Kinetic Wave Sculpture Inspired By Travel

Using everything from wood to cardboard to found and salvaged objects, Reuben Margolin creates one-of-a-kind techno-kinetic wave sculptures. His inspiration comes from observing things in nature – things as simple as a caterpillar’s movement or the patterns created when a drop of water splashes into a pond. When he moved into his new shop, Margolin decided to create a giant kinetic sculpture that would take advantage of its high ceilings without using up any floor space. His inspiration in this case came from a rafting trip. Every time he paddled he noticed a spiral eddy coming off the back of the paddle. After ten days he had the spiral wave figured out. Margolin returned to his shop and built “Spiral Wave,” a giant creation of redwood from old decks, 30 aluminum arms, and scores of mono filament threads that drop down to a flower-funnel spiral that appears to float as it undulates. Numerous examples of Reubens diverse artwork can be seen on the following YouTube Video:

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  1. very interesting work these sculptures
    and also very brave of you to leave jobs you hated and do what you love, everybody would want that but you have to make sure you can make even a few money by what you love, which can be quite difficult. I’m glad you made it

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