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The Exquisite, Surreal Design of the Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona

Like most visitors to Barcelona, Spain, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sagrada Familia Basilica was on my must-see list, so I was surprised when an employee of the hotel where I was staying told me not to bother going inside. “Tickets are very expensive and there’s not much to see,” he said….

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An Insider’s View of the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, Spain

My first visit to Barcelona had been much too short. With only a few days remaining before I was due in Paris, I hopped aboard a double-decker bus for an orientation tour, hoping it would help me choose from among the many interesting sites around the city. From my upper-level seat on the…

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St. Christopher’s Inns, a Great Place to Stay in Barcelona, Spain

The smiling faces behind the front desk at St Christopher’s Inns hostel in Barcelona, Spain were a welcome sight after my bad experience with Equity Point Hostels the previous week. Their warm greeting was quickly followed up with an efficient check-in process and instructions for finding my females-only dorm room. My first big…

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