Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue

The other day a friend commented about my bright blue eyes. I’ve never thought of my eyes as being particularly blue. When I was younger they were more green than blue, and people sometimes referred to my eyes as being hazel. (Don’t ask me what color hazel is because I have absolutely no idea, but apparently it is the color my eyes used to be). Then, as I got older, my eye color began to change. One of my eyes turned blue and the other became green-blue. Some days, they both look blue; other days they both seem green. Some days they look just plain dull.

Especially on days when my eye color ventures toward the brownish realm, I wonder why they change so. Is it the clothes I wear? Is it what I eat? Bingo! That must be it – too much coffee. I’m sure there are other explanations. Some would probably say that I am just too full of….well, never mind.

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