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So Much Culture In Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia is rife with museums and art galleries. There’s the Australian Heritage Fleet, the Australian National Maritime Museum, the Conservation Resource Centre, the Discovery Museum at The Rocks, the Justice and Police Museum, the Macleay Museum, the Museum of Australian Currency Notes, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Sydney, the…

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May You Always See Each Other As Strangers

My friend Jane and I attended a meditation class this morning given by a man named John Barter. John is a psychologist by trade who does counseling and life coaching and conducts classes in mindfulness and meditation. He is also an ex-Buddhist monk, having lived a monastic life for many years in Thailand,…

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Photo Tour Of Sydney Harbour

As I walked to and from the Sydney Writer’s Festival yesterday I took lots of photos so I thought I’d just share a few:

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40 Years After The Australian Referendum

According to anthropologists, the Aborigines have inhabited Australia for between 40,000 and 60,000 years. Yet today it is common to hear white Australians refer to themselves as having descended from the “first settlers.” Unfortunately, the indigenous population of Australia has been abused, neglected, terrorized, and denied basic human rights since the days these…

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Semi-Off The Tourist Track In Sydney, Australia

No sooner had my feet hit the ground in Sydney, Australia, on Friday morning than my friend, Jane Walker, whisked me off to the Sydney Writer’s Festival. This is the third largest Writer’s Festival in the world, after Wales and Edinborough. Jane was attending to hear her friend, Claire Scobie, give a presentation…

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