– One Of My Secrets To Successful Solo Travel

“You travel alone? Aren’t you afraid?”

I cannot count the number of times I have been asked this question. Without exception, the person asking is a woman who would love to do what I do. Sometimes they are single, sometimes these women are married to men who have no interest in travel, but in every case they are afraid to venture out on their own. I tell them that travel is not dangerous, that people everywhere are the same, that we are “One Human Family.”

But traveling solo requires more than an ability to trust in the goodness of humankind. It requires research to become familiar with the city and/or country you intend to visit and it’s even better if you can connect with someone who lives there prior to your trip. Enter my favorite online travel tool, This fabulous web site, designed especially for women who want to travel solo, offers a country by country “what to wear” database; tips on what to pack; advice on staying healthy during traveling; and valuable insight into the culture, customs, and taboos of destinations around the globe. even offers an e-newsletter that is chock full of interesting trips, tours and destinations for women of all ages and interests. Every issue I’ve ever received has provided me with a trvael tip or a potential destination to add to my ever growing list of places I want to visit. Interested in receiving the newsletter? Just go to and sign up – it’s free and they won’t share your email address with anyone.

Also found at is, a free service that allows any woman anywhere in the world to connect with other females who love to travel. How does it work? Suppose a woman living in New York is planning a trip to Japan and needs insider information. She simply keys in the name of the city she will be visiting and HERmail will instantly provide up to two emails for women who live in that city. The New York woman might want to inquire about the weather and what clothing to pack. Perhaps she is looking for a woman-friendly B&B or needs the name of a vegetarian restaurant. The reasons for communicating are endless. Over 10, 500 women from 35 countries have registered with, so it is almost assured that someone will be available help, regardless of your destination.

When women ask how to go about traveling solo I first tell them “Just do it!” Then I send them to, where they can join the 64,500 women who already subscribe to this free gem of a travel service!.

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  1. Going to Japan to visit family there in April. Wanted to stop for a bit in Thailand before. Would like to find some quilters in Thailand who might like to communicate with this Canadian quilter. I love to travel and meet quilters the world over. Previously, I just did it all by chance. This time, I want to get to know someone before heading out.
    all help and contacts appreciated.

  2. I travel solo whenever I can and do share your philosophy. I’m not unsociable at all, and often team up with other travelers along the way for a stretch, but the freedom of not quite knowing where I’m going next or what I’ll be doing or whom I’ll be meeting is for me a burst of energy.

  3. Dear Barbara,
    As the editor of www,, you’ve made my day with your lovely entry about our website designed especially for women travellers. We invite women worldwide to stop by and visit. Whether you’re 18 or 80, single or coupled, actual traveller or armchair traveller we want you as part of our Journeywoman Network. Together we can inspire females everywhere to travel safely and well.
    Safe journeys (real or imagined) to all of your readers.
    Evelyn Hannon
    [email protected]

  4. You go girl! I have also enjoyed many trips on my own. There is a certain kind of freedom that is only available to those who have the courage to venture out alone. Quite memorable!

    It’s also wonderful if you should find yourself in a relationship where you travel well together. So many journeys, so little time…

    The Midlife Crisis Queen aka Laura Lee


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