Vegetarian Heaven in the Baltics

Beet seitan with sweet potato and celeriac puree vegetables and red wine beetroot sauce at Vegan Restoran V in Tallinn, Estonia

I knew very little about the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania when I decided to visit. I was aware that the Baltic States enjoy long hours of daylight in the summer months and endure dark, despair-inducing winter months with barely fours hours of light per day. I knew that each of the countries … Read more

PHOTO: Medieval Saint Catherine’s Passage in Tallinn, Estonia

Saint Catherine's Passage in Tallinn, Estonia

It took several attempts before I finally located Saint Catherine’s Passage in Tallinn, Estonia. The moment I turned into the charming lane, however, I knew it had been worth the effort. St. Catherine’s Guild, a collection of merchants specializing in traditional crafts, occupy the tiny 15th to 17th century workshops. I strolled from shop to … Read more

Holding Hands, the Baltic Way

Closeup of the Baltic Way tile in Riga, Latvia, which is prominently displayed in front of Freedom Monument

Holding hands. It’s a simple act that usually signifies love, friendship, or caring. But on August 23, 1989, the simple act of holding hands freed six million people in the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. On that fateful day in 1989, more than two million people joined hands in a human chain that … Read more