Finally, I’m Legitimate

Many of my regular readers are aware that, about a year ago, I walked away from a successful real estate career to pursue writing. I slapped a backpack on my back and headed out to travel the world for six months. I returned to Florida in early October last year and since then, have been writing a memoir about my travels and the circumstances that led to my decision to make such drastic changes in my life. Simultaneously, I have been contacting various local magazines about writing for them on a freelance basis. My biggest hurdle is the fact that I have never been published with a byline. Everyone I talk to requests clippings of my published writing. Although I have been writing for years, none of my articles have ever been published with my byline.

Scene Magazine
Scene Magazine

None of the websites I created or marketing plans I wrote carried my name. When I owned my public relations firm, every press release I wrote appeared under the byline of some newspaper reporter. I was in that Catch 22 position of being an accomplished writer, yet having no proof that I’d ever put pen to paper.

I am happy to report that, as of today, I am legitimate! I have been hired by Scene Magazine here in Sarasota to write a freelance article about father and son pilots who are opening a local sales center for light sport aircraft. Normally, a freelance piece appears some months after it is written, but in this case the magazine needed the piece turned around in two days so that it can appear in this month’s issue. Thus, within a couple of weeks I will have a published article with a byline. WHOO! HOO! I’m officially a published writer.

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  1. Congratulations! A new reader (florida native now in texas) but I’ll one day be a “long-time” reader. Understand the frustration of trying to prove experience…but you’re on your way now! Look forward to sharing the journey!

  2. Hi Barbara, I found your blog after I took photos of the mermaid fountain and googled it. I have read your blog over the past two days and it has been like a wonderful book; you want to keep going and see what next, but the more you read, the more you do not want to finish.
    Congratulations on the first assignment!
    Warm regards,


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