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Cyprus: Ancient Sites, Beaches, and the Last Divided Capital City in Europe

I’d come to Cyprus to wind down from my summer of travel. I was looking forward to a week of evening walks along the seaside promenade in Larnaca and days of lying on the beach under the warm Mediterranean sun. But I was soon diverted by the fascinating history of the island and…

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PHOTO: Icons at Saint Barnabas Monastery on Cyprus

Saint Barnabas was born in Salamis, the ancient capital of Cyprus, to a Jewish family that had emigrated from Syria. As a young man he witnessed some of the miracles of Jesus while pursuing a religious education in Jerusalem. Barnabas became a follower of Jesus and was appointed Archbishop of Salamis. In 45…

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PHOTO: Ruins of the Ancient City of Salamis on the Island of Cyprus

On the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, these Corinthian columns mark the site of the ancient city-state of Salamis. Believed to have been founded in 1100 BC by a Greek prince who fought in the Trojan War, Salamis was the original capital of Cyprus. Over the centuries it was conquered by Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians,…

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