Three Words For Italy

The three words for Italy that best describe the country are, in my opinion:

Historic: Culture, art and history are everywhere; a feast for the eyes and for the soul

Passionate: From the cadence of spoken Italian to the lovers on the streets, Italians are passionate about everythingand, I struggled to come up with a third word – there are so may I could choose from (dirty, technophobic, diverse, etc) but I finally settled on:

Colorful: Everywhere, color saturated the landscape, and in certain places (Venice and Liguria) the light was unlike any I have ever seen before, making it a photographer’s dream come true.

9 thoughts on “Three Words For Italy”

    • Italian people are incompetent at work, racist towards foreigners and murderers by letting ships sink without help in the Mediterranean sea

      • Ok, first of all. I am from Italy, this is not something to “joke” about, Italy is very historic, and if you actually took the time to see that, You would shut your mouth.

  1. I’ve been to Italy once and hell bent YES! the whole city is full of history, arts and culture. by touring the place, you will be amaze on how artistic they can be.

    But I am more of a quiet and sand loving type of person. that is why I fell in love in Sardinia when i first visited that place. I went there after my tour in italy. and it was so perfect


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