Everyone Needs Love

Louis, the giant Pacific octopus who resides at the Blue Reef Aquarium in the UK, was given a Mr. Potato Head as a Christmas present. He is so attached to it that he attacks the net that aquarium staffers use whenever they try to fish the toy out of the tank. Louis the octopus and Mr Potato Head Blue Reef Aquarium United KingdomAccording to one staffer, octopuses are “very intelligent and like to be stimulated and busy.” Apparently. This six foot creature is so smart that he’s even learned how to dig food out of a secret box hidden in the back of his Mr. Potato Head. It is indeed an uncommon love affair but I’m a firm believer in the ‘Live and Let Live’ philosophy. There may be hard times ahead for Louis and Mr. Potato Head; especially for their mixed race children. But Mr. Potato Head is a master of adaptability, and he’ll certainly pass those traits on to the kids. There’s just no figuring out the laws of physical attraction, except to say that opposites certainly DO attract.

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