PHOTO: Tomb of Sennedjem, Temple of the Artisans in Luxor, Egypt

Tomb of Sennedjem, Temple of the Artisans at Deir el Medina in Luxor, Egypt

Interior of the Tomb of Sennedjem at Temple of the Artisans at Deir el Medina in Luxor, Egypt. Though every one of the tombs has a prominent sign saying “no photos,” in many cases an Egyptian guide would follow me inside and allow photos in return for baksheesh (a bribe). In most instances I declined, but this particular tomb was so beautiful that I did pay for the privilege of taking a photo. Of course, all my photos are taken without flash, so I was not guilty of degrading the artwork by doing so.

The Tomb of Sennedjem belonged to an artisan who decorated tombs in the nearby Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens. Royalty required elaborate tomb illustrations that would provide everything they might need on their journey into the afterlife. Many of the tombs of the artisans, which were created by the sculptors and painters in their free hours, are just as beautiful as those created for the kings and queens.

The architectural sites in Luxor were far and away my favorite, even more so than the Pyramids of Egypt. And among the Luxor sites, my favorite was the Great Hypostyle Hall at Karnak Temple.

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