl, i live in front royal virgina and my name is savannah, i my self would love to meet robert. do you have any advice on how to get there and what do i say when i do meet robert? say hi? or something?

    • Hi Savannah: Robert the Doll is displayed in a glass case in a museum in Key
      West, so perhaps you can talk your parents into taking a vacation there this
      summer. As to what you say to him, I will have to leave that up to you.

    • Just say hi and be polite to him. I just saw him two days ago on a doom kind of trip for people on vacation.

    • If you would not like to be cursed ask him to take a picture with him. If he tilts his head, that means yes. If he does not do anything that means no. If you refuse and take a picture anyway, you will be cursed of bad luck forever.

    • Just ask to take a picture with him savannah if he tilts his head it means yes does nothing it’s a no you take one anyway your cursed

  104. i love Robert! he is the most cutest thing you will ever see! and i know what your thinking… i am not just saying that to not get cursed im saying it because ……well i AM saying it to not get cursed …..WHO WOULDN’T!

  105. As a cat lover myself I trust their instincts, as they really can see things I can not, and have proven that fact to me often. The concept of a doll being “cursed” is novel, unless there is a bit of voodoo involved, however I will trust the cats myself….

    The laws of averages do dictate that some people will definitely suffer some form of misfortune soon after viewing the doll, and their letters just add fuel to the fire, dopesn’t it just?

  106. I don’t know what to think, but I’ll also be like the cats if I ever go and see the doll: I’ll keep my distance and I won’t put myself in any possible risk even if the curse is imaginary. And if so many letters asking forgiveness have been sent to the museum asking forgiveness it means that something strange is happening to all of those people that made the same mistake. I’m not saying that I believe though.

  107. i never knew there was a curse that he could give you.. i know that he is real but i doint think he is evil like most ppl think. i love the story about him and i would do anything to go visit him and pay my respects. =)

  108. I usually believe in this sort of thing, but Robert the Doll sounds like an updated, modern version of the ‘Bloody Mary’ legend. Come ON people! Get OVER it, gosh!

  109. I find that Florida is perfect as a holiday destination not only because of Disney World and the miles of beaches, but also because of the many wilderness and adventure experiences that one can enjoy. Just visit and see for yourself.

    • DEAR ROBERT:I am very sorry for looking at your pictures please don’t put the curse on me and you are really cool

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