PHOTO: View of Girona, Spain from atop old city wall

3 Comments on “PHOTO: View Of Girona, Spain and the Snow-Capped Pyrenees, From Atop the Old Roman City Wall

  1. I have to say I’m loving your photos. I especially love it when there is a story to accompany them but they are enjoyable on their own as well. Just a personal preference but I find it a little disorienting when you mix photos from all over the world in your emails. I would prefer to see two or three photos from one spot rather than one from here and one from there!

    • Hi Terry: I used to try to match the photos with the stories that are appearing, but it just became impossible. It’s so hard to keep publishing when I’m perpetually traveling with no home base. But I’m so pleased to hear you enjoy my stories and photos – means a lot to me.

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