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Israeli Art: Best Hope for Healing the Fragmented Jewish Identity

I slipped off my shoes and stepped over the threshold of the Barbur Gallery. Tucked into the backstreets of a residential neighborhood, with a community garden at its side, it hardly seemed like a hotbed of political activity. This avant-garde gallery, the first of its kind in Jerusalem, hosts film screenings, plays, Israeli…

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PHOTO: Ancient Roman Road Known as the Cardo Maximus in the Old City of Jerusalem

In 1969, excavations below the present day street level in the Jewish Quarter of Old City of Jerusalem revealed what appeared to be an ancient Roman road and a row of Corinthian columns. To determine its significance, researchers turned to the Madaba Map, a floor mosaic in the church of Saint George at…

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PHOTO: Sunset Over the Vast Dead Sea in Israel

I was mesmerized as we drove along the shores of the Dead Sea in Israel. I had swum in its waters, but only at a spa where Dead Sea waters were piped in. Just like the stories I’d long heard, it was impossible to sink in its super-salty water. But I longed to…

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The Miraculous Healing Powers of Israel’s Dead Sea

The timing couldn’t have been worse. A day before I arrived in Jerusalem to attend the Travel Blog Exchange Conference (TBEX), my right knee went out. I have no idea what caused it. My knee had acted up like this once before. One day I was fine, the next I couldn’t climb stairs….

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PHOTO: Worshipers Pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel

When I posted on Facebook that I had seen the Western Wall in Jerusalem, my friend Judie messaged me right back. “I hope you put a prayer into a crack in the wall.” I had no idea what she was talking about, so I turned to my guide. “If you write a prayer…

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PHOTO: Shuk in the Old City of Jerusalem Offers Typical Tourist Trinkets

A street inside the Shuk in the Old City of Jerusalem. The shuk, or market in English, operates in the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Quarters of the Old City. Goods hawked in the Christian and Jewish Quarters, like those in the above photo, tend to be aimed at tourists. A wide selection of…

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