My niece, Gina, got married last Saturday. I know it’s been said a million times before, but I can’t help myself – it seems like just yesterday she was a tiny infant and I was holding her in my arms. It is almost inconceivable that she’s now graduated from college and is a married woman. And a beautiful young woman she is!

Before Gina Provenzale's wedding in the Bride's Room

Before the wedding in the Bride’s Room

Gina Provenzale and Tony Vescovi lighting the life candles

Lighting the life candles

Gina Vescovi and her handsome hubby, Tony Vescovi, dancing at the reception

Gina and her handsome hubby, Tony, dancing at the reception

Vescovi's best man making a toast

The best man making a toast

My handsome Dad William Weibel and lovely Aunt Kay MacDonald

My handsome Dad and lovely Aunt Kay

So while Illinois is not my favorite place in the world, it’s still home to most of my family and I’ll keep coming back as long as they’re here because, quite simply, it’s where the love is.