OK, NOW I’m Showing My Age

Now that I’m finally back in Sarasota, I treated myself to lunch at Simon’s Coffee House. It’s a bit of a drive but worth it because they have the most delicious vegetarian sandwiches, salads, wraps and paninis, not to mention an array of wheat-free desserts that are delicious! After lunch I was walking to my car when I noticed a sign in the front window of the store next to the restaurant that advertised “Detox Wraps.”

I’d heard about these wraps. Customers are covered with some detoxification material like diatomaceous clay and sealed in plastic wrap or strips of linen, and then left to relax for an hour while the toxins are sucked out through their skin. Since I had long wanted to try one of these wraps, I decided to check it out. The front of the store held a display of very nice (and expensive) handmade African drums. I rather like drums, so I browsed, testing the drums to hear their different tones. At one point I looked toward the rear of the store. “Pipes In Back Room,” the sign directed. I want back to beating the drums. The young man behind the counter, covered in tattoos and sporting shoulder length dreads, finally asked if I needed help.

“Yes, I wanted to know about the Detox Wraps.”
“We have a Detox Drink,” he smiled politely.
“No, I’m interested in the wraps.”
“Well, those are rolling papers.”
“Oh. Ummhhh…… no I guess I’m not interested in those,” I said, a bit sheepishly.

When I stepped outside, I looked up at the store sign. HeadzUp Smoke Shop. HeadzUp. Pipes in back room. Groannnnn. A head shop. You’d think I hadn’t grown up in the sixties, for heaven’s sake. At least he didn’t laugh. And if I ever want to buy a drum, I now know where to go.

3 thoughts on “OK, NOW I’m Showing My Age”

  1. You just had a duh moment Happy Hotelier! They sell DRUMS as well as pipes. I do believe sell weed in Florida is a no no… Thanks for coming in Barbra. I have changed my sign so its not as cryptic. I could make a comment how all you ex hippy flower people see detox wraps and wann be plastic wrapped! Kinda kinky. At least you didn’t come in for hummus, we get that ALL DAY LONG!


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