Driveaways are Like Getting a Free Rental Car

Driveaways – Like Driving Someone Else’s Car for Free

Don’t look now but the open road is calling. Faced with onerous security regulations, endless add-on fees, and uncomfortable planes that squeeze customers in like sardines, more and more travelers are opting for the highways rather than the skyways. Americans are rediscovering the joy of driving cross-country with the wind in their hair, the music cranked, and the freedom to check out quirky attractions that would forever have been overlooked from 30,000 feet in the air.

Hitting the road in someone else's car - for free

Traveling cross-country in someone eles’s car – for free

This resurgent love affair is also revitalizing driveaway companies, services that match drivers with customers who want their cars delivered to distant destinations. Vehicles need to be moved for a variety of reasons, including corporate relocations, military transfers, and quite often in the case of snowbirds who want to have use of their own car at their winter home but don’t want to do the driving. Car owners pay driveaway companies to move their cars and the company contracts with drivers to make the one-way trips. Driver are responsible for all but the first tank of gas, meals and accommodations along the way, and must put down a deposit (generally $300-400), which is refundable upon delivery of the car to the owner.

There are some limitations to this type of travel. Your schedule must be flexible and you must be willing to drive between the destinations required by the customer. The route and schedule are agreed upon prior to departure and offer enough flexibility for drivers to do some sightseeing along the way, however customers will often load trunks and back seats with their personal belongings, so there is room for only one additional passenger and limited luggage. Drivers must also have a clean driving record, three forms of identification, and be willing to undergo a criminal background check. If none of this is problematic, driveaways are like getting a free rental car, especially for those who have no car or own a vehicle that is not dependable.

Although driveaway companies can be found all over the country, some locations need more drivers than others; routes between eastern Canadian cities and Florida or Arizona, for example, are in high demand due to annual snowbird migration in the spring and fall. For more information, contact one of the following driveaway firms, or check your local Yellow Pages under “Auto Transporters”:

Auto Driveway (43 offices across the U.S. and Canada)
Toronto Driveaway (Toronto based)
Cars To Florida (Toronto based)

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1,723 Comments on “Driveaways – Like Driving Someone Else’s Car for Free

  1. Hey I am looking for someone to take drive me to phoenix , Arizona next week for a day or 2 from littleton Colorado

  2. Drive your car from CA to NY for free
    I planed back to home in Buffalo starting from Feb.18. I can drive your car in free of charge if you have a car want ship from CA to NY.

    Please contact me through email : [email protected] for details.

    Best Regards,


  3. I will drive your car from Phoenix, AZ to Florida. You pay for the gas and $50.00 a day.

  4. Free to travel ,now until May 1. Spending my winter skiing at Deep Creek Lake Md. and helping at a stable. Prefer a cross county drive, (friends and family in calif. ) but will go any where, at cost. Good references, three past drives. I’m honest , dependable and in good health, a non smoker. If you need a car delivered -call or text- 301 616 1335

  5. I’m in Colorado Springs, Co (could pick up in Denver and Pueblo etc…) and am looking to drive your car to San Diego area. Mature driver, very clean, non smoker, no pets. I’m flexible but would prefer to leave within the next week or so.

  6. i need a driver to drive me from indianapolis indiana to ludowici georgia and i will put gas in yor car or give you $200 and more

  7. I am a driver avalible to drive from dallas if compensation is good enough ! Thanks

  8. Hi there,
    Looking to drive a SUV or larger vehicle (van, truck, etc.) from San Diego to Florida (West Palm) or anywhere in FLA at the beginning of March. My boyfriend’s Dad has been in the car business for 33 years. My boyfriend who is 33 has been trusted to do countless cross-country drives for many clients including Charles Woodson & James Hall. He has driven all sorts of vehicles including large vans & used to travel the country for work in a F250 hauling a large work trailer so he is a very careful driver. To get in contact just contact me at [email protected] & we can discuss further. Cheers & Thanks!

  9. I am seeking a driver from Wheaton,MD. to Louisville,CO. in a 2002 KIA.I will pay for gas for a reliable insured responsible driver.For a job well done I will make it worth your time and effort.

    • I’ll drive your car for cost, and a train ticket back to Cumberland Md, call 301 616 1335 for references and private information.

    • Hi Dennis, I’m actually headed to Denver at the end of February. I’m currently living in Fairfax Virginia. I’d be willing to meet or discuss more details on the phone.

    • I’ll do it for gas cost. I can provide full insurance and details needed to show you that I’m reliable driver. My number is 213.268.5232

  10. Hello I am from Sweden, I am visiting Los Angeles and thought about traveling somewhere else now. If you want to move your car from Los Angeles to anywhere in the country I am happy to do that for you. E mail me in [email protected] and we can discuss further.

  11. Hello I am looking to drive a car from loveland Colorado to arizona or farther. Ideally around May 7. If anyone is interested please email me [email protected].

  12. Hello,
    I am looking to drive a vehicle from the Erie PA, Ohio, NY tri-state region to really anywhere in northern FL area sometime in Feb or March 2017 ( would be willing to do a backhaul back to similar region). It would be my husband and I, Both with clean driving records, fantastic insurance that works for any vehicle we are in. My sister is having her baby! We would love to drive your vehicle! [email protected] Message me if you are interested!!


  14. I am searching for a driver to pick up my daughter’s studio apartment size belongings in California 30210 and deliver them to Atlanta 30269. hoping someone also needs a partial truck load and needs to share expenses. A pod was used to move her things to CA, but since a break up with her boyfriend, ugh good riddance, that option is looking to pricey. Her things are mostly boxes with a few small tables and lamps.

  15. I need someone to drive my 2008 Ford Escape from Parma to Camarillo CA. Please contact me.

    • Hi Amy,

      Have you found someone to drive your Ford Escape yet? If not, I’m looking to travel from the east coast to Los Angeles. I think we might be a fit. Here’s my number 213.268.5232

  16. My name is Ray I’m 47 yrs old, married and a father of 3 kids. Looking to drive a vehicle from St. Louis Missouri area to Central (Syracuse) NY . The Time is this weekend (Jan. 28th). I will be in NY by Jan. 29th. If anyone is interested please contact me by phone (315) 254-5048. I am a professional driver – I have driven Greyhound size buses, 26′ RV and other various vehicles. I have a clean license and no criminal history. Just looking for an inexpensive way to travel back home.

  17. Excellent mature driver available to drive from the New England area to New Mexico/Colorado. Within the next month Feel free to contact me.

  18. Need driver to move my empty 2015 car from Scottsdale AZ to Seattle anytime now through February 12. Will split gas. Anybody going that way? email me at [email protected]

  19. I am offering to drive someone’s care from Toronto to Kansas City, Columbia, or St. Louis at the end of June 2017. I would have my 4 year old daughter with me. I have a clean driving record and full insurance coverage, and I am 33 years old.

  20. Looking for driver to drive our car (two adults and small dog) from Boston to West Coast of Florida on or about April 1st, 2017. Please contact me.

    • Hello,

      I live in near Boston and would be willing to drive the car. My final destination is also West Coast Sarasota. What would the arrangements be?

  21. My wife and I are retired in our early 60s and interested in transporting a vehicle from Oregon to Los Angeles the first week of February. We have perfect driving records. Let me know if anyone needs that service.

  22. Will drive vechical to California.Have a good driving record and a CDL from Detroit Michigan or Dayton Ohio.
    Thank you. Times flexible

    • I am moving to California (Camarillo) in the beginning of February and would like my car to leave Parma Oh on February 7th. I will arrive in Camarillo on Febuary, so I believe that would give you enough time to have theh car there. If you are interested please contact me at [email protected]. Thank you

  23. I can drive your truck or van from central Florida to Los Angeles in mid to late February. Should be of adequate size to tow my Toyota Camry behind. I have been a Certified Defensive Driving Instructor in the past and a retired Corporate Credit Manager on both coasts so you can be assured I am qualified and reliable. Also, my driving record is impeccable with not a single infraction or accident in the past 25 years. If I can be of service to you, please let me know by January 31st. at the latest.

    • Hi,

      I am assuming you already took this trip? If not and you are still planning on doing so, Please reach out to me!


  24. need someone to drive my f-150 to phoenix from Detroit in the next couple of days as I am starting college next week.

  25. I am interested in driving your vehicle to or from Reno/Carson City, Nevada and Las Vegas, Nevada. Clean driving record, widowed, smoke but won’t do so in your vehicle if you desire. I’m flexible on dates & times. Contact me for more info if interested.

  26. I am looking to drive a car from Florida to New York in January of 2017.
    If anyone needs their car driven in, and can pay only for the gas; I have done this a few times already. I am a calm and safe driver with a clean record.

  27. Recently retired couple looking to drive a nice vehicle from Denver, Co to San Francisco any time May 14th through May 19th 2017. We both have clean driving records, no accidents.

    Free, we pay gas. I need to know by May 1st.

    Thank you

  28. I am driving to Florida the week of January 6th , 2017, from the Toronto area. Please contact Joanne.

  29. Looking to drive a car from Gallup New Mexico to Orlando Florida January 2nd 2017 47 years old clean driving record have a class A CDL driver’s license

    • Good morning Dale, happy new year to you. I am interested in delivering your vehicle from Tampa to Michigan. I have years of over the experience and a good driving record.

  30. 60 yr old retired medical professional with all up to date medical certifications and licenses, ( as testament to my integrity and moral character). excellent driving record. Willing to drive from NYC metro area, Northern NJ, Eastern Pa. to Fla. Dates available, Jan 4 to Jan 7th inclusive….free except for gas, tolls, one night lodging. references upon request… phone 570 650 6749

  31. I will be spending a week out west and am looking to drive a car from San Francisco down to San Diego either February 1st or 2nd, 2017. Will be a 1-day drive.

    Responsible driver, clean license – never been in even a minor accident.

    If interested please email me at [email protected]


  32. I’m looking to drive from Long Island/NYC area to Sarasota/Tampa FL (can work out east coast as well) in the next few weeks.

    50, responsible clean license.

    email [email protected]

  33. I am looking for an experience driver to bring my car down from the Marietta/Atlanta, Georgia area to West Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale, Florida area sometime on or after January 1, 2017.
    Anyone interested can text me at 954-394-3700. Thanks

    • Hello. I am interested in helping you. I can drive your vehicle to Florida if you still need it moved. Please reply upon receipt.

  34. An experienced driver (50+) looking to drive a car one way from Atlanta to San Francisco (or nearby) on December 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23.
    Please call Ron at (404)9773106

  35. Couple available to drive form columbus ohio to tampa/saraasota florida next week december 19 or 20 2016

  36. Could drive your car from east coast to seattle in jan. mature 50+ year old male, non smoker non drinker. call or text for references and more info 301 616 1335

  37. I am looking for a driver to deliver a car from Odessa/Midland, Texas to Atlanta, Georgia. Dates are flexible starting from Christmas day onward. Please let me know if there is anyone interested.

  38. I have a clean driving record and 59 years of ago. Professional and drove for Audi. I need to get from the Greensboro NC area to Jacksonville and then can deliver within FL for you. Let me know at [email protected]

  39. I am driving to Fort Lauderdale to Detroit around New Years Eve or before. If anyone needs a driver please call me at 954-658-7456. I am flying to Detroit to take care of my dad for a few weeks and I would prefer to drive back due to having to take off work for a few weeks.

  40. I live in North Chicago suburbs, Want to drive to Orlando with the Family and fly back. We can take you car down with us and drop it off. Leaving March 24th 2016
    Please call or text 815-382-833 three

  41. Mature non-smoking driver with exceptional driving record will drive your car or RV to your destination. I am in the Chicagoland/NWIndiana area, but I’m willing to fly to/from your destination if you provide a plane ticket. (I’ll even help you find the best flight deal). Flexible schedule, reliable, honest. I’ll even drive your pet(s), within reason!

    • Hi,

      I am looking for decent driver to drive our car with our family from minneapolis to philadelphia on monday.
      Please reply if you are interested, you can reach me at [email protected].


  42. I am looking to drive someone’s car from Las Vegas to the Seattle area starting around the 1st week in December, 2016. West Point graduate, retired, ex-Army, clean driving record. Have made many long distance driving trips around the country, including this trip mentioned. Traveling by myself, no pets. My cell number is (630) 440-8114.

  43. I’m looking for someone who needs a vehicle driven from the Northwest Ohio area to the Denver, Colorado area. I was a professional truck driver for over 21 years without no accidents. So your vehicle will be well taking care of. You would have to be a person who would not mind me taking my dogs in your vehicle. He’s a 9 year old Boxer who’s very well behaved and clean. I’m looking to move as soon as possible so please let me know. You may contact me at 419 327 0429 ask for Eric. Thank you and God Bless.

  44. I am driving from philadelphia to Tampa, if anyone interested in giving company, please let me know. Planning to leave on or around Dec 2nd 2016

  45. Thanks J&K ,For letting me drive your car. I’m here in calif. for a long week with friends and family. BUT, if you need a car driven east, contact me . 301 616 1335.. I’ll make flight arrangements of next weekend, but would rather drive. Time is of the essences!

  46. I am in Tavares Florida available to drive your vehicle to northern Ohio.

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