Finding Strength in Adversity

I am WAS depressed. For the last few days I have felt myself spiraling down into the depths of depression. I have no idea what sets it off. It doesn’t seem to happen for any particular reason or occur at regular intervals. I begin to question the endlessness of it all. I ask myself what I have really contributed. And through it all I wrestle with the idea that my life has had little value. I have left a successful career to write a book but sometimes when I read what I have written it seems like so much drivel and I wonder if I am kidding myself; who on earth will care what I have to say?

Fortunately, I have learned that I have tools to combat this depression and I never hesitate to employ them. AA taught me that when we share what is going on, we take away its power, so today I called two good friends and “told on myself.” I one case my friend, Patti, talked me through the reality of my situation. Another friend, Sue, offered to help me do some research, despite the fact that her daughter-in-law is fighting a life-threatening disease. I called yet another friend, Michelle, who is a professional writer, and she has agreed to read my manuscript and provide me with a brutally honest assessment of its worth.

Today I received an email with a link to a short movie about Joe Damon, who was working and living in Italy when he was involved in a very bad car accident on January 31, 2006. Because of the traumatic brain injury he suffered as a result of the accident, his life has changed completely, but he has found strength in adversity. The movie is poignant and thought provoking and certainly put me back in touch with my gratitude. I hope you will find it as uplifting as I did (watch video below). Suffice it to say I am no longer depressed. This is just another rough patch I must tread, but I have faith that everything will be just fine. In the meantime, I am eternally grateful that I have such good and loving friends.

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