Blogging Boomers Carnival #159

My Turn to Bring You the Blogging Boomers Carnival #159

Even from thousands of miles away, the Blogging BoomersCarnival must go on! This week it’s my turn to host, so please check out the eclectic and always fascinating posts from our group of baby boomer bloggers. Here’s what they’re talking about this week; click on the provided links to read the full articles:

SoBabyBoomer brings us a fascinating Gen Y created video about helicopter Baby Boomer parents and their offspring that reads the exact opposite backwards as forward. So simple yet so brilliant.

Anne at It’sAll About Aging wants to know what’s the worst thing you’ve ever pulled out of your refrigerator? Do you know it’s the least cleaned thing in your house?

Is your son or daughter getting married and you have no idea what to wear? Visit Fabulous after 40 to find out how to look Fabulous not frumpy as mother of the bride or groom.

Ann over at Contemporary Retirement wants to know: What will you call yourself once you retire?

Are you curious about why people start businesses? Then listen to an interesting interview Andrea Stenberg did with a man who started a dental tourism business in Episode 1 of The Baby Boomer Entrepreneur Podcast. blog wonders “Would Boomers Enjoy Flash Mobs?”

And last but not least, I have something to offer to my readers as well. My friend and fellow travel blogger in the UK, Heather Cowper at Heather on her Travels, recently interviewed me and another U.S.-based travel writer about the definition of a baby boomer traveler and the impact we are having on the industry. The difference in opinions between the two of us is startling, to say the least, proving once again that baby boomers refuse to be classified.

Happy browsing!

6 Comments on “My Turn to Bring You the Blogging Boomers Carnival #159

  1. These are great Barbara, and ones that I hadn’t come across yet! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the mention – yup baby boomers are all united by refusing to be categorised. Liked that lost generation video too – every generation makes their own future.

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