PHOTO: Famous Little Mermaid Statue in Copenhagen, Denmark

The famous Little Mermaid statue in the harbor in Copenhagen, Denmark

Like the Belgian capital of Brussels, with it’s iconic Mannekin Piss statue, Copenhagen is perhaps most associated with its Little Mermaid sculpture. The demure bronze girl, which sits atop a boulder along the city’s Langelinie promenade, was created by Danish sculptor Edvard Eriksen as a tribute to Hans Christian Andersen. The Danish author wrote a … Read more

PHOTO: Boulevard of Trees at King’s Garden in Copenhagen, Denmark

Boulevard of trees in King's Garden in Copenhagen, Denmark

During my visit to Denmark, I spent an entire day at King’s Garden in Copenhagen. The moment I set foot within the park I knew it was different. Just steps from the gate was the Punch and Judy Theatre, where families can attend free puppet shows. Further into the park I found an enormous children’s … Read more

Copenhagen, Denmark – A Wonderland for Kids

Kids climb on a giant lizard in the playground at King's Garden in Copenhagen, Denmark

Stay off the grass! No climbing! Don’t pick the flowers! We’ve all seen them, signs that scream “no, no, no” and “don’t, don’t, don’t.” These days, they’re the norm rather than the exception. So imagine my surprise when, in Copenhagen, I witnessed families reveling in behavior that would elsewhere be frowned upon. In King’s Garden, … Read more

Rosenborg Castle in King’s Garden in Copenhagen, Denmark

Rosenborg Castle in Kings Garden in Copenhagen, Denmark

Any visit to Copenhagen’s gorgeous King’s Garden eventually leads to Rosenborg Castle. Built by Christian IV, the 400-year-old Renaissance palace was the King’s his favorite abode and he was often in residence there. A visit to Rosenborg Castle is like walking back in time. Displays include not only possessions of Christian IV and his heirs, … Read more

Bee Harvests Pollen at the Botanical Garden in Copenhagen, Denmark

Bee on flower at Botanical Garden in Copenhagen, Denmark

During an idyllic afternoon at the Botanical Garden in Copenhagen, Denmark, I found this bee harvesting pollen from the flowers. The garden is located in the center of the city, on 24 acres of rolling landscape. Part of the Natural History Museum of Denmark, the goal of the Botanical Garden in Copenhagen is to add … Read more