The Kindness of a Stranger Makes Memories in the Marquesas Islands

Me, wearing the "umu hei" given to me by a local mama on Fatu Hiva

I sometimes wonder what makes a trip memorable. I’ve traveled around 97 countries and six territories and, honestly, there are times when I can’t remember what country I am in, much less which city. My memories of destinations are sometimes indistinct. I can see the houses, the streets, the people, and even recall specific situations, … Read more

Sailing Around French Polynesia with Aranui 5, a Combo Cruise Ship and Freighter

The Aranui 5, a combination passenger ship and freighter, offers a French Polynesia cruise around the Marquesa Islands in the South Pacific

One thing I know for sure. Not all cruises are created equal. I have long eschewed voyages on behemoth cruise ships that carry up to 6,000 passengers and offer on-board amenities like water slides, rock-climbing walls, and miniature golf. Likewise, I have no interest in glitzy ports where the focus is on shopping, or on … Read more