Good Night and God Bless

Throughout the ages, religious orders have traditionally offered lodging and a bite to eat in return for a small donation. Although few were aware of it until very recently, this tradition continues today. Convents and monasteries around the globe supplement their income by offering cheap, clean, and safe accommodations for modern day pilgrims. I first … Read more

A Rotten Person Travels The Caribbean – One Of the Funniest Travel Books Ever Written

A Rotten Person Travels The Caribbean by Gary Buslik, is an hysterically funny, make you choke on laughter, make tears run down your cheeks, novel about a lifetime of Caribbean travel. I actually met Gary Buslik – briefly – at a gathering of travel bloggers. For some unknown reason, he decided that I would be … Read more

TBEX – Travel Blog Exchange – Conference A Smashing Success

Following two intense days at BlogHer 2009, I headed back into Chicago for Travel Blog Exchange ’09, a one day event for travel bloggers sponsored by The website was founded just last year by Kim Mance, host of, and editor-in-chief of, as a place for those who blog about travel to connect … Read more