Vermont's Fall Foliage is Beautiful

Speechless In The Presence of Vermont’s Beautiful Fall Foliage

It is rare that I cannot finds words to describe my travels, but my wanderings through Vermont today left me speechless. Each time I discovered a scene of spectacular beauty I believed nothing could top it; yet the landscape continued to offer up the most astonishing views throughout the day. I think it best to just show my photos from today, since no words can possibly do justice to New England fall foliage:

Vermont Fall Foliage

Pumpkin farm prepares for Halloween

Vermont Fall Foliage

Vermont barns and leaves

Vermont multicolor Foliage

Vermont Fall Foliage

One of Vermont’s many covered bridges

Vermont Fall Foliage

A country road in rural Vermont

Vermont covered bridge near Taftsville

Vermont covered bridge

Vermont Fall Foliage Waterfall

Cotton candy waterfall

Fall foliage over a farm pond in Vermont

Vermont Fall Foliage

Multicolored leaves

Vermont Covered Bridges

Covered bridge at Quechee Gorge

When I simply couldn’t absorb any more beauty, I stopped at the Sugarbush Farm, where I sampled cheese from the cows they raise and pure maple syrup from the trees they tap each winter:

Vermont maple syrup and cheese from Sugarbush Farm

Although I had intended to make it to New Hampshire this evening, there was just too much to see in Vermont and I simply was not ready to leave. I am really enjoying wandering with no plan or schedule; New Hampshire will still be there tomorrow.

4 Comments on “Speechless In The Presence of Vermont’s Beautiful Fall Foliage

    • Thanks Cat! I sometimes miss the fall myself, but not the cold that follows it rapidly.

  1. I am fulled with envy. You have photographed what I miss most about the North East. Keep em coming!

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