Pannonhalma Monastery – A Thousand Years of Benedictine History and Wine

Pannonhalma Monastery, a Benedictine Abbey that is currently home to 50 monks

Perhaps it was my imagination. The lavender harvest had been completed two weeks earlier, but as I trudged up the hill in temperatures hovering near the century mark, the air still seemed redolent with the herb’s rich, musky fragrance. At the top, I swiped rivulets of sweat out of my eyes and gazed out over … Read more

Hungary Grapples With Its World War II History

Detail of some of the items that have been left in front of the memorial by holocaust survivors, descendants, and concerned citizens

Kiraly Street is the new mecca for the younger generation in Budapest. By day shoppers frequent its upscale boutiques, coffee shops, and designer outlets. After dark it hops with nightlife, offering restaurants with multi-ethnic cuisine, ruin pubs, and entertainment venues. It is the new place to see and be seen. But few realize that the … Read more