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Lake Ohrid, North Macedonia – A Wonderful But Little Known Travel Destination

You won’t find any amusement parks at Lake Ohrid, Macedonia. Nor will you find a wild party scene. You can windsurf on the lake, but this isn’t the adventure capital of the world, either. There are no aggressive in-your-face touts littering the town’s main square and even the handful of vendors selling Ohrid’s…

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PHOTO: St Clement and Panteleimon Church in Ohrid, North Macedonia

Macedonian Orthodox Church St Clement and Panteleimon sits high on a bluff overlooking Lake Ohrid in Ohrid, North Macedonia. It was built in 893 on the foundation of the early Christian basilica known as Plasonik.

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PHOTO: Lake Ohrid, the Crown Jewel of North Macedonia

Fishermen cast lines from a wooden boardwalk that follows the cliffs surrounding Lake Ohrid in Macedonia. I had never heard of this destination prior to my arrival in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, but from the moment I arrived, everyone insisted I must go to Lake Ohrid. I was so glad I…

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Matka Canyon, an Oasis near Skopje, North Macedonia

I desperately needed a break from the city. My travels for the past few months through the Balkans had been fascinating but exhausting – just trying to wrap my brain around the convoluted history of the ex-Yugoslavian countries made my head hurt. Fortunately, Matka Canyon was an easy day trip from Skopje. I’d…

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PHOTO: Vrelo Cave in Matka Canyon, near Skopje, North Macedonia

Matka Canyon is easily visited during a day trip from Skopje, North Macedonia using public transportation. It offers miles of hiking along the deep river formed by damming of the Treska River, as well as trails to three historic monasteries. A restaurant and hotel offer additional amenities, including boat trips to Vrelo Cave,…

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Déjà Vu, Over and Over Again in Skopje, North Macedonia

Some mornings, it takes me a moment to remember where I am. It’s a hazard that comes with full-time travel, where every few days I’m in a different city, a different hostel, sometimes even a different country. But after a few moments, the cobwebs dissipate and I’m clear-headed. In Skopje, Macedonia, however, I…

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