Tomorrow morning we leave Phi Phi Don and head for Phuket for one day before continuing north to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Today being our last day on Phi Phi we did two things. First, we took a longtail boat to Haad Yao Beach (commonly referred to as Long Beach), a more remote site north of the main town that is known for its wide, white sand beach. While it was beautiful, I wouldn’t want to stay there. The longtail boat ride cost each of us $5, one way. There are only six resorts on Long Beach, few restaurants and no entertainment. Being there for six whole days would have driven me crazy – there’s only so much time I can spend lying on the beach.

Sunset over Loh Dalam Bay Phi Phi Thailand

Sunset over Loh Dalam Bay

In my opinion we were in the best resort on the island – the Phi Phi Villas Resort, with its lovely pool, wireless Internet, great cabins and terrific restaurant – because it was far enough away from the craziness of Ton Sai Village yet close enough to walk to town if we wanted to take in the local color. The second thing we did was to walk across the narrow isthmus to Loh Dalam Beach after dinner to watch the sunset. But I think in this case a picture is worth a thousand words. Phuket, here we come!