VIDEO: Royal Thai Handicrafts Center, Thailand

6 Comments on “VIDEO: Carvers Turn Teak into Works of Art at the Royal Thai Handicrafts Center

  1. looking for teak wood carving of St. Michael. No smaller than 3 ft and no larger than 6 ft.

  2. The carving skills are superb with some great final results. I can only hope that they are using plantation teak, the rare old growth teak forests were being stripped from Asian forests – never to be replaced.

  3. It amazes me what people can do with both wood and stone. This is truly something amazing and people dont give the people or there artwork enough credit. Thanks for the video.

    • Hi Islandmomma. Nope. I’ve gotten pretty good at not wanting “stuff” these
      days. 🙂 But the work certainly was beautiful.

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