Three Words For Portugal

It may be unfair of me to pick three words that define all of Portugal, since I only visited a tiny part of the northern coast, so I’ll say that the following three words define the coastal resort areas of Portugal:

Sunny: Practically perfect weather, mid-eighties during the day with gentle breezes and in the 70’s at night. Sleeping with the doors and windows flung open.

Seafood: Best I ever had

Easy: Very laid back, comfortable, relaxing

6 thoughts on “Three Words For Portugal”

  1. Hello Barbara,

    i think you must have to visit Coimbra too.Coimbra is built on a hill.Amazing here is the chapel of Saint-Michel: a mix of decorative tiles and ceiling paintings marine theme, with 3000 pipe organ protruding from the wall.

  2. I am planning a trip to Porto and that too in my summer breaks. I want to make it more exciting and adventures!!
    Can you Suggest me few holiday destinations and beaches?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. The Algarve is my favorite yearly relaxation spot (to be fair, I live in Spain so it’s not too far off!). Sleeping with the windows open and the ocean breeze coming through is one of life’s little pleasures. If you ever go again, try heading up the coast from Sagres into the national park. The beaches are enormous and deserted. Carrapateira is the one I´d recommend most. Happy travels!


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