Cyprus: Ancient Sites, Beaches, and the Last Divided Capital City in Europe

Street art in Nicosia, Cyprus, on the Turkish side of the divided capital city

I’d come to Cyprus to wind down from my summer of travel. I was looking forward to a week of evening walks along the seaside promenade in Larnaca and days of lying on the beach under the warm Mediterranean sun. But I was soon diverted by the fascinating history of the island and the myriad … Read more

PHOTO: Icons at Saint Barnabas Monastery on Cyprus

Icons of St. Barnabus, patron saint of Cyprus, are displayed inside the Saint Barnabas Monastery and Icon Museum near Salamis, Cyprus

Saint Barnabas was born in Salamis, the ancient capital of Cyprus, to a Jewish family that had emigrated from Syria. As a young man he witnessed some of the miracles of Jesus while pursuing a religious education in Jerusalem. Barnabas became a follower of Jesus and was appointed Archbishop of Salamis. In 45 AD he … Read more

PHOTO: Ruins of the Ancient City of Salamis on the Island of Cyprus

Stately Corinthian columns still stand among the ruins of the ancient city-state of Salamis in Cyprus

On the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, these Corinthian columns mark the site of the ancient city-state of Salamis. Believed to have been founded in 1100 BC by a Greek prince who fought in the Trojan War, Salamis was the original capital of Cyprus. Over the centuries it was conquered by Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians, Romans, and … Read more