PHOTO: Boulevard of Trees at King’s Garden in Copenhagen, Denmark

Boulevard of trees in King's Garden in Copenhagen, Denmark

During my visit to Denmark, I spent an entire day at King’s Garden in Copenhagen. The moment I set foot within the park I knew it was different. Just steps from the gate was the Punch and Judy Theatre, where families can attend free puppet shows. Further into the park I found an enormous children’s playground with a variety of courses designed to help kids develop dexterity and balance. Enclaves surrounded by perfectly manicured hedgerows held outdoor sculptures of famous Danes like Hans Christian Andersen and roses trailed from trellis in the Rose Garden.

I enjoyed exploring the Folly Garden and the Mixed Borders, with their raucous beds of blooming flowers. Expansive lawns, including the Jazz Lawn and Crocus Lawn, were dotted with families enjoying picnics or people sunbathing. And of course, I couldn’t resist a visit to the 17th century Rosenborg Castle, which anchors one end of the park. But my absolute favorite was this stately boulevard of trees at the very center of King’s Garden in Copenhagen. There is no fee to visit the park. Click here to learn more about the park’s opening hours.

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