A Most Creative Use For Dust

One of the things I discovered about myself as I traveled around the world last year is that I really like art. All kinds of art. I can spend an entire day in an art museum and have only seen a small portion of what it has to offer. I am especially intrigued by artists who are experimenting with new and unusual media. In the past I have blogged about an artist who builds giant sculptures from balloons, another who makes environmental art from trash, a third who makes three-dimensional works from cutouts such as children might employ to make a snowflake from a folded piece of paper, and even a patient in a mental institution who paints room size murals depicting scenes from his pre-1900 childhood.

Today I received a video of an artist in Texas who paints in what may be the most unusual medium of all – dust. Scott Wade drives around on gravel and dirt roads until his rear window is covered in dust and then uses that dust to create dirty car art. Well, you just gotta see for yourself:

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  1. I found your blog very interesting and filled with information.YES.. Our Disgrace Through An Artist’s Eyes.
    Great blog. Congratulations!God bless


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