Today I Learned That I Am Snarky

I’m continually expanding my vocabulary. It’s never too late to learn. A couple of years ago I was introduced to the phrase, “my bad,” which apparently is a sorry excuse for an apology when you’ve made a mistake or done something wrong. Today I learned that I am “snarky.” But I am getting ahead of myself.

About ten days ago I was asked to participate in a survey of bloggers being conducted by Technorati, the Internet search engine that tracks blogs and monitors what is happening in the blogosphere. I was honored. The fact that I had been asked to participate must mean they have a high opinion of my blog. The online survey took a long time to complete, but I persevered because of the special distinction of being included in the survey. Everything went along swimmingly until one question asked me to describe my blog by checking all the boxes that applied:

Is my blog political? No.
Is it a personal journal? Yes.
Does it cover celebrities or entertainment industry gossip? No.
Does it deal with hard news issues? No.
Is it a parenting blog? No.
With sports? No.
With business? No.
With technology? Sometimes.
Is it snarky? Huh? That must be a typo. I’ll just skip that question.

I was so proud of myself for completing this survey, which required no less than an hour of research to answer queries about my readers, page views, software, traffic tracking, etc.

It’s now ten days later and I’m reading a new blog that describes itself as – you guessed it – snarky! This is a word???? I Googled it. The says that snarky means:

  1. Short tempered or irritable, as in: “He was being very snarky with me.”
  2. A witty mannerism, personality, or behavior that is a combination of sarcasm and cynicism. Usually accepted as a complimentary term. Snark is sometimes mistaken for a snotty or arrogant attitude. Example: “Her snarky remarks had half the room on the floor laughing and the other half ready to walk out.”
  3. Language that contains quips or comments containing sarcastic or satirical witticisms intended as blunt irony. Usually delivered in a manner that is somewhat abrupt and out of context and intended to stun and amuse.

Oh, I get it:
Snark=”snide remark”
I don’t think there’s any question that I can be snarky.

2 thoughts on “Today I Learned That I Am Snarky”

  1. Barbara:
    I learned about “snarky” from the young friend who turned me onto blogging. I was telling her about the things I like to write about and she said, “Oh, snarky is always good!”



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