Protect Against Hotel Door Hacking

How to Protect Against Hotel Door Hacking

Just in time for my trip comes this video about hotel door hacking and how to protect against it:

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  1. I am just making a blog related to this. If you allow, I would like to use some of your content. And with full refernce of course. Thanks in advance.

    • Marquise Diamond: You DO NOT have permission to use any of my content. It is copyrighted. You MAY ONLY link to my post if you choose.

  2. Thank you for another good article. I pray that Bangkok Thailand stays peaceful. I really like this country and the Thai people.

  3. So in the end it’s a question of luck 🙂 The luck not to be robbed, not to tempt people to rob you 🙂

  4. Give your towels some love! I knew there was a reason why I always packed one.

    I also keep the door deadbolt locked when I’m in the room for extra safety and take advantage of a room safe if I have one. I’ve somehow managed to cram my laptop in safes of all shapes and sizes… sometimes they’re much bigger than they look so give it a try!

  5. It’s also fairly easy to reprogram many of the key card door locks, assuming you’ve got the right decoder for the door model. Reminds me of the recent (likely Mossad) assassination in Dubai. It’s speculated they used one of these methods to get in the door before the murder.

    When I was at the HOPE (Hackers On Planet Earth) convention last year there were several great talks and demonstrations of lock picking (and a hands on lab for fun). Many of the experts were incredible in how fast they could open most locks, physical, electronic, and otherwise.

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