PHOTO: Making Lebanese Saj Flatbread in Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley

Woman at a restaurant in Lebanon's Beqaa Valley makes Lebanese saj flatbread

Google “Lebanese flatbread” and you will find more than half a million web sites, but the lion’s share of them discuss thicker breads that lie somewhere between a Middle Eastern-style pita and an Indian naan. Having traveled extensively in Asia and, more recently the Middle East, I have eaten poori, chapati, parotha, roti, lavash, and … Read more

PHOTO: Large Palace at the Umayyad Archeological Site in Anjar, Lebanon

Large palace at the Umayyad archeological site at Anjar, in the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon

This large palace is one of the more impressive structures at the Umayyad archeological site in Anjar, Lebanon. The settlement, which was founded at the beginning of the 8th century, is located in the Beqaa Valley (sometimes written as the Bekaa Valley). Though today it is a dusty backwater, in its heyday Anjar was an … Read more