With Airfares Dropping, It May Pay To Rebook

Airfares have been dropping like a rock, with new specials being announced every day. Aside from the obvious money saving benefits, industry experts are offering two bits of advice that bear passing on:

  • First, if you have already purchased airfare for this fall, check into re-booking. Normally, excessive change fees would wipe out any savings that would be realized, however current discounts are so steep that it may be worthwhile. Tom Parsons of BestFares.com cites the example of a round-trip ticket between Dallas/Fort Worth and Paris. If purchased on January 5th, it would have cost $1,701, but today’s price is $839. In this instance, it makes sense to cancel and rebook at the lower price, even considering an international change fees of $200 to $250.
  • Second, if you plan to travel this fall, delay purchasing your tickets. Parsons expects – with 99% certainty – that fares for travel after Oct. 26 will soon be cut by another 25 to 40%.

With some of the best deals in years on offer, now is the time to take that trip you’ve always dreamed about.

2 thoughts on “With Airfares Dropping, It May Pay To Rebook”

  1. wow, I wish I had a crystal ball to predict these kind of deals! We like to plan way ahead for our trips, anticipation is part of the joy. Also, we tend to us frequent flyer miles – I wonder if airfares will get lower than the value of frequent flyer miles, that would be interesting!

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