TripAdvisor Top Ten Hotels Priced Under $19 Per Night

This is no joke. TripAdvisor, one of the Internet’s most trusted sources for member reviews on attractions, accommodations, and restaurants, asked their members to reveal the top ten hotels priced under $19 per night around the world. The following two are at the top of the list; both are places on my travel wish list.

Shiva Guest House in Kathmandu, Nepal

The Shiva Hotel in Kathmandu, Nepal. Average price per night: $9. Member comment:

The guesthouse is right in the center of Bhaktapur, rooms with great view on Durbar Square. Breakfast at rooftop with excellent view on city and Himalaya’s. In times of festivals quite noisy in rooms at front side. The guys really make you feel at home.

El Panchan in Palenque, Mexico

El Panchan in Palenque, Mexico. Average pirce per night: $6. Member comment:

“The rooms were cheap and had hot water, the location was fantastic (just outside the park), and the staff was helpful. The people there helped to arrange our travels to Palenque ruins and a tour of nearby waterfalls, which was nice. There was even a computer lab with internet access for my friend who had some work to do.”

11 thoughts on “TripAdvisor Top Ten Hotels Priced Under $19 Per Night”

  1. It looks very promising and looks great too. Hoping we will find inside the same cleanliness and comfort. We will surely try few just to see how they feel.

    • Hi Mbalivilla: Yes, you never really know that until you check in, but
      usually you can get a sense of things by reading the customer reviews.

  2. Great finds. The room of the Shiva Guesthouse even looks nice. I have to remember to mine TripAdvisor a bit more before I go next time. Thanks Barbara.

  3. I still can’t believe the prices, really incredible. I haven’t seen stats on it but seems like Nepal has a growing tourism industry – or perhaps I’m just reading more and more about it.


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