Arrest That Man

You just never know when you’re going to be entertained. Today it was at a downtown coffee and pastry shop, where I stopped for a late afternoon snack. I had just settled down with my Vente Cappuccino when three cops walked in for their mid-afternoon coffee break. They were still standing at the counter ordering when a woman burst into the shop, demanding that they come over to her store and arrest her boyfriend. Two of the cops stepped outside to discuss the situation with her, but not before I heard her exclaim, “He maliciously embarrassed me.” Imagine that. Malicious embarrassment. Maybe there’s a new criminal code I don’t know about.

Although I couldn’t hear the rest of the conversation, the ensuing pantomime through the shop’s front window was almost as entertaining. I watched for nearly 20 minutes as the woman got right up in the faces of the two cops, shaking her finger and berating them for their unwillingness to arrest her boyfriend. A homeless guy sitting at one of the outside tables watched open-mouthed, shaking his head and laughing as the situation unfolded.

The cops kept their cool, although I caught the younger of the two rolling his eyes a couple of times with a barely suppressed grin. Despite their best efforts, the cops couldn’t make her understand that they had no grounds for an arrest. She finally threw her arms up and stormed off in disgust. Good thing she didn’t have grounds for an arrest or she could have been the one dragged off to jail for maliciously embarrassing the cops.

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  1. Barb, This could only happen to you !!! Sound like you’re having a great time down there. I kinda wish I was with you. BTW, Aren’t you doing a lot of eating down there? Sounds like you’ve picked up some of my bad habits. Miss You!!!


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