I’ve Been Slimed

I feel like my body has been invaded by a mammoth slug that is injecting slime into every cell in my body as it slithers through my system. My brain won’t work right. I ache and I’m bloated. I can barely zip up a pair of pants that two days ago were falling off me. I suppose a lot of that has to do with being in the car for the last day and a half, making my final move to Sarasota. Maybe my body is having sympathy pains with my car, which was loaded to the gills with way too much crap (pun intended), or maybe it’s just that I am in a total state of change.

Over the last month my car has changed, my employment status has changed, my residence has changed, even the State I live in has changed. I am usually a fan of change; I think it is good for the soul. But there is only so much change a body can take and I am apparently at my limit. So I think I’ll just slither off to bed like the good slug that I am and sleep this off.

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