Hysterical New Rule For Obese Airline Passengers in Canada

On January 10, 2008, the Canadian Transportation Agency passed the “one-person-one-fare” policy that prohibits Air Canada, Air Canada Jazz, and WestJet from charging more than one fare for “persons with disabilities who require additional seating for themselves, including those determined to be functionally disabled by obesity for purposes of air travel.”

The airlines were given one year to comply but the problem was how to implement the policy. Although the CTA stated that the decision “does not apply to persons who are obese but not disabled as a result of their obesity,” the potential for abuse was obvious. Earlier this month, Air Canada and WestJet announced they will require disabled or obese airline passengers seeking a second seat to fill out a five page form and send it in for review well before their flight date. The form requires doctors to – get this – measure the patient’s behind. They’ve even provided an illustration and instructions to facilitate the process:

Doctors are required to measure the patient’s behind, as instructed below

Doctor’s instructions:
Surface measurement should be calculated by measuring the distance between the extreme widest projection points of the patient when seated as follows:

Have your patient sit on a paper covered examination table. Rest a ruler or straightedge on the left side of patient at the widest point (hip or waist) as shown on diagram below. Mark the touch point between the ruler and the paper as Point A. Rest a ruler or straightedge on the right side of patient at the widest point (hip or waist). Mark the touch point between the ruler and the paper as Point B. Measure the distance between Point A and Point B.

Imagine paying thousands and thousands of dollars and spending 12 or more years in school to obtain a medical degree, only to be required to measure a series of fat butts for the airlines. Medical professionals are understandably aggravated.

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  1. This is a serious problem. I recently was denied the use of my seat on a plane – the fat guy sitting next to me occupied both his seat and a part of mine.
    If the arm rest will not go down, that is clearly over the limit.
    Airlines can’t expect passengers to ‘work this out’ as Air Canada told me.
    If someone has to get off, the person to get off the plane should be the fat one who refused to go through the process to get two seats.
    If I paid for my full seat, I am entitled to my seat.
    The next time that this happens, I will openly ‘fat shame’ the person who was taking a part of my seat. If you don’t want to be ‘fat shamed’ in public, then get two seats, or work out some other arrangement with your airline.

  2. If you have a medical condition such as Michelle who has had chemo therapy then a doctors letter advising such should be sufficent for the airline to alot 2 seats for that person…If the passenger is obese for other reasons I believe they should pay for 1 1/2 seats to get 2 in order that the passenger next to them is not inconvenienced and uncomfortable for the entire flight

    • Air Canada’s policy is both humiliating and extremely inconvenient to obese people that I’m sure very few actually take advantage of this policy. An it is not mandatory for obese people to take a second seat, even if they do qualify. There’s no way an airline is going to touch the hot potato by prohibiting an obese passenger who failed to take advantage of the policy (all Canadian airlines must adhere to the policy for domestic flights). The end result is that the passenger sitting next to them ends up getting crushed.

      Happened to me twice, and – most recently – to a passenger in front of me on a regional jet. I’m sure the guy sitting next to the obese person had to go to physiology after the flight since he was leaning so far over into he aisle to occupy his seat.

      The rules are there to protect the interests of the very few obese person who are officially obese, not the interests of the common Joe on the street.

  3. Perhaps the airlines should rethink the shrinking size of their seats before everyone jumps on some people for carrying a few extra pounds, notice I say a “few” extra pounds. It has been my experience that some airline seats are much smaller than others, which is why I now fly first class. On one American carrier I almost had to use a shoe-horn to fit into the seat of my return flight, but on a different style arrival aircraft, I had no such problem. Lets talk about those travellers who bath in cologne and perfume, or heavy smokers who stink of cigarette smoke, I find those things much more offensive! Airlines are already ripping off passengers for their airfare and extra baggage charges, IMHO this is just another way of screwing the “cattle” as their referred to in the industry. Add that to the “security” rules impossed on baggage where one can not lock their luggage unless you use a TSA approved lock which never arrives with your luggage, there must be one pile of unused locks somewhere in the airports! Now items get stolen from your luggage and the airlines will not accept responsibility, unfortunately they have a captive market as it is rather difficult to drive across the ocean. I used to like flying, but now I drive where I can. My luggage arrives on time and I depart on time!

    • “Let’s talk about those travelers who bath in cologne and perfume, or heavy smokers who stink of cigarette smoke, I find those things much more offensive!”
      OMG, I agree, I cannot stand any of those odors you’ve just mentioned, I can easily get a migraine from that smell and it’s not fair to people like me to have to suffer through someone’s lack of consideration.

  4. jog dial and clay.. obviously you have never been overweight.. and you must not pay attention to anyone that is.. yes there are alot of people that are overweight or obese from over eating and no exercise but there are people like myself that doesnt matter what I do I cannot lose weight.. I am a 4 time cancer survior and the weight is a result of all the chemo therapy and medications I have dealt with.. my metabolism is so out of wack that I can not lose the weight I gain.. and I wanted to stop the medications when I started gaining the weight but I decided I would rather be alive and obese than dead so people wouldnt judge me. so live with the fact there are obese people in the world..and find something else to complain about!!!

  5. Jog Dial, 100% agree with your statement. If I were stuck beside an obese person on a flight I would be complaining to the flight attendant. Why should I be uncomfortable during a flight I paid good money for just because some obese person is too lazy to live a healthy life style.

    • You ooze sensitivity my friend, not only am I humiliated by needing a doctor to measure how big my ass is, I also get to listen to you, watch the faces and hear the whispers of all you fatphobic asshats body shame me walking down the isle when I have as much right to space and an existence as you do! Go f*&k yourself!

  6. Michelle, obese people are always full of exuses, just like you are. 99% of obese people are extremelely lazy and eat like pigs, you hit the nail on the head there. The minority you talk about, probably about 1% of people may have a medical condition that cause them to be fat, never heard of medical condition like that though, you probably never have either.

  7. Katty Wayar, you could not be more wrong with that statement. You have been brain washed into believing you factless statement. Ever heard of the TV show biggest looser, its been proven on this show that the disease’s obese people have are caused from being obese.

    After these people lost the weight, by eating right and exercising most if not all of there health problems disappeared.

    • The shows are represented by a very small portion of the population and chosen specifically by the network to show these results… The contestants or former contestants of these shows also shows us that although some medical conditions do disappear because of being healthier, not all is fixed. Many people have been dealing with debilitating diseases such as anxiety, depression, addiction, etc. that can make it seem all but impossible to lose weight, and forget our Healthcare System, I’ve been waiting almost 2 years for a simple consultation to help me with my weight…

      In the case of a food addiction, which is real by the way, this disease does not simply go away. And the airlines making this rediculous rule, to need all these forms filled out, is only wasting what little resources are actually available.

  8. Imagine paying thousands and thousands of dollars and spending 12 or more years in school to obtain a medical degree, only to be required to measure a series of fat butts for the airlines.


  9. Michelle, I agree and may I add I believe that most cases are caused by medical conditions. In fact, obesity is a disease, let’s be a bit more human 🙂

  10. Newsflash – not all obese people are obese simply from eating like pigs and being lazy. Some are that way due to actual medical conditions over which they have no control. I know, hard to believe (and they may be in the minority) but true…

  11. I think that this is a step in the right direction to protect those of us that have to sit next to someone who is obese. I had the displeasure of this on an internal flight in the usa. A charming lovely women next to me, but when you can’t even put your . A little tip for people wanting to get rid of weight – DO NOT drink fizzy drinks like coke, sprite etc etc they are full of sugar. It is this fizzy drink culture adopted by the americans and canadians that is contributing to obesity. Laugh at the british for drinking their tea but you know what, how many obese british people are there? Throw your cans of pop in the bin. Diet coke etc contains apertame which is cancerous & diet still contains all kinds of chemicals. So back to my flight, yeh, having someone spilling into my seat & unintentionally rubbing their fat up against me & making making me sweat was not a nice experience. No one forced these people to over eat or chug down litres of pop. It’s just pure laziness within the american culture, like drive through ATM’s etc…get off your fat ass & do some exercise & yes you should have to pay more. If you are carrying an extra 100pounds on your body then that is additional fuel for the plane….that’s why extra baggage is charged. f obese people are hit in the wallet it may prompt them to change their habits. If these people have to go to a doctor then the doctor can give them a damn good talking to about what foods they should be eating & hopefully put them onto the road to recovery.

    • @jog dial… you sir are about as ignorant as they come…not everyone overweight is that way by choice and to judge people this way is cruel and unnecessary. It is my sincere hope that you will too be the victim of the same cruelty you bestow upon others…

    • Why are the people on here so hateful and angry? What’s with all the fat shaming? Why do you think that’s acceptable? WHO CARES why people are obese. Be it THEY like being overweight, or have a medical condition. If you are overweight buy a second or third seat. Let everyone enjoy their trip without having someone take over their seat. WHEN IN DOUBT BUY A 2ND SEAT. If you shop in big and tall , you need 2nd seat , if you wear plus size , you need a 2nd seat. Stop debating if you need it or explaining that you lost weight. No one cares. When in doubt get a 2nd seat. End of.


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