VIDEO: The Kladruber Horses of the Danish Royal Family

The Kladruber Horses of the Danish Royal Family

Like thousands of tourists before me, I made my way to Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark. But rather than join the queues waiting to visit the Parliament and Supreme Court, I decided to stroll around the exterior. At the rear of the palace, an electrified fence surrounded a pasture where two enormous white Kladruber horses … Read more

Munich, Germany: So Much More than Oktoberfest

Munchner men on the way to a local festival wear traditional Lederhosen garb

When discussing what to do in Munich, Germany, many travel writers wax lyrical about Oktoberfest. Ah, the beer! The sing-alongs! The pretzels, bratwurst, and schnitzel! But the festival also has its drawbacks. More than 6 million visitors descend upon the city every year beginning on the third Saturday of September. If, like me, you’re no … Read more

VIDEO: Nepalis Celebrate New Year in Pokhara, Nepal

People flock to Fewa Lake in Pokhara to celebrate New Year in Nepal

I celebrated Nepali New Year in Nepal, this past April. My second home of Pokhara sponsored three solid days of performances in the park, including band performances, traditional dancing, and singing. But for me the most interesting part was just roaming the streets and watching the families that had traveled from afar, shopping, meeting with … Read more