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Driveaway Cars – Like Driving Someone Else’s Automobile for Free

Don’t look now but the open road is calling. Faced with onerous security regulations, endless add-on fees, and uncomfortable planes that squeeze customers in like sardines, more and more travelers are opting for the highways rather than the skyways. Americans are rediscovering the joy of driving cross-country with the wind in their hair, the music cranked, and the freedom to check out quirky attractions that would forever have been overlooked from 30,000 feet in the air.

Hit the road for free in someone else's automobile, with a driveaway car

Hit the road for free in someone else’s automobile, with a driveaway car

This resurgent love affair is also revitalizing driveaway companies, services that match drivers with customers who want their cars delivered to distant destinations. Vehicles need to be moved for a variety of reasons, including corporate relocations, military transfers, and quite often in the case of snowbirds who want to have use of their own car at their winter home but don’t want to do the driving. Car owners pay driveaway companies to move their cars and the company contracts with drivers to make the one-way trips. Driver are responsible for all but the first tank of gas, meals and accommodations along the way, and must put down a deposit (generally $300-400), which is refundable upon delivery of the car to the owner.

There are some limitations to this type of travel. Your schedule must be flexible and you must be willing to drive between the destinations required by the customer. The route and schedule are agreed upon prior to departure and offer enough flexibility for drivers to do some sightseeing along the way, however customers will often load trunks and back seats with their personal belongings, so there is room for only one additional passenger and limited luggage. Drivers must also have a clean driving record, three forms of identification, and be willing to undergo a criminal background check. If none of this is problematic, driveaways are like getting a free rental car, especially for those who have no car or own a vehicle that is not dependable.

Although driveaway companies can be found all over the country, some locations need more drivers than others; routes between eastern Canadian cities and Florida or Arizona, for example, are in high demand due to annual snowbird migration in the spring and fall. For more information, contact one of the following driveaway firms, or check your local Yellow Pages under “Auto Transporters”:

Auto Driveway (43 offices across the U.S. and Canada)
Toronto Driveaway (Toronto based)
Cars To Florida (Toronto based)

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Driveaway Cars – Like Driving Someone Else’s Automobile for Free

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  1. Looking to drive a car from Denver to somewhere on north east coast. I am driving my son to college from Denver to upstate NY but am willing to drop at a near location . I would want to leave from Denver around August 11-14th. I have a very responsible driving record and can provide references. I want the road trip with my son and his gear and then I would fly back.

  2. Hi All!

    I’m looking to drive a minivan/suv to Denver, CO from Charlotte, NC towards the end of 2019 or beginning of 2020. I’m pretty flexible with time. Please reach out! Thank you for your time.

    Martin Young

  3. I would like to drive a car or get a ride from palm springs to Eastern Kansas 6/15/19 or before.

    thank you!

  4. Looking to drive a vehicle from Jacksonville, Fl to Dallas or Arlington Texas in month of July 2019. Need to get to Arlington to to drive back with my granddaughter who is a student at university of Texas (Arlington). Non smoker and retired police officer.

  5. Hello.. Looking med size truck ( no more that 20 f ) leave in Miami Florida and moving to Denver Colorado … I some have a truck need to put it in Denver .. I’m nonsmoking person clean record driving … Please I need sooner possible

  6. interested in driving a car from charlotte nc to denver co on june 1, 2019 to june 4,2019

    • hey Tom Sabel,

      I’m looking to do the same trip as you at the beginning of 2020. Did you get to find a car/truck to make the trip?? Would love any tips/info on your trip.


  7. I am interested in driving your car/truck or van from Michigan to Dallas, Texas the end of June 2019. Can pick up on the 27th and you could have it the next day. My husband and I are going down to visit family. Non smoker. Good driving record. Just want to cut down expenses and enjoy the scenery.

  8. Hello everyone! Looking to drive a large van / mini van with stow and go seating from NY to Mcleansville, NC. Dates are felxible. I need to transport a large amount of dishes (eye-roll) and see my niece who was just born. Non-smoker. Please let me know if you have any need for my driving! Thank you.


  9. I am looking for a driver to drive my car (2000 Mazda Protege, 145 K miles) from WA state to Los Angeles or nearby within two weeks (May 18 – June 3rd, 2019).

    • Hi, Dib – I could possibly do it. I was flying to San Francisco from Seattle on 28 May, anyway (flight already booked). I’m not quite sure how this works? Is there money involved & do you pay expenses & cost of return flight?

      The trip would take me two days. Leave Seattle early day one, arrive mid-day LA the next.

      Kind regards,

  10. If someone needs a truck or a suv transported at no charge from Dallas tx to Salt Lake City and would allow me to tow a boat behind.
    I’m a very good driver never non smoker or drinker

  11. I am looking to drive someone’s car from the Midwest (I’m located in Sioux Falls SD) to the east coast. My end destination is Harper’s Ferry WV. I’m looking to get on the road between May 14-17 2019. Please let me know if I can be of assistance and if you have any questions.
    Thank you,

  12. Retired military family w excellent driving records crossing from WA/CA to east coast will drive reliable car or van etc. Depart west coast around June 28, arrive east coast July 19. No car seats, no smokers, no small children (11 and 17).

  13. I am a missionary living near Albuquerque,NM on a small stipend hoping to get to my neice’s wedding mid May in Chicago. Looking to drive your vehicle for you…

  14. My girlfriend and I will be flying to Portland Oregon June 29 and are looking to relocate a vehicle to the Los Angeles area or anywhere in between. we fly out of LAX July 6. Anybody needing assistance with a vehicle relocation, we both have chauffeur license, are in our early 40s, and fully insured Michigan drivers.
    Please call me at 9 zero six 553- five three 00
    Justin and Jen

  15. My wife and I, (both with great DMV records) are looking for a one way drive from Oceanside, CA. (San Diego County) to Boise, Idaho around mid-June 2019. I am a 68 year old general contractor, perfect record…just trying to cut costs on an important trip. No animals, no kids, no smoking, just good driving and delivery.

  16. Need someone to drive a 2018 F-150 from Rochester Hills, Michigan to San Diego, California. Must have clean driving record. No smoking or pets. Send rates and requirements to: jstallings at gmail dot com

    • Need to drive from Jax FL to palm beach Broward or Dade county..south FL.

  17. I need to travel to to Indianapolis Indiana would like to drive your car . I have a friend in Indianapolis so I just need driving his car there I’ve been driving truck for 20 years so I’m experienced driver no worries

  18. Have clean driving record and need a big car like minivan to drive from Chicago to San Francisco around 8, 2019

  19. Retired person looking and willing to drive cars, trucks, Rv’s anywhere in country. Have been experienced driver on trucks such as U-Haul, Penske etc. All I asked is a reasonable fee, expenses and time allotment .

  20. I will be retiring in August from my career in policing that I’ve worked in for over 20 years. I am interested in driving a vehicle from Jersey City/NYC, to Vancouver, Canada, or somewhere in Washington state. I have an impeccable driving record. I would need the vehicle for approximately 10 days total. I am looking to drive from August 31st, or the first few days of September. Non-smoker, would be driving with my brother-in-law. No pets or children would accompany us on this trip. I’ve done 2 cross-country trips in the past. Please let me know if interested, thanks!

  21. I am looking for a great driver willing to drive my Tesla from Washington DC area to Western Montana in June 2019 (Need to be in Missoula by June 17). Please send details to mikeylives2 [at] yahoo

    • Hi
      As previous Tesla owner,
      I can drive it to Utah if this works. My plan is leaving DC to California Bay area on June 7.
      Please let me know by calling me at 3013203945.

  22. I’m looking to drive your larger vehicle (mini-van or SUV) from the Bay Area (CA) to Denver, CO to arrive on or around June 25, 2019. Clean driving record for over 30 years; non-smoker; no pets; no drugs or criminal record. Will be transporting our family of 5 and accompanying luggage after a 2-week trip out west. We’ve owned/driven suburbans for over 20 years so very used to driving larger vehicles.

  23. We are looking to drive a vehicle from the Boston area to Denver in late June. Responsible couple with excellent driving records. Your car would be in good hands!

  24. I am interested in transporting a car from South Florida to New England (VT/CT/MA) between the 10th and 17th of June, 2019. I have made this trip dozens of times and I have experience with Driveaway Service, Ft. Lauderdale. My driving record is clean, and I am a non-drinker/non-smoker. I work at a summer camp each summer, and this is my preferred mode of travel there if I can get it.
    Contact me any time.


  25. Looking for someone to drive my car from Fairfax, Virginia or Northern Virginia area to Fort Collins, Colorado or Denver, Colorado. Pick up can be between May 14 ~ May 16 and delivery on May 17 ~ 18th.
    Contact: [email protected]

  26. Hello! I am interested in driving someone’s vehicle in mid-May from Portland, OR (or somewhere on the west coast) to Rhode Island (or somewhere on the east coast). I will need the vehicle for 1.5 weeks for pit stops if possible! I’ve driven cross country 4 times and am really comfortable behind the wheel, I also have a squeaky clean driving record. Feel free to contact me if I can help! [email protected]

  27. Looking for someone interested in driving my 4 door sedan from San Jose, California to Atlanta, Georgia by the end of March 2019. Please email [email protected] with interest.

  28. Would like to drive a large car/truck from East Wenatchee or surrounding area to Arizona…I will have a golden Retriever with me and this would be in September after the holiday…I am flexible with date…Please advise if we can help each other…
    Thank You,
    Donna Manos

  29. My husband and I are looking to drive a vehicle back to Edmonton from Yuma, Arizona the end of March, 2019. If you are in need of someone to take it back we can do so. My husband is a good driver, does not drink or smoke and has never used drugs. We are seniors. We plan to drive directly back with no side trips.

  30. I’m planning a trip from the Denver/Fort Collins, Colorado area to the Panhandle of Florida (Pensacola, Destin, etc) around March 17th. I’d love to connect with someone who needs their car driven to this area. I’m a safe, reliable driver with a great driving record.

  31. Looking for someone to drive my uhaul end of march from Washington DC to phoenix Arizona

  32. Going to California middle of next month (March), planning to fly but would like to drive one way. Anyone that needs a car, truck, uhaul driven to east coast, contact me 301 616 1335. I don’t smoke or drink and have references you can trust. Please contact me before I buy plane tickets. Thank you.

  33. Wife and I are driving my brothers car to Ormond Beech on the 28th of Feb. We are looking for something to drive back to Pennsylvania on the 5th 6th or 7th of March…safe drivers non smokers.. truck or car no matter. I have a class b…Retired, wife still works

  34. Looking g to drive your car or truck from Phoenix to Suburbs of Chicago sometime this spring.
    I’m 55,non smoker/ non drinker or drugs
    Perfectly clean driving record and perfectly clean background check.

  35. My wife and I are looking to drive a car from the Los Angeles, CA area towards Seattle, WA the first week of May 2019.

    We are planning a weeklong trip LA to Seattle 5/5 – 5/11 or so…

    We are 34/35 years old, professional careers, each with clean driving records.

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Ben (& Brenda)

  36. I am looking to drive someones car from the New England area (could be MA, CT, RI) or possibly the New York City Area to Indianapolis area. or possibly a 2 hour radius.
    I DON’T CHARGE A FEE! you pay gas and tolls only.
    35 year clean driving record (NO Accidents ever!)
    Responsible homeowner and mom to 3 teenagers, non-smoker/no drugs.
    DATES: Pick up-March 16/17 deliver on March 20 or later.
    [email protected] contact me today!

  37. I would be interested in driving your automobile from Palm Beach County to the North Eastern United States in the near future. If this is something you would be interested in, please contact me and let me know, and then we can work out all the finances, arrangements and details. I moved from L.I., N.Y. To South Florida approximately 5 years ago, so I am familiar with both regions. I have a squeaky clean driving record. I would keep you informed along the duration of the trip. I don\’t smoke, drink or do any drugs, so your car will be in responsible hands.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank You,

  38. I am interested in driving a vehicle from Seattle, WA to San Diego, CA or close surrounding area (within 100 miles) between February 20-23 2019
    [email protected]

  39. Commercial Pilot, looking to drive your car from Chicago to Orlando area late March. Perfect driving record, no kids or pets, dependable.

  40. I am interested in driving your car/truck from Arizona to Houston/East Texas.

  41. My family and I are interested in driving your vehicle from the Orlando area to New England (preferably Massachusetts or New Hampshire) in March. My husband and I have excellent driving records and will have 2 kiddos with us to ensure we keep your car as safe as can be. Feel free to email myself directly: [email protected]. Thank you, Jodi

  42. Will drive your vehicle from any point in continental U.S. to your final destination I possess class B CDL no restrictions, 47 years driving experience no accidents no tickets contact for details [email protected] advance notice required.


  44. I am retired and have been volunteering in Northern California without a car. I will be returning to New England in early March to regroup with family and friends before heading off to Europe to continue my volunteer adventure. I would welcome the opportunity to drive your car instead of fly. Happy to negotiate the cost with you. I am healthy and happy and have a great driving record.

  45. My wife & I are interested in driving your vehicle from San Diego, Ca. to N.E. Iowa(or that general area) on or about March 09, 2019. We are both retired seniors with excellent driving records & neither of us smoke, drink, use nor have used drugs, with no criminal records, nor do we have any pets. We are returning Snowbirds to Iowa & we each could drive a vehicle if you may have two(2) vehicles to be driven. If you are looking for a couple that are clean cut, responsible, dependable, & care for other people’s vehicles like our own, then please respond. Thank you in advance! Rod

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