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Help Exchange – A New and Rewarding Way To Travel

“On mountaintop. Great view. On a small Caribbean island. Pineapple and wax apple farm. Building in construction. I live with my 3 kids. 3 German Shepherds 1 Dobermann, in the unfinished building. This is a child friendly environment. St.Vincent is a lovely island, non touristic. I can offer food and lodging for your…

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Keep Frequent Flier Miles From Expiring

When I traveled around the world for six months in 2007, I racked up more than 80,000 frequent flier miles with USAirways. Since returning all of my travel has been by car, so I haven’t had an opportunity to redeem any of my mileage. Recently I discovered that USAirways frequent filer miles expire…

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Hitchhiking Around The World

Author’s update: As of March 11, 2011, the Hitchhikers.org site seems to be down, but the Hitchhikers.org Facebook Page lists some alternate resources for hitchhiking. I have not checked into any of them personally and am not even sure that the Facebook Page is in any way related to the original organization I…

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Travel Through Time, Under Oceans With Google Earth 5.0

Google, always the innovator, has just released Google Earth 5.0. Previously, this application has allowed us to “virtually” fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, and 3D buildings. With this newest version, Google makes it possible to travel under the ocean and see a particular spot through time. Want to…

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Benefits of “Roughing It” While Traveling Around the World

I have always enjoyed roughing it, whether I was in a tent in a National Park or some remote location half a world away where my sleeping accommodations consisted of a floating bamboo shelter with no running water or electricity. I enjoy this kind of traveling on a budget because my spiritual condition…

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With Picnik Online Photo Processing, I Could Travel Without My Laptop

Because I blog about my travels, I carry a lot of equipment with me when I am on the road. Most of this equipment stays in my backpack, where I can keep a close eye on it, and with a laptop, camera, lenses, cell phone, iPod, AirCard, cords, etc., the pack can get…

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