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Driveaway Cars – Like Driving Someone Else’s Automobile for Free

Don’t look now but the open road is calling. Faced with onerous security regulations, endless add-on fees, and uncomfortable planes that squeeze customers in like sardines, more and more travelers are opting for the highways rather than the skyways. Americans are rediscovering the joy of driving cross-country with the wind in their hair, the music cranked, and the freedom to check out quirky attractions that would forever have been overlooked from 30,000 feet in the air.

Hit the road for free in someone else's automobile, with a driveaway car

Hit the road for free in someone else’s automobile, with a driveaway car

This resurgent love affair is also revitalizing driveaway companies, services that match drivers with customers who want their cars delivered to distant destinations. Vehicles need to be moved for a variety of reasons, including corporate relocations, military transfers, and quite often in the case of snowbirds who want to have use of their own car at their winter home but don’t want to do the driving. Car owners pay driveaway companies to move their cars and the company contracts with drivers to make the one-way trips. Driver are responsible for all but the first tank of gas, meals and accommodations along the way, and must put down a deposit (generally $300-400), which is refundable upon delivery of the car to the owner.

There are some limitations to this type of travel. Your schedule must be flexible and you must be willing to drive between the destinations required by the customer. The route and schedule are agreed upon prior to departure and offer enough flexibility for drivers to do some sightseeing along the way, however customers will often load trunks and back seats with their personal belongings, so there is room for only one additional passenger and limited luggage. Drivers must also have a clean driving record, three forms of identification, and be willing to undergo a criminal background check. If none of this is problematic, driveaways are like getting a free rental car, especially for those who have no car or own a vehicle that is not dependable.

Although driveaway companies can be found all over the country, some locations need more drivers than others; routes between eastern Canadian cities and Florida or Arizona, for example, are in high demand due to annual snowbird migration in the spring and fall. For more information, contact one of the following driveaway firms, or check your local Yellow Pages under “Auto Transporters”:

Auto Driveway (43 offices across the U.S. and Canada)
Toronto Driveaway (Toronto based)
Cars To Florida (Toronto based)

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Driveaway Cars - Like Driving Someone Else\'s Automobile for Free

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  1. Mazda 3 from San Diego to Pittsburgh, end of January/early February, some expenses paid.

  2. Hi! I’m available to drive a vehicle from New Haven CT area to Los Angeles. I’m hoping to leave by Jan 26/27 and arrive Feb 1st. Thanks, Chris – [email protected]

  3. Hi,

    I need someone to drive my 2005 Honda Accord, (comfortable car and drives well) from the New Orleans, LA or MS Gulf Coast to Washingon, DC sometime between Feb 15-28. I will pay expenses and $250 to someone with a clean driving record.

    It is about 1500 miles and it is a straightforward drive.


    Pls email amize202 (at)

  4. I can’t trust auto-transport companies anymore. I live bi-coastally and would like my car driven back to New Milford, CT from Corvallis, OR, and vice versa, a few times per year. For now, I’m wondering how all this works and is anyone willing to do it for the cost of gas because you’re looking for a way to get from OR to CT within the next few weeks? It’s winter so not sure how this works, like I said. Would appreciate tips and advice! Thanks…

  5. I am available to drive your vehicle from Tampa Bay area to Detroit Michigan area for fuel cost. I have a clean driving record and have made this trip about 15 times already. Please contact me at [email protected] to discuss details if interested.

  6. My wife and I (semi-retired) are available in late Jan. 2020 or early Feb. 2020 to drive your vehicle from NY state to Los Angeles for reimbursement of all travel costs, (we can pay for lodging & meals).

    Please contact us at: [email protected] or 607-592-8437.
    -Mike and Carrie

  7. Hi!
    Trying to find someone who is in need of someone to drive their vehicle from the eastcoast (Boston or CT area preferred), to the Westcoast (possibly near Seattle, WA but open to other locations). I have a clean driving record, and am looking to drive cross-country this spring 2021 to visit my dad. My number is 207-219-4471 if this is of interest to anyone!
    Thank you,

  8. Will Drive Your Vehicle

    My wife and I (Retired) will drive your vehicle from Point A to Point B for reimbursement of actual cost involved to do it. Please provide from what city to what city and earliest date unit is available for pickup and latest date it can be delivered.

    Please reply to my direct Email— [email protected]


  9. Hello,

    I am a recently retired State worker with Class B CDL with over 34 years as a licensed driver. In those years I have over 25 years proffesional driving experience including passenger cars, trucks, RV’s, motorcycle, and heavy equipment.

    My service just covers cost of fuel, reasonable hotel stay, travel to vehicle pick up, travel back home as well as my daily fee. The cost is very much lower than the cost to ship your vehicle, with the added convenience of delivery to your chosen location. I can drive anytime, anywhere in any state.

    My time is very flexible and I can provide strong references. I am willing discuss any service or general questions you have.

    [email protected]

    Safe travels,


  10. Excellent driver (CDL) will drive your vehicle from western Oregon to Klamath Falls, Alturas, Reno or Redding during week after Christmas.

  11. I will drive your car from Western MA to Tampa/St Pete after Christmas. You pay for the gas. Dave 413-433-5011

  12. Need a driver to drive my car with me in it from Ft. Laud. Fl. to Northern Md. as I suffer heart failure can’t drive long distances .
    I pay gas and food. Great car Sirius radio . If interested email me [email protected]

  13. I’ve found someone to drive my mom’s car to Florida, but I need a sample contract. Is anyone willing to share one? I’ll appreciate it forever!!

  14. Looking for someone who needs there car driven from east coast to California in late December, but dates are very flexible. Clean driving record and very responsible. Let me know!

  15. I am looking for someone to drive my Prius from Paso Robles CA to Seattle WA sometime during the month of November 2020. I am moving and can’t haul my Prius on the truck. Does anyone need to go that way? I’d cover gas, hotel, food.

    Reply directly to my email: [email protected]


  16. I am looking for a car to drive from New Mexico to California (Bay Area) in November. Clean driving record. Flexible dates. Great references.
    Reply directly to my e-mail.
    [email protected]

  17. I am moving from LA to Denver for a new job in a couple of weeks (by the mid Nov). I am a very cautious driver with a clean record and healthy. I would happily transport your car to Colorado! Please let me know if you are interested!

  18. I can personally drive your vehicle to or from Massachusetts or surrounding states. Florida, the Carolinas, etc…

    Passenger cars, bus, campers, etc.

    Retired State worker with Class B CDL. Very flexible. Can provide strong references.

    Fee negotiated depending on service needed.



    [email protected]

  19. Hi,

    I am an older responsible female looking to drive from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh area any time in the in the next two weeks. I have plenty of references and was bonded at my last job.

    Please contact me if you need a vehicle transported.

  20. Can I help get your car from the South Bay Area (CA) to Michigan

    I am looking to transport your car from the Bay area to Michigan. I plan to depart the bay area around November 24 -/+ a day or two. I’m am traveling cross country to see my elderly father for Thanksgiving. His health is rapidly declining and he is a prime candidate for contacting COVID. Traveling by airplane is out of the question; thus my reason for cross-country travel.

    I’m an elementary school librarian(53) who is reliable, trustworthy, drug/alcohol free and has an excellent driving record. Happy to provide references.

  21. Need to get a car from Huntington Beach, CA to St Louis. Available as of 9/22/2020.

  22. Willing to drive your car, truck, motorhome from Central California to the Michigan (or within 100 miles of Michigan)….flexible mid October through November.

  23. Hey everyone! I’m visiting family on the West Coast and would be happy to drive your car from the Virginia/Washington DC area to California OR Washington! I’m a very cautious driver and ask only for reimbursement of gas money. If you’re interested, or just want to chat about it, please email me at [email protected] . Looking forward to hearing from you!

  24. Hi folks,

    31 years of service as an Idaho science teacher and my summers were spent in Vermont. I drove there and back every summer for near 20 years. I enjoy driving. Spic and span clean driving record. Just retired and would love to help you get your vehicle to the location of your choice, if indeed my location works for you. I am in central Idaho (Sun Valley area) and am heading back east to NY at the end of Sept. or early Oct.
    I could fly, but thought I might be able to help someone out by driving their vehicle (with pet if needed) to the northern east coast. I can drive larger vehicles, but not if I need a CDL. As a coach I drove mini busses all over southern Idaho.
    If my services could help you, I would be happy to Zoom, talk on the phone or meet so you might feel more comfortable. Call or text 208 721 7545.

  25. My wife and I (Retired) will drive your vehicle from Point A to Point B for reimbursement of actual cost involved to do it. Please provide from what city to what city and earliest date unit is available for pickup and latest date it can be delivered.

    Please reply to my direct Email— [email protected]


  26. Hello. I will be leaving the Denver, Colorado area next week sometime between August 24th – 28th traveling to the Phoenix, Arizona area and would be happy to transport your vehicle. I have a clean driving record and plan on a direct route allowing for no more than two days travel. If you need assistance, please contact me at [email protected].

  27. Hello All,
    I am driving from Los Angeles to Columbus, Ohio to see my Dad for his birthday, hope to leave anytime next week. I decided it is probably better to drive than to fly, at this time. I am really looking forward to seeing the country and getting to spend time with my folks. Will drive there quickly, and safely. Love to drive, and have a ton of books on tape to occupy me! Also, I am very good with pets, if needed.

  28. I’m headed from Los Angeles to Boston/Cape Cod area if anyone needs me to drive their car. Pretty flexible, down to leave in the next week (July 20th-28th). Email me if you’re interested. [email protected]

  29. I’m headed from Los Angeles to Boston/Cape Cod area if anyone needs me to drive their car. Pretty flexible, down to leave in the next week (July 20th-28th). Email me if you’re interested.

  30. Hello my wife and I are retired and both have great driving record. We would love to drive your car or motor home. We live in Florida and want to drive your vehicle to any state. We’re clean and take care of your vehicle. PLEASE call us for more information. We’re wanting help you with transporting so you can sit back and enjoy. WE have no tickets and insurance. Also have a home in citrus county Florida close to all beaches and theme parks

  31. Hello my name is Christine, my boyfriend and I are biking across America (Virginia to Washington state) and we are looking to drive home from flexible location near Seattle or Oregon to Washington D.C. (or flexible location in Virginia) Contact: 703-4000951 Perfect driving record and references

  32. Hi,this former elvis impersonator 61 is all shook up to help you out with any automatic car ot truck,rv,ok or a uhaul truck in the area if pontiac,michigan area,anywhere really,doesnt matter iam retired,got lots of time on my hands,ok must pay me cash,no checks,hotel ir motel expense,daily food allowence,ok return one way ticket to my hometown required,ok breakdowns are guarenteed by your credit card,ok excellent driving record,ok non smoker,non drug user,queekey clean ok id really enjoy moving your uhaul for you,ok fly,away and let me do the driving for you,ok are you also a senior near me near pobtiac,waterford area,hard for you to drive up north or down south,ok i can get you and wife there safely in your persinal auto ok, contact al at 2487471311, thank you very much

  33. I am a 20-year retired veteran who loves to travel and wanting to make some extra cash while doing so.

    If you need your vehicle driven from Florida to anywhere in the lower 48 or Alaska please contact me at 863-588-6577.

  34. looking to drive someone’s vehicle from the east coast (FL, SC, GA, NC) to west coast (preferably California or Portland/Seattle Area) sometime within May.

    Text or email [email protected]

    • I am an experienced driver- and have references, insurance, and safe driving certifications.
      I have driven cross country six times- all with no accidents.

      See ad above.

  35. My husband and I are looking to drive from the Chicagoland area to Seattle this summer, flexible dates. If anyone has a need for an RV to be repositioned we’d love to speak with you. Non smokers, non drinkers, excellent driving records, references.

  36. I will also drive your car west to east!

    I am a banker moving home from from Silicon Valley Bay area to Columbus, Ohio anytime in May. Excellent driving record, reliable and trustworthy, full AAA, no drugs/alcohol. Happy to give references.

  37. I will drive your car west to east!

    I am a 36 year old musician and teacher relocating from San Francisco Bay area to Philadelphia PA anytime in May. Excellent driving record, reliable and trustworthy, full AAA, no drugs/alcohol. Happy to give references.

  38. I am leaving Naples Florida in April heading to Boston. If someone needs to relocate their rv and wants someone to drive it for them to Boston, I am available.

  39. I’m selling my home in Florida and need a driver to drive my motorhome from the Orlando area to Fort Smith, Ark. I am unable to drive, so I will be traveling with you, with my dog. My motorhome has full coverage insurance and Good Sam road side assistance. I will pay all expenses, gas, food, lodging, whatever. I just need someone to get me there.

  40. If you need somebody to drive your car from California to Colorado in the next couple of weeks, I’d be happy to do it. I’m in my fifties and looking to drive to Colorado. Excellent driving record and would be very careful with your car. Call me at 719 – 6 + 9 – 7149

  41. Planning a spring time trip to visit family and friends on the west coast,, LA, San Francisco, Seattle. I’m located on east coast,,, close to Washington D.C. Mature (60), references you can trust, no drinking, smoking, or drug. IF you have a need for a driver either east to west or west to east contact me by calling or text 301 616 1335. Your need could be my adventure! Will drive uhaul for cash.

    • We are a retired couple living in Reno, NV. We are in good heath and both have an excellent driving record. We would like to drive your car from the Reno Area to the Ft. Myers or Naples area in Florida. Please email us at [email protected] and let us know if you are interested

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