Navigating A Midlife Crisis

Follow Laura Lee Carter through a midlife crisis with a happy ending!

A while back, my friend Laura Lee Carter over at Midlife Crisis Queen asked me to review the manuscript for a book she had just finished writing. Aptly titled, “Midlife Magic: Becoming the Person You Are Inside,” Laura Lee’s book treats us to the roller coaster ride that was her life, beginning at age 46 when she left a loveless, destructive marriage of many years; through the sudden and unexpected loss of her job two years later; and then follows her as she remakes her career and life, in the process discovering who she really is.

Laura Lee had asked me for a quote that she could use, if I was so inclined. I wrote:

“Hang on, it all changes! Laura Lee’s mantra provides hope to all who are struggling with midlife crises. By reading her story, I realized that I am not alone, and it is OK to ask for help. Thanks, Laura Lee.”

I was absolutely delighted when she wrote back, telling me she had chosen my quote for the back cover. Over the holidays, Laura Lee told me her book would soon be out in print and asked if I would review it on my blog. I happily agreed, although I decided to read it one more time, since it had been slightly changed since my first reading. I found it just as interesting the second time around, but this time I got a different message from it:

“Never give up. NEVER GIVE UP!”

Laura Lee is an inspiration, to women going through a mid-life crisis, as well as to the thousands of writers who hope to someday have their books published (me included!). Midlife Magic is an easy read that is full of hope, inspiration, and self-deprecating humor. Laura Lee’s book is available at

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  1. The book sounds worthwhile…and I just subscribed to her blog. No major crises going on, but I sense what’s shared there is valuable nonetheless.

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