Choking On It

Ughhh! The smoke from the wildfire, 45 miles away on the mainland, is hanging over the Outer Banks like a wet blanket. Yesterday I could still escape the smell by going in the house, but last night the smoke began creeping inside and this morning my house smells vaguely like a campfire that has been doused with a bucket of water. Even before I stepped outside, my eyes began to water. When I did go outside, I choked on my first breath.

The smoke is so thick that is is causing visibility problems on the roads to the west of here and there is talk of closing U.S. Route 64, which is the main highway between Raleigh and the Outer Banks, as well as four other smaller but well-traveled roads. I am leaving tomorrow, bound for Illinois to visit my Dad for the week of Father’s Day. Normally, I would take Rt. 64 through Raleigh and Winston-Salem, then turn north to traverse Virginia and West Virginia. However it looks like I will have to find an alternative route. No worries, though. It just means I get to see something different, take a route I’ve never before traveled, and visit new places. I do love an adventure!

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